Destruction of the [S-ICH] Rhea Initiative Fortizar

Today at 13:17 the [S-ICH] Rhea Initiative Fortizar was destroyed by [CODE.]'s forces. The destruction was at my request.

My message to @Ioannis_Sepphiros, the CEO of [S-ICH] and owner of the Fortizar, is quite simple:

Withdraw your lawsuit. In return we will not distrupt any future projects of yours. I’m tired of playing your game so let’s end it now. Or I will change the rules.

-Mizhir Devara


Hmm. I guess you’ve lost confidence in Schauman & Besuv?
I think using force and threats to dodge lawsuits will not be good for your reputation. I doubt you care much, but consider me disappointed.


Ms Besuv still has my full trust and she has been doing a stellar job. Unfortunately cases like this can drag on forever in the Federal Court and Mr Sepphiros’s lawyers have been taking advantage of that.

What I am doing is simply offering an alternative way of resolving this matter.

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An alternative that put millions of baseliners in danger to achieve no less, Ms. Devara.

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What is the lawsuit even about anyway ?

Mr. Sepphiros was quite insistent that all baseline staff had been evacuated.

They were, I helped. but the attack still was an endangerment.

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Not a single life was put in danger unless they intended to stay on the Fortizar at the destruction. As per Mr Sepphiros’s announcement the station had been fully evacuated.

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If Mr. Sepphiros’ comments to me are to believed, it’s an attack he both “knew was coming” and potentially even deliberately provoked.

Any danger to baseliners is rather on him, I feel.


Rich, coming from the opportunistic, scum-sucking Angel rat that was just there to help it burn.


I would suggest that this isn’t actually about me.

Ohh. Now I am curious.

I’d be happy to send you logs, but I’m interested to hear what he has to say before making them public.


Mizhir I’m both a bit disappointed and stunned over this, But giving my knowledge about a few things I would say it somewhat justified, I’m just sad that it had to hurt the progress of science, but I fear that this cause of actions won’t end well…

I may also be a tiny bit jealous I wasn’t there to watch it happenig


I believe Mr. Sepphiros should add to the lawsuit the cost of the fortizar you have destroyed. It is also a common practise to ignore any demands of criminals, who you clearly are, considering you are now a member of this fanatical sect of pirates and racketeers.


This all happened according to CONCORD laws. No crimes were committed.

Izzat the project that promised 100% total and complete transparency except when it came to what goals the parent corp had set, what methods the parent corp was having them use, and all financial interactions with, on behalf of, or that might somehow benefit their parent corp?



There was talk about “100% total and complete transparency” at some point yes.

He already said that everything has been evacuated. So wouldn’t surprise me if he will come and say that this was just a minor inconvenience.

True that people can be relocated and a new base can be set up. But its still a bit sad to see a facility like it going up in fire… But if he does say it’s only a minor inconvenience I would say that your little display was for not.