Become Evolved

Are you an Industrial kind of player? Like building things, mining, PI, and others? Still, wanting the occasional PvP thrill to keep it interesting? Want better stuff than Hi-Sec or Low-Sec has to offer? How about all that in an isolated, ultra-quiet pocket of Null-Sec! Become Evolved!!

We have:
► Powerful Alliance + Friends
► PvE, PvP, everything fun, and ISK for the taking.
► Awesome isolated dead-end Null-Sec pocket
► Mining and production
► Lots of Structures with Rigs
► No requirements, relaxed play!
► No EMPTY promises!
► TS and Discord server

We focus primarily on industrial features of Eve such as mining (ore, ice, moon), ratting (combat sites), PI (planetary production), and construction (up to and including Titans!) We also run PvP fleets and other aspects of Eve.

Come chat in our public channel:

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