[SICH] Rhea Initiative launch announcement

Some hours earlier an event took place in our corporate headquarters In Yulai III. I held a speech about the launching of Rhea Initiative.

I want to take the time and thank through here as well all the staff of SICH, volunteers and staff from other organisations and many capsuleers who participated into helping us during our Beta testing of Rhea Initiative.

Namely, I would like to thank Khazad Consortium and the Fallenstars family; the members of the United Neopian Federation; Ferista Nhey and members of both Gradient and Electus Matari; Hetu Hegirin of Quintom Node; Alexis Clarke who pioneered with us since the first days of our concept in the Rhea Initiative; Maar Namaskar for his administration of the Rhea anchoring endeavor; Rinai Vero Commander of Villore Accords and Julianus Soter, Commander and Director of Villore Accords; Kolodi Ramal of Sanxing Yi, Mark Kentonna for being an inspiration back even when I was a baseliner and whose pioneering spirit and experience has helped us at SICH immensely. Of course, without reservation, Sagiv Kor and Veskin Sentinel for their unshakable faith in SICH since day one.

Regarding the vision of Rhea Initiative, one has to watch the event through the supplied link above. Regarding the functional details, SICH will communicate at the beginning of Rhea, in a controlled environment status.

Meaning that there is a series documents and a newsletter service that is running where all organisational, economic and political actions are presented there. However for someone to gain access, for the time being, a private request or a public through this current post must be made. This is until operational levels rise to optimal standards from the current Beta phase were in for the past 4 months.

In the coming weeks there will be also a capsuleer exclusive event, held in honor of our early partners in this endeavor. The event will be invitation only and the range of new additions will amount to 50.

Whoever is interested into receiving access to the event, again either privately or through this post state so. SICH retains the final say of granting the acceptance to anyone who might be interested.


It has been an honor participating in the beta period, and it was quite the spectacle attending the speech as well. I thank you once again Mr. Sepphiros for the invitation, and look forward to continued participation in the Initiative.

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