Looking For New Pilots And Veterans Alike!

Interstellar Scientific Industries is currently seeking new and experienced pilots alike. We’re a PVE/Indy Corp based in Amarr space right outside of Amarr.

We believe in a good foundation and mature, active members will make a great community to look forward to everytime somebody logs into EvE.

Our main focus is to explore the depths of space and construct a thriving community which is based upon Mining, Manufacturing, and Trade. We do however, encourage other PVE professions to thrive within the Corp: Missions, Exploring, PI etc.

Our tax rate is currently set at 2% and will lower once we have more active members in the Corp.

If you’re interested in joining Interstellar Scientific Industries, send an application and we’ll be happy to talk to you about joining and anything else you may have questions about. You may visit our website to learn more about our corp:

You can send me an in game message to “Maroosh”


Still searching for some good corpmates, cheers!

Good people are joining, why dont you join too! Cheers!

Still welcoming new pilots to our corp!

New friendly people are joining, why aren’t you?

Come Join our Corp and have fun playing now!

Come fly with us o7

We are still recruiting and big changes are on the way. Very good things. Message me in game if you’d like to join. Cheers!

Actively recruiting pilots to come fly with us! Look us up in game or send me a message. Cheers :smiley:

Come Fly With Us o7

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