[SICH & Villore Accords] Responding to the Semiki Incident

(Ioannis Sepphiros) #21

Adding to kindly request at diplomat Rhiannon not to derail much further this post, I ll take the chance to note that her words are of course correct, so that we can also place a stop to the curious minds.

It is an incorrect usage of wording in the case of EM to refer all their acting pilots within Rhea Initiative as a one label under our partners. As Elsebeth Rhiannon said, there are members of EM that are part of Rhea Initiative; under their individual capacity and not under their corporate capacity. This makes them as individual partners to the organization(SICH and within Rhea Initiative) and it should have been clarified from us alongside the statements that have been made.

The official stance between EM and SICH is one of two organizations that are in open early discussions and in case there is an official progress, it will be conveyed adequately.

(Elsebeth Rhiannon) #22

Apologies for derailing.

The situation is a little bit, shall we say delicate, in a way that encourages me to make sure that the audience is absolutely clear on these matters. I appreciate your clarification.


(Mizhir) #23

First of all. I may currently fly under the CODE banner but I am not a part of their operations in Empire space. CODE is just a disguise that I and my corporation use to be able to easier hunt our targets in teh depths of null. Previous banners have been Goryn, Camel, and NCBI.

Secondly I find it suspicious that members of one of the partners know nothing about project Rhea, when one of the core values of Mr. Sepphiros’s project is transparancy. Is this truely a project that GMVA is involved in or is it just something a group of the leadship has ambitions for?

You should maybe learn a bit from CODE and at least do a little research on your ‘opponents’ before you strike. If you have been just the sligthes up to date on the situation you would know that I have been invited there to not only participate in but also lead the combined medical effort of I-RED, HECON, and Devara Biotech. I am not there on the behalf of CODE. I am there as a medical expert alongside with my non-capsuleer corporation Devara Biotech.

There are already multiple Caldari aligned alliances working there and atleast two of them have already extended their hands to other groups to come and help. Yet somehow SICH and GMVA want to set up their own operations as well. And GMVA is after all and enemy of the State so your pressence will only make an already delicate situation more fragile. And let’s not forget your own words:

(Melisma Ramijozana) #24

Corovid Industries has arranged to provide SICH and the Rhea Initiative with materials necessary for research into the crisis at Semiki.

We will be providing AI components of our own make, as well as rogue drone components sourced through exploration activities. We have also informed Mr. Sepphiros that he may call on us for any additional needs that may arise.

We look forward to being of assistance in this matter.

Melisma Ramijozana and Shorai Aikyoraan
Co-Chairs, Corovid Industries

(Rinai Vero) #26

More lies and mischaracterizations. GMVA isn’t “setting up our own operations,” we are simply offering material and scientific support to SICH. Literally the entire point of Mssr Sepphiros’ original disclaimer about our involvement was “don’t worry, the GalMil people won’t be entering Caldari territory.”

By the way, did anyone ever provide the supposed original source for that fabricated quote?

(Diana Kim) #27

If GMVA terrorists will dare to show their gallentean heads in Semiki, please contact me!
I would love to hunt these trespassers down on behalf of the State.

(Rinai Vero) #28

As always, you can find us readily enough running roughshod over the Caldari Militia throughout the Black Rise warzone. Shame how your comrades in Templis seem to spend all their time in The Bleak Lands and Devoid these days.

You should mention how lonely you are over there in Prism to your leadership. GMVA would be most grateful to have some actual opposition in the warzone again, and if you could bring them back that would be most appreciated. Be sure to tell them that all the other scary GalMil alliances who ran them off with us last time have left militia.

(Lauralite Anne Brezia) #29

The UNF has rendered SICH access to a significant portion of our research stockpile of rogue drone components and triglavian data in the past 48 hours, and will be continuing to do so over the next few days. We look forward to continuing to do so, and are quite impressed with the security measures they have in place for their own efforts.

(Ioannis Sepphiros) #30

I wish to thank UNF for their contribution.

As of this moment the current inventory that is dedicated and being used to assist Aliastra for the Semiki situation is the one that UNF delivered plus the one used to one of our experiments that we revealed on the 27th. SICH and our partners are waiting on results from the experiments to adjust accordingly the dedicated materials as well for any updates that may emerge from Zainou and Aliastra.

(Ioannis Sepphiros) #31

Research material has been submitted to Aliastra in Allilere, including early test results that suggest hypothesis testing on the probable threat that is posed to baseline vessels and stations by the propagation of technology infused or corrupted by rogue drone and perhaps even Drifter engineering. Small craft like fighter vessels, thus-infused with such technology, are already known and were used as a foundation for this hypothesis in the quest of identifying more about the technology used behind the attack.

Although our research is not yet conclusive, and the hypothesis is far from proven we are continuing our tests which go beyond the aforementioned one. In case our scientists find anything valuable we will notify of course. We stand always by the side of those affected and we are more than ready to assist with more means if we are allowed the necessary access.

Regardless of receiving more access or not, we hope that Ishukone and Aliastra will find the root cause of this technology used against them and a solution that will benefit the cluster will be reached. As I have said before, our participation to this have been in hopes and effort to assist and despite how we wish we could do more we understand the boundaries and recognize that the weight of responsibility falls to Aliastra and Ishukone unless we are tasked to help under a different capacity. Our independent research will not cease however despite the political implications, and in case we find something that is helpful we will notify the intended parties, understanding and respecting of course that it is up to them to do as they please with any information.

(Julianus Soter) #32

Following combined SICH and Villore Accords research into the “DAV” trinary data fragments, with the support telemetry collected by a combat reconnaissance team led by Moira Commander Rinai Vero, we have conjectured the following hypothesis for the source of the Semiki datavirus outbreak:

Rogue drones and the Veles Clade of the Triglavian Collective have established positive cooperation and “sobornost”, or spiritual communion, leading to operational efforts in both Abyssal Space and New Eden in a covert reconnaissance capacity. As a result, it appears likely that the Rogue Drones that have been stored within the Zainou and Aliastra Warehouse stations in Semiki were affiliated with and infiltrated by Triglavian Veles Clade dataviruses that are now spreading through those station’s infrastructure. This datavirus may have multiple purposes, including but not limited to data collection, threat assessment, and intelligence gathering.

Whether Zainou or Aliastra were aware of the Triglavian infiltration or not, it appears as if the outbreak may be a result of the breach in quarantine caused by Steine Vailakkel’s attack.

The Triglavian Collective is thought to be in a long-term war with the “Ancient Enemy Azdaja” which, in our opinion, refers to the Drifters and Sleeper civilization. If the conflict is indeed continuing, which seems to be actively discussed in AEA trinary fragments, then it would be only logical for them to infiltrate New Eden in response to the repeated Drifter and Capsuleer incursions from our space. This would enable the Triglavian Collective to respond to attacks from the Drifters and Sleepers in a more direct manner.

If we imagine the universe of Anoikis, New Eden, and Abyssal deadspace as a kind of multilayered manifold of space, New Eden may be the connective tissue, or origin point, between the other two. As a result, our homes may become the new battleground for future conflicts between these two ancient enemies.

Indeed, as we have seen today in Semiki, the Drifters have taken notice of this situation and dispatched forces to the system to investigate and acquire the materials being used to research this event. Capsuleers would be wise to prepare for this to deteriorate into a larger military conflict.

We will continue our research and update as warranted.


(Julianus Soter) #33

Ongoing discussions for this topic on GALNET have yielded certain recommendations from other organizations to purge the Triglavian datavirus code, which has been brought to us in New Eden via the Rogue Drones, from all infected personnel and technology.

While this argument has merits on its face, we have to be aware of the mutadaptive and polymorphic form of this code and possible Triglavian countermeasures and contingencies. The Paramount Strategic Troika of Veles Clade will have predicted the likelihood of this scenario, and planned accordingly. Indeed, when other cladeships or entities of the Collective have been compromised, captured, or otherwise corrupted, the response of the Collective has been to conduct "extirpation", a militarized counterattack, or "immolation", self-destruction.

Simply put, the datavirus and all the affected systems might be deemed part of the Collective as a whole, similar to an arm, a foot, or other critical organ, and will be protected as such.

If we were to consider that this datavirus might be part of the cladeflow, or intellectual data analysis efforts of the Collective, then compromising or damaging this datavirus in any way, including forcible removal, may result in military escalation or self destruction.

http://evemaps.dotlan.net/station/Semiki_IV_-Zainou_Biohazard_Containment_Facility, http://evemaps.dotlan.net/station/Semiki_V-_Aliastra_Warehouse, and all remaining stations or other colonies in the Semiki system could be under direct threat.

At this time, there has not been any sufficient CONCORD, Caldari State, or Gallente Federation presence established in-system to appropriately respond to a Communion Militant of the Collective. Our esteemed colleagues that have focused on the Drifter Vigilant Tyrannos and the Sleepers, have not yet encountered a full-scale Collective Communion Militant, nor has anyone else, for that matter. It would be arrogant to assume victory if this escalation were realized.

Clearly events in this system, and indeed this region of space, are moving quickly. If we desire to liberate the people of these stations and this star system form the influence of the Triglavian Collective, we must begin a full scale military mobilization and stage appropriate Quick Reaction Forces within range to support any eventuality. To do otherwise would be extraordinary negligence of the horrible range of possibilities before us.

(Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci) #34

I don’t mean to nitpick, but you say “a communion militant” as if it’s a fleet or sortie - in addition to “communion militant”, “playful communion” is mentioned as well in records. Within the context of the datastreams mentioning them, they seem to refer to “military cooperation” and “friendly interaction, or cooperation” respectively.

“Cladeships of the 3 tactical troika classification in communion militant of Varpulis Subclade of Perun Clade” should be read as “Varpulis Damaviks in military (co)operation/service”, and “Convocation of Triglav Outside the Struggle has affirmed the need for playful communion of repeated-time” should be read as “CTOS has affirmed need for going-forward cooperation”, as examples.

(Julianus Soter) #35

Our interpretation of Communion Millitant is that it’s a general phrase or term to refer to formation of Triglavian ships. I would beg your indulgence on this point and request that we focus on the critical strategic crisis, however. I would also call out CONCORD for not publically acknowledging the grave nature of this event or allocating sufficient visible resources to this event.



(Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci) #36

Ah, that’s fair - it’s more of an issue I was taking with the syntax, as “a communion militant” reads a bit differently from “xxx cladeships in communion militant”. It seems to be phrased as more of an action or state, in their language, than as an object - despite the interpretation being accurate regardless.

And yes, I’d say we’ve received far too little information - especially given that the Drifter vessels were apparently taken down by DED operatives.

(Annisir Kaugan) #37

Its context dependent. That sounds like a tactical briefing.

(Ioannis Sepphiros) #38

Towards the interstellar community.

First and foremost, we offer our condolences, thoughts and prayers to those affected in Semiki.

While Semiki was receiving an attack from Drifter forces, and after consultation with Rhea Initiative, Commander Vero of GMVA approached the Caldari bloc, particularly Makoto Priano of ARC with offering aid in military supplies as “…used by your main Anti-Drifter fleet doctrines”. Discussions are still ongoing as far as we aware of.

In the meantime, Rhea Initiative is reaching out and establishing links partnership with CreoDron and Eifyr & Co. Details on those connections will follow within the day.

Our scientists working around the clock are now focusing on mainly two projects.

The first one is still focused on the virus researching how to combat it.It is after all the primary reason of reaching out to CreoDron and Eifyr & Co.

The other one is focused on the connection between the Drifters and their desire to attain/reclaim the trinary datastreams. Given how there are sizable inventories of trinary datastreams around New Eden, and given how in the past through the Quartermaster, there were multiple staging point for acquiring the trinary relics. We wish to investigate more in depth the relationship between the relic itself and the Drifters. This type of investigation isn’t new of course. However, given how the beginning of Rhea Initiative was marked with the reveal of the Abyss, our resources were mostly focused there. We teams working full time, investigating on these issues, ranging from the historical data and events to more recent ones such as the intervention of the Astromancer. We are passing a significant workload to our HQ departments in Thera, as well as reaching out to SoE to assist us with our Rhea Initiative research.

This attack by the Drifters, some may claim is not a new feature. Some might say that it could be. Regardless, the possibility of the virus itself connected with the intervention of the Drifters might not be there. For all intends and purposes the Drifters may only care for the relics themselves.

Which leads us to urge the scientific teams of Ishukone to reveal their study of the rogue drones within the rogue drone disposal facility. None other has access to the station itself there and we need to begin eliminating the various possibilities if we are to be effective. Is the virus a Lai Dai construct as it was thought to be? Is it uncertain? Were the rogue drones affected by Triglavian interaction as our scientist hypothesize? We need to know the status of the situation so that our scientific teams work with the most available information as possible.

We understand that not only Ishukone but the whole State is under immense pressure. And our intend here is not to add to that pressure but alleviate it. The volatility of the situation demands for as much transparency as possible we believe. The scientific teams of every actor participating into this crisis needs to start working together, rather barred behind politics.