[SICH] Rhea Initiative press Conference YC 24/1/121

The room, situated at the top floor of the SICH HQ in Yulai, was full of reporters lined up and eager to document the destruction of the Rhea Initiative Fortizar that occurred some hours before. It was some hours after the destruction of the Rhea Initiative Fortizar.

Sepphiros, standing at the podium a few meters away, began his speech.

“Ladies and gentlemen, as you are well aware, the final timers of the Rhea Initiative Fortizar came to an end when a fleet consisting of assorted Triglavian and pirate attack vessels, along with third parties, committed the destruction of the citadel itself. The perpetrators bore the CISC flags of CODE and Daev4.”

“I would like to first begin stating that no loss of life was caused throughout this war declaration. SICH had been notified of the forces behind the attack about a week prior to the war declaration itself and we made all the necessary moves to secure our personnel, scientific findings and equipment. I take this moment to thank our capsuleer partners; IINII, Electus Matari, GMVA, UNF, @Alexis_Clarke, Khazad consortium and BOSAC for assisting us in whatever help we needed, through transporting personnel and assets. In addition, I would like to thank the University of Caille, Hedion University, Republic University and the School of Applied Knowledge for partnering up with us and allowing us to lend them some of our scientific equipment that was on-board the station. They will continue to be used for Rhea Initiative related projects from their teams aimed in assisting us. Finally I would like to thank the Society of Conscious Thought who allows us to rent some of their laboratories, giving us a chance for some of the advanced scientific equipment that was meant for Upwell usage to remain relevant.”

The man shifted some stance looking around the room. “The attack against Rhea Initiative citadel signals an attack against the values of independent thought and scientific pursuits that engulf the many great questions that New Eden faces. It is an outright terrorist attack, as after all the involved are openly terrorist groups, and despite of how there are absurdities regarding how this is just a personal issue, it is a mere fact that this issue goes well beyond vendetta. It is an attack against us and what we represent; freedom from the fear of oppression, pushing the boundaries of science in a meaningful manner that aims to help New Eden by revealing the truth, and ensuring the betterment of all lives.”

Sepphiros’ eyes remained steady, floating over the press pool as he paused.
"Rhea Initiative of course will not stop. Although todays press conference is not about organisational details of the Initiative, I will briefly state that we already have five major projects, two of them regarding the environment of Abyssal space, and the other three regarding the technical capacity of Triglvavians themselves. We have far more hypothesis to work at and it bears repeating that the Rhea Initiative is only just beginning. All information will be published when our scientists and partners determine it is the correct time to do so.”

"The attack against us not only validates our efforts, ethos, and values… but it also exposes forces out there which fear us. Forces who expend energy, effort, thought, and time to try and oppress us. Just like many before us, they believe that attacks of this nature inspire fear. Far from it, SICH will not give up and if anything the discussions I have had with our employees, showed me their continued courage, and served to remind us about what SICH represents. To all baselining communities linked in any way to SICH and our partners, and even to those who simply spectate and think that the forces of Corruption will only thrive in the capsuleer world; I am here to tell them that it is our duty to maintain a beacon of hope, and that we are doing everything in our power with our partners to alter this notion of how capsuleers are only death machines. If anything, we are here to serve as a shield in the struggle to shape a better New Eden.”

With these words, Sepphiros folded his hands on the podium and nodded curtly. At this, many of the journalists began clamoring to speak.

Sepphiros:Alright lets begin with some questions… Keeniel yes…” pointing at a journalist of Yulai Independent.

Keeniel:You said that you knew beforehand of the attack and that this goes beyond just a vendetta. Could you elaborate more on that?”

Sepphiros:Yes, our intelligence department was made aware of the instigator’s motives and actions into approaching some capsuleer organisations and placing us on a hitlist. Of course, as there has been a break of news, certain parties claim what their conditions are, showcasing clearly how petty mobsters think the Law functions best through violence.”

Scattered laughter echoes around the room.

Sepphiros…or even think we are the kind of people who sit down and negotiate with them. If anything my lawyers tell me that the Yulai courts will take the recent behavior well under consideration. But you see, this kind of thinking is exactly what SICH combats on an everyday basis. There are capsuleers out there who simply believe are above the law and order of civilized society. They may call up on CONCORD rules and treaties when it suits them but that doesn’t mean that they are in any way, shape or form, lawful entities themselves. Yes, Jeargaret…

Sepphiros points to another member of the press pool.

Jeargaret: “You just mentioned CONCORD and their legal system regarding corporate warfare, your group always supported CONCORD, are today’s events making you any less supportive of CONCORD?

Sepphiros: “No, I believe CONCORD still signals a profound construct of progress that marked New Eden for a better future. But, with that said, there is definitely room for improvement. The free roaming of terrorist groups in high security space and right into Yulai, the epicenter of New Eden’s laws, begs the audience to consider how effective CONCORD is in maintaining a safer New Eden.

Interrupting Sepphiros for a moment was Marinon Narghese of Yulai Times.“…Is that why there are rumors of SICH abandoning the corporate offices in Yulai?”

Sepphiros smiling faintly at the journalist.

Sepphiros: “ The destruction of the Rhea Initiative Fortizar was indeed a message. A message from us to those forces who think that we don’t know their existence and their movements. We knew as I said in the beginning, about the impending attack. We also knew of the high probability of attack ever since we conceived the thought of Rhea Initiative Fortizar, if not dare say Rhea Initiative itself. From petty pirates and criminals who simply care for maximizing their destruction, to entities which have declared an outright cold war at us and our efforts. Our employees know this and they wholeheartedly are ready to fight this war in any shape and form. SICH and our partners will take the necessary actions and if one of them is to place CONCORD into a spot where it must answer for some of its deficiencies then, we will do so. In other words, today’s events reveal a state of New Eden that reemerges on a daily basis.”

Narghese: “…so are you saying or implying that this was a ploy from SICH for its enemies to reveal openly themselves?”

Sepphiros: “ Of course. Most groups in New Eden bend the knee or break from the pressure of such criminal entities. We will be vocal about these arising issues. I’ll remind you all the case of Sanxing Yi some years ago, and countless other entities who simply can’t compete in PMC deployment. We are not such an entity… we will not back down. At the end of the day, leaving an undefended Fortizar was a decision we knew that they, and what they represent and those they work for, would act upon. And if they wouldn’t and they would prove otherwise, so be it. But you see, it is different for us knowing about how our enemies think and demonstrating it openly to them and the world. In their mind they assume we will cave in… in reality we have just begun our work.”

Sepphiros nods to another hand

Kavon Bunan: “Is this going to change the shape and scope of Rhea Initiative?”

Sepphiros “No. the purposes are the same. it does change SICH however in some aspects.

Kavon Bunan "Such as…?”

Sepphiros “Look, whoever believes that the true justification of the war against us has been what a delusional individual calls for, is simply trying to justify the unjustifiable. At best we can all agree that, that person has no idea how the law works…at worse they don’t realize that they ridicule themselves in public and this wouldn’t be the first time for that individual I can tell you that much.”

Sepphiros smirked and several journalists chuckled.

Sepphiros: “SICH has been thus far an organisation with a clear purpose. One that didn’t aim into provoking anyone. In the end of the day capsuleer wise, we are a stellar startup, with clear aims and agenda. But, facts as they are, the testing of the times require us to grow and make decisions that will evolve us. We owe it after all to those without power and voice. We owe it to those who were swept aside before us. To those who have given up.”

Sepphiros: moves reassuringly both of his hands at the journalists who are moving their hands to be recognized for more questions

Sepphiros: “I know there are quite a bit of questions but its best if we take things one at a time. More press releases and our actions will become known in the future. I want to thank you all for coming today and for your interest.”

Said Sepphiros and turned to exit the room.


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