[SICH & Villore Accords] Responding to the Semiki Incident

A few moments ago, myself, representing SICH and with a delegation of the Villore Accords, here in the headquarters of Aliastra Alillere IV - Aliastra Retail Center, approached the board of the company and proposed into assisting with the current unfolding situation in Semiki.

SICH and Villore Accords understand that Aliastra is doing everything in their power to find and combat the root of this crisis. A crisis which has the potentials of placing at risk countless lives.
For this reason, SICH and Villore Accords will start helping Aliastra corporation, by gathering and analyzing research equipment such as rogue drone nexus chips, artificial intelligence materials, trinary datastreams but also as some Aliastra executives in our brief meeting, have also shared that there could be a possibility of triglavian technology in play.

SICH through Rhea Initiative stands into helping and sharing with Aliastra whatever insight we have acquired utilizing all the research materials that can be found in Abyssal space. it is important to note that Villore Accords being a signatory member of Rhea Initiative stands readily and able to provide feedback through their scientific teams as well.

As both of our entities wish to keep our efforts open and transparent, the retail center here in Alillere will serve for SICH as a temporary market hub where we will provide the chance for interested parties to be able to trade aforementioned equipment, helping us in this effort. The details of the market hub orders will be revealed at a later press conference in the coming hours, giving the sufficient time for our trading and investment firms to reach the retail center.

Last but not least, SICH has extended to provide help to Zainou Biotech, with a formal request reaching their headquarters in Isseras IV. As a corporation that has been neutral and aims into helping all lawful nations of New Eden, I ll take the chance to point out at the State and Zainou Biotech that our interest into helping is based on our defining ethos and we have always operated lawfully and respectfully within the State judicial parameters through our trading activities. Villore Accords will not, if Zainou Biotech accept help from SICH, participate into our efforts within State territory and we will be open and transparent to follow State law if our request is granted.

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With due respect to our esteemed colleagues, I can’t help but feel that the turn of phrase, “Villore Accords will not, if Zainou Biotech accept help from SICH, participate into our efforts within State territory…” constitutes something of a threat, given that GMVA is and has been for many years an active participate in the Pendulum Wars, and an organization of outspoken Gallente nationalists.


With all due respect to our esteemed colleagues, I hope they realize that their feelings don’t portray those of goodwill that they so much so like to advertise and point out on various occasions. I believe is due to the stress that the current situation places at them and naturally we wont feel offended this time.

Allow me to clarify. It is well established that Villore Accords as you correctly said, has been a Federate loyalist side. What the statement that, you lined out, aims at, is to reassure Zainou Biotech and the State is that in the case we get accepted to assist Zainou Biotech by them as we assist with Aliastra, Villore Accords will not have access in any shape or form through our current partnership with them at our operations in State controlled territory.

In other words, Villore Accords being a signatory member of Rhea Initiative and being a partner with us at Federate space, will not have access through us at State space, signaling a reassurance that we don’t wish to alarm the State on matters of Interstellar security. It is also why we would be willing to have the State place their own parameters into how we can assist, if the request is granted permission.


It is entirely likely that I’m misreading things, given GMVA’s history. I’ll bow out on that basis.

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Hey Ioannis, I like what you’re sayin’ and doin’ here… okay no I can’t be invested enough in this to ‘like’ it, but it’s inoffensive. Inoffensive, but please hire an editor. I have wreaked my share of havoc upon the translators throughout New Eden and committed my fair share of Language Crimes, but that second paragraph in particular has a dire need of the kind of love and care professionals can provide.

Surely someone can help you out? It really does reflect upon the organization.


It’s my duty to announce that In the interest of public safety and securing a team of specialists capable of operating in high-risk hazardous environments, the Bosena Accords has been invited by the Rhia Initiative to assist in research efforts spearheaded by our friends in SICH.

Sapphire Interstellar and the Villore Accords have both made significant contributions to the Bosena Accords in the way of research investment and advisory / non-combatant contracts respectively since our inception. I have full faith and confidence in the Rhia Initiative’s ability to meet their projected goals for this operation, and hope our personnel provide suitable support and assistance in reaching those goals.

If you have any questions on the extent of the Bosena Accords’ involvement, please feel free to direct them to me.


Just so long as Soter and his thugs stay out of Semiki we won’t have a problem.


Glad to have you on board, Ioannis. Our agreement from way back when still stands and you can consider Antumbra a friendly face in the area - But I’d just like to echo the concerns above about GMVA’s involvement. I hope we won’t be seeing any GalMil warships heading this way.


Honestly, this is a truly undue level of clutching at pearls. “I hope we won’t be seeing GalMil warships heading this way…” Really? For one thing, in order for GMVA to commit resources to a combat operation, there would need to be a target worth fighting. We have more than enough opportunity for combat in our current areas of operation.

For another, GMVA is more than willing to establish temporary blues even with longstanding opposing forces in appropriate circumstances. We have demonstrated a willingness to do so for humanitarian or scientific reasons on many, many occasions.

As usual, I commend Mssr Sepphiros for his commitment to providing assistance to worthy causes.


[citation needed]


Myself and a few other GMVA pilots have been involved occasionally with the Rhea Initiative’s activities. I wasn’t personally along with this delegation, but there are others who were.


By that standard the Empyrium (my store) is the offical department store of the entire Gallente Federation.


Um, okay? What “citation” are you looking for exactly? You’re a Moira pilot, so I’d be more than happy to show you my logs of every diplomatic communication between myself, General Soter, and Mssr Sepphiros establishing contact and cooperation between our organizations.

I may not be as active these days as I have been in the past, but I maintain valid diplomatic credentials. Consider this post an official endorsement of the delegation from GMVA diplomatic leadership.

EDIT: I’ve now received further confirmation from Gen. Soter of his prior knowledge and approval of the delegation.

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That sort of citation.


Fair enough. For future reference, Soter and I established a permanent diplomatic liaison staff with SICH when we originally signed on with the Rhea Initiative. We’ve been consistently impressed with their work, and have issued broad encouragement to GMVA pilots to participate in and support their endeavors.

Your apology is accepted. Commander Vero and I understand you have personal reason(that goes through your bed) to act on a manner that would like to place a thorn between Villore Accords and SICH but I can assure you nothing of that sort will happen. In contrast to what people say behind our backs and those who have no experience with us, SICH in fact is an organization that has acted to the letter per our agreements go. And our relationship with our partners has always been excellent. Even when some line members don’t even happen(naturally) to know we are around.


Like with EM?

What happened to your transparancy on the matter?


We are all very impressed by the interests in transparency by CODE sympathizers and the like. The quantity of spies they use to infiltrate target organizations before declaring war on legitimate business interests, exploiting CONCORD legalisms in the process, is very astonishing.

The quantity of mass murder that your group performs on a regular basis, is, no doubt, some kind of claim to fame in the depraved corners of the universe. However, since you are not directly involved in the situation in trying to resolve what appears to be a grave containment breach crisis in civilized space, I don’t feel any need to treat with these CODE representatives.

I am here to confirm that we are indeed moving together with SICH on this effort and will be supporting in any way practical to help resolve this burgeoning disaster in Caldari Space. All of humanity may be impacted as the situation continues to unravel. We will do what we can within our capacity. We will not muddle the waters here with any military actions, as we feel that will make the situation only worse. And we extend a hand to any other organizations willing to cooperate and enhance this effort.


Julianus Soter
Executor of Villore Accords


Ms. Devara, while I have no connection to EM, I can confirm that at least one EM Senior diplomat had, until recently, been active with the Rhea Initiative and was discussing further involvement of EM with Ioannis before going quiet for planetside reasons as far as I’m aware of.

Additionally your statements skirt close to the realm of off-topic to the main point of the thread itself, may I recommend taking your continuing interpersonal dispute with Sepphiros there?

I must also concur with Mr. Soter regarding the particulars of you calling for transparency, considering your direct affiliations.


I do, in fact, still have a connection with Ferista Nhey, who is the diplomat referred to here.

While it is true that Ioannis Sepphiros was discussing further involvement of EM with Director Nhey, it is her understanding that she has made it sufficiently clear that involvement of EM has been on an individual pilot basis, not as an alliance partnership.

From what I gather, the EM pilots who have chosen to be involved have been happy to be part of the project and there have been no complaints or troubles whatsoever.