[S-ICH] Rhea Initiative update & offer extention of collaboration towards CONCORD & SoCT authorities regarding original text of Triglavian Datastreams

Greetings everyone,

S-ICH would like to announce that at current timeline, preparations for the official launch of Rhea Initiative are coming closer and closer. There is quite the work ahead of us but I am certain we will pull through.

With this, S-ICH would like to announce that we are working into establishing a public research forum, part of the Initiative, whose aim is to be the center of gathering and analyzing data regarding the linguistics & Mathematics behind Drifters and the Collective. This, although per effective operations stands at very early levels, is something that has been designed for quite some time. We invite every linguistics & mathematician scientist out there with an interest in Rhea Initiative to approach us and thus further see into collaborating with our own teams.

Finally, given this, S-ICH understanding the current situation where there is not a definitive and clear indication as to who is the individual, or group, behind the release of the, current known, Triglavian Datastreams. We invite and have issued formal requests to CONCORD officials and SoCT officials to extend their collaboration into helping us investigate and look more into findings that may suggest the original text of these datastreams. Additionally, helping us with any kind of knowledge these two entities may have on the Collective’s language is more than welcome.

Ioannis Sepphiros,
President & Founder of Sapphire Interstellar Capital Holdings.


Can you maybe make this into more than one sentence? Right now, you’re tripping over the complexity of your grammatical construction. You’re also getting it demonstrably wrong as in the case of the weird comma between ‘the’ and ‘current’.

20 words. If you go over 20 words in a sentence, look to see if it can be broken up. (Sometimes it can’t. Sometimes the thing you’re talking about has 5+ words just in the name. It happens.) You’re trying to recruit support. Breaking it up and making it clearer and easier to read can only help your efforts.


I’m sure ARC have been doing this for a while already.


Mm. Plenty of room in the pool, Lady Raske-Vadam.



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