A place for introverts

With all of the sov changes in null sec, I have started my own thing for introverts like me. People who like to be alone, but don’t mind having a few friends to be alone with. I’m looking for a very specific type of individual, a total Eve player. If you’re new, we have tons of experience and are willing to teach.

Current benefits:
Peace and quiet
Good mining, ice, and PI
Growing BPO library to get copies from
Zero drama
Level 1-3 security missions in pocket
Fitting help if you need it
PI help if you need it
1% tax- covers offices
Good refining. Multiple toons with good refining skills.
Multiple Orca boosters
Friendly relations with the locals, lots of moon belts to mine.

Short term goals (0-3 months)
Buyback program
Athanor #1 with moon drill

Mid term goals (3-6 months)
Athanor #2 with moon drill and reaction chamber
Athanor #3 with moon drill and reprocessing array

Long term goals (6-12 months)
More athanors?
Engineering complex for research and manufacturing?
Begin searching for a null sec alliance to join and support while maintaining our high sec base for resource acquisition and a training ground for new players.

All types of pilots are welcome here. Industry, PI, exploration, PvP, we do it all! Alpha, Omega, 200 mil SP, just finished the tutorial, I don’t care. The main thing is be okay in your own skin and don’t be a douche. Anyone interested? Reply to this thread, email me, or hop on discord. Thanks for your time.

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First recruit has joined. We now have a jump freighter pilot and 2 orca boosters in our Corp. our long term goal is to join a sov alliance in nullsec while maintaining our high sec base as a training ground for new players. We build total Eve players. Mining, industry, PI, exploration, PvP… we do it all

Our first athanor has been purchased and will be anchored soon. We’ve scheduled our first mining op for tomorrow with max boosts. More and more infrastructure is being put in place every day. This is a great place for introverts.

The daily bump! Had our first mining op today, brought in a lot of ore. Now we have mining and hauling ships going into the oven, homemade and fully fitted! Looking at future operations in nearby low sec.


ENo I’m not a liar. I’m using a forum alt to screen people. Our base area is quiet and I’d like it to stay that way. Living in high sec doesn’t mean you have to despise the code. To the contrary, good Eve players know and follow the code regardless of where they live, bad Eve players hate the code. I was quite clear when I said that the first recruit has joined. People do have alts, including me. I was also clear about stating what my goals are. Not sure why you’re so triggered, you could just hit the back button if you see something that offends you.

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Whats the name of this corp you’re recruiting for? I looked up your character in game and rocket is correct, all i see is a new halaima permit and the science and trade institute for your corp

Another recruit has joined, putting together an ice mining op for tomorrow. Finished putting together free mining crystals and boosting charges for members. More progress every day.

Why do you believe that?

What evidence are you using to support this claim?

Sorry but which code is that?

Player recruiting under false pretense.



Uh, no. No false pretenses. Everything in this advert is true. Is there a rule I’m not aware of that I must use my main to recruit? If I’ve broken a rule, it was not intentional and I’m sure the admins will let me know. If or when they do, i will correct it at once, assuming of course that I’m not banned.

The ice mining op was good! We got a second station stocked with mining crystals and boosting charges. We have also added 2 more recruits. This is a good place to be if you like to be left alone.

Player recruiting for entity he does not belong to. This is against recruitment rules.

Apparently, I should have read the rules more carefully. This was a genuine mistake on my part made out of ignorance. It has been corrected and I apologize if anyone feels misled as that was certainly not my intention. I was only trying to screen potential recruits to see if they would be a good fit with us.

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Another recruit has joined and we are having our first Corp ice mining op. The atmosphere is very relaxed and friendly. We help each other and enjoy the game.

The ice mining op was a great success! 2 more recruits have joined, things are humming along well!

No wardecks so far… so far…

Daily bump, we are still recruiting. This is a great place to be left alone.