[Rhea Initiative] CORE-SPINDyl announcement

YC12.06.120, Yulai.

It is with immense pleasure to announce one of the first cooperative scientific projects thatis underway within the auspice of the Rhea Initiative. The project under designation; CORE Spectral Interferometric Dynamical-Parallax Array (SPINDyl) has reached Rhea Initiative as a suggestion from Quintom Node and has been unanimously accepted by our scientific body. Even now, noticeable enthusiasm spans across New Eden within our research community.

As mademoiselle Hetu aus-Hegirin has stated in her release, this project signals the beginning of Rhea Initiative wading into cryptoarchaeology regarding the precursors and investigating their past. Additionally, we have issued a request to Intaki Syndicate Academy and their astroarchaeology department to assist with operations, thus maintaining cooperative relations with the local bodies within Syndicate.

Rhea Initiative has granted Quintom Node full integration to Rhea Fortizar, supplying the project with additional personnel and resources. I would like also to take the time and thank the engineers and architects of the Fortizar, especially Maar Naamaskar the leading designer of the structure.

Notably the following sectors have now scaled into including SPINDyl within their modus operati.

SECTOR 3 (Beta section)

  • Hazard control centers;

  • Salvage centers;

  • Search and rescue centers;

  • Engineering, maintenance and repair installations;

  • Resource, infrastructure and manufacture industry installations;

  • Scientific space exploration centers;

  • Natural and mechanical sciences larger facilities;

  • Forensic science and technology labs;

  • Computation networks and server rooms;

  • Local logistics and means of transportation and distribution

SECTOR 6 (Omega section)

  • Forensic science and technology sensor arrays, antennas, scopes;

  • Communication networks, arrays, antennas, sub/space trans-receivers/emitters;

  • Beacons.

Rhea Initiative as well as Quintom Node officials will keep the public up to speed with any developments that might arise.


What does it do?

The Rhea Initiative promised complete transparency. What is the purpose of this project, how does it advance that purpose, and how does it work?

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This does all seem extremely lacking in context.

For that matter, I went over the original Rhea press release a few times, and while there are hints, it’s never really stated what the purpose of the Rhea Initiative is. Cryptoarchaeology, indeed!

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To abridge the brief linked via GalNet: the array collects astrophysical data. The publication also details procedures to acquire expanded technical information, should it be desired.

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