[SICH] Rhea Initiative war and fortizar statement

Some moments ago I held a press conference regarding the events of the attack against SICH. I want to take the chance to thank our partners, INII, Electus Matari, GMVA, UNF, @Alexis_Clarke, Khazad consortium and BOSAC for their support throughout these days and since the beginning of Rhea Initiative.

Rhea Initiative will not cease of course to exist and operations as well as scientific work will carry on as scheduled.


I’m impressed.

That was somehow more delusional and self-important than I expected.

I enjoyed your terrorist conspiracy theory, but I do find its basis in reality rather slim. I rather doubt we’ll ever interact again.

As a final note, please tell your journalists that when they laugh, it’s supposed to be because someone said something funny.


I must admit I never expected this level of spin. So congratulations on surpassing my expectations.

First of all. This is not a terrorist attack. There was no CONCORD forces to stop us (or declare us criminals) even though it happened right at their doorstep, nor will there be a case on this in their files aside from the normal paperwork they have when capsuleers engage in combat. While I likewise disagree with how they conduct many things, this is still all according to the law.

Secondly. Are you even talking about me? I thought I made things pretty clear yet someone I have become the anti-science boogeyman? But go ahead. Paint me as a devil. I am sure horns and wings would suit me.


This will be my line next time someone calls Minmatar terrorists terrorists.

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I have clarified it a bit. Just be aware that the local authorities also have a say.

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So as not to take undue honors here, let me clarify that Electus Matari on an alliance level has not been a partner in this effort. Any thanks should be directed to the individual EM pilots involved; I will leave it to the people in question to name themselves or not, as they desire.


The UNF will continue to support S-ICH and the Rhea Initiative as it continues forward, as you have been a good friend and associate to us over the past few years and continue to be so.


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