Interstellar Empire is Recruiting

Interstellar Empire [ISEA] is currently looking for pilots to join our growing family. We have been around for many years and offer a place for new pilots to learn how to effective play the game and also offer a lot for experienced pilots as well. Things we offer include:

  • Sov Null Sec with fully upgraded ratting
  • SRP
  • Years of experience to draw on
  • Large blue list for those who like PvE
  • Lots of neutrals to shoot for those that like PvP
  • Organized small gang roams
  • Discord for corp and alliance
  • TS for alliance

We understand that EVE is just a video game and that life is priority. We are laid back and just want to have fun in the game. Come have fun too!

Join ISEA Recruitment channel in game to learn more and speak to a recruiter today!

this sounds like a great corp

Looking for more information.


EVE mail or join ISEA Recruitment channel in game

Still recruiting

We are still recruiting

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