Looking to Grow Null Corp

We are looking to grow our corp/family a little more so if your interested please contact us.

Interstellar Evolved is a Null Sec Corp that has a focus on making ISKies, We have several moons(including R32) and we are always on the lookout for capable pilots! We are looking for game-oriented players with a focus on building a strong alliance! Great for beginners who learn fast and veterans that know what they are doing.

If you want a relaxed, but rich Eve experience we are the corporation for you!

What we Offer:

► Powerful Alliance

► PvE, PvP and everything in between

► Awesome isolated Null-Sec pocket

► Mining and production

► Lots of Structures with Rigs

► No requirements, relaxed play!

► No EMPTY promises!

► TS and Discord server

We have been focused on the industrial aspect of Eve such as mining (ore, ice, moon), ratting (combat sites), PI (planetary production), and construction (up to and including Titans!)
With the current war going on we are also expanding into the PvP aspect of Eve more and would love for pilots with PvP experience to also apply.

Apply https://eve-hr.com/IMEVO

or Join our discord https://discord.gg/eb6mgcy

Come chat in our public channel: IMEVO Pub

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