Sapphire Interstellar Capital Holdings: PvEvP lite RP corporation looking for ambitious pilots


"The horizon of our understanding hides wonders that far surpass our collective comprehension. There is so very much our species cannot yet know. The story of humankind teaches us that in our pursuit for knowledge, we must be relentless, we must be diligent, and above all, we must be courageous. Courageous in order to face adversity and to remain accountable.”
Ioannis Sepphiros
President & Founder SICH

S-ICH is a PvEvP RP corporation that is based around the principles of Ambition, Innovation, Challenge, Creation, Empowerment, Progress, Meritocracy.

As a startup that wishes to cover eventually all aspects of EvE online, at the core being a genuine love for the game, we aim in becoming a proficient force in various content that EvE offers. Be it from exploration runs, Abyssal, mission running, public PvE content such as Drifters and Incursions. Acknowledging PvP as a constant status of the game either countering it or engaging in it, our culture is one of being quality centric, promoting RP and camaraderie.

Forged from a competitive desire to get better with the help of like minded individuals, empowering our people to achieve excellence, contact us in order to learn more about our reward system and how you can be part of a corporation that wants to shape New Eden ‘not of what it is…but of what it could be.’

For this reason it has been imperative for us in SICH to be a startup that aims into providing a challenging environment, a rewarding experience, genuine camaraderie and also a pillar to the EvE online community overall. We aim into achieving all this by not simply taking the usual route of tribalism and looking recruitment as a zero sum game that has to end at the expense of others for us to grow. But rather we aim into enhancing an experience where our members can interact with multiple entities and individuals so that we can hone our craft and also never lose sight that benevolent competition is something welcomed.

One of the prime ways we aim into achieving this is into creating public fleets where at the center will be the creation of hubs regarding the various content of EvE online has to offer. From exploration runs, to PvEvP runs in Anoikis, Abyss sites, various ongoing theme events that CCP keeps on making, in SICH we believe the game has to be appreciated fully and throughout.

Rhea Initiative has marked the beginning for us into the field of public fleeting. Despite how it is still a long way for us, Rhea Initiative has been met with positivism. Bridging multiple EvE online players together and looking to establish a cooperative hub that is vibrant, alive, meaningful and goes beyond the typical approach of multi-boxing and looking others as a means to an end.

[ Rhea Initiative Information Brief ]

As a member of SICH you get to experience firsthand all the benefits of our competitive reward system, information flow, knowledge centers as well as our social hub that spans the community of EvE online itself.

There is plenty of work on this monumental Initiative as the innovations that are applied on how capsuleers participate into cooperative setups is of paramount importance for us at SICH. The above aspects are thoroughly worked within SICH in order to create an Initiative where it is inclusive of our partners and up to speed and par with the understandings of the modern day. In short we are looking of how to incorporate other aspects of the game to mesh with our community hub. Actions such as exclusive PvP and venturing to low sec up all the way to Faction warfare. In SICH the prospects are endless and we view that this game has so many things to offer that we don’t have to be forever locked into one play style.

In addition, have begun our small scale warfare division of SICH, Chimera Armada which has been officially launched. As a pilot of Chimera Armada you will be able to participate in various pvp content that might be of interest for you; From security contracting work, roaming with allies and partners, public hosted fleets from SICH, and more! All within a system and a framework that will always look after you, ensuring that you and the group actually has a positive ISK balance, the necessary fits and being adequately supplied. If you enjoy the startup element, you are willing to work with us into growing the team & you have a genuine interest in all aspects of interstellar warfare within EvE online, then read our informative and apply!

Finally, in SICH we are always looking to expand our core leadership team. CORE Eidolon the leadership division of is recruiting able capsuleers to fill in the role of fleet commanders.

Check our informative link about us, what we are looking for & what we provide.


  • We are looking for pilots who are at least omega and have committed into staying active to EvE online.

  • Entrepreneurial in nature and understanding of the environment a startup is into.

  • Valuing culture/group gain above simplified personal gain.- Driven and ambitious to enjoy the game and grow through it.

  • No drama

  • Positive personality and problem solver.

  • Discord user.

  • Risk takers but always prioritizing the benefit of the group.


  • Pay per project/action

  • Salary for members who have proven loyalty, ambition and camaraderie.

  • Exclusive revenue streams capacity additional to the above.

  • Flexible leadership program/leadership positions.

  • Sponsorship programs for those who have demonstrated loyalty, ambition and camaraderie.



Recruiting is still open


If you want to be part of a dynamic startup with ambitious scopes and able pilots then dont hesitate to contact us. We might be just the thing for you


“The advent of Abyssal deadspace signaled something hidden behind the veil of reality we take for granted. Beings which we have but begun to understand, whose technological capabilities present a monstrous challenge.”

Recruitment is still ongoing, apply today and join a startup poised to become a premier PvEvP generator in EvE online!


Recruitment still ongoing. If you are ambitious to carve your own path in EvE online, apply today

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