INDY Nullsec Corp looking for Exhumer Pilots!

Hello Space Friends,

If you’re an INDY focused player that is looking to make the next step into a challenging, but relaxing, and profitable level of the game – join Interstellar Evolved out in Nullsec!

What we’re looking for (in order of precedence):

  1. Miners
    a. Exhumer Pilots first and foremost
    b. Mining Barge Pilots
    c. Orca & Rorq Pilots (prefer Shield Command Specialty Pilots)
  2. PI Pilots
  3. Researchers
  4. Builders

Who we are: we’re a small group (~10) of adult (25+) casual players that play mostly across US time zones. We’re one of two English speaking corps that are part of a larger German/Russian alliance. Why is that important to know? Because 80% of the alliance doesn’t play when we play and we pretty much enjoy our “pocket” to ourselves for mining and ratting.

Where we live: we’re situated in a small pocket of 6 systems deep inside Feythabolis. We’re friendly with our neighbors for 30+ jumps out; as a result, we have very good intel channels calling out neuts coming down our pipe, which by the way is the only way in or out of our pocket (barring wormholes of course).

What we do: All systems have maxed out military and industry indexes. That means we have the best moons, ore, ice, PI, and ratting the game has to offer. Most pilots rat in either Rattlesnakes or Carriers when not mining. Exploration and Sites are also a very viable option.

What are our requirements? – not much actually!

  1. Omega clone status
  2. Discord and Teamspeak
  3. SEAT Registration
  4. One Alliance moon mining Operation about every 6 weeks or so.

That’s it….we’re casual players in a pretty casual alliance. You pay for game time so you should play the game, when you want to, and the way you want to.

If your interest is piqued, drop me a line or join our IMEVO Pub channel for more information .

Chew those rocks up and fly safe o7


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