Interstellar Exodus is Recruiting pilots

[IEEX] Interstellar Exodus

Who we are: Interstellar Exodus, Casual sov nullsec corp.

Interstellar Exodus is player friendly corporation with a casual atmosphere where real life comes first! We are a part of Against All Authorities a null sec sov holding PvP orientated alliance.

What we do: shoot neutrals, reds and oranges, shoot rats, mine rocks, build stuffs. We own systems in null sec system in sov null where we can do our own thing on our own time and make real isk.

We offer the following:

  • Active, laid back and drama free environment
  • New player training & mentorship (Must be on Omega to fly Assault frigs and Interceptors).
  • Moon mining fleets.
  • Null sec Sansha ratting space.
  • Null sec industrial facilities.
  • Daily pvp small scale from experienced veteran pvpers/FCs.

Contact us at IEEX.Pub

When we say real life comes first, we mean it. No mandatory fleets, no pings, not getting booted when real life catches up with you.

We can provide boosts for miners, import ratting builds, offer a buyback program, and have low tax rates. We’re working to get rich off the game, not off you.

New players are welcome, and we’re especially great for returning players.

Come talk to us, see if we’re the right fit for you.

Our killboard: Interstellar eXodus | Corporation | zKillboard

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