The Hermit’s Enclave (an introverts paradise)

Who are we?
-we are a group of introverts. Most of us are in the 30-50 range. We are all comfortable being and working alone but we like to have friends to be alone with.

What do we do?
-we embrace all aspects of the game though we are tilted towards industry. As a member, you’re free to do whatever you’d like, participate in group activities as much or as little as you’d like.

Where do we live?
-our home is in a very quiet, secluded part of high sec. there are many amenities including level 1-4 missions, ice mining, research, refining, manufacturing, and 6 clone bays in our home pocket. We also have good PI in nearby lowsec.

Where are we going?
-our long term goal is to join a null or wormhole alliance as their industrial producer. We are looking to become a fully contained unit, complete with invention alts, Jump freighter pilots, cyno and PI alts, and miners and manufacturers. Even after moving to null, we will retain our high sec base as a T2 BPC factory, training ground, and haven for members that don’t want the rigors of null living.

How are we funded?
-a 3% tax on pirate bounties. Also, we have optional ops once a week or so but they’re not required.

What can we offer you?
-moon mining coming soon. Free mining crsystals and boosting charges. Jump freighter and hauling pilots in Corp. orca boosters in Corp. sweet buyback program, Corp will buy almost anything from you at good rates and 90% of the profits from our buyback program are reinvested back into our members in various ways. Comms are provided but not required. We have knowledgeable leaders that have a passion to teach and grow new players. We are patient and will let you grow at your own pace. Fitting and PI help are provided. We can refine your ore for free and you can request blue print copies from our library for free.

What do we expect from you?
-pretty simple really, don’t be a douche.

How can you contact us?
-reply to this thread, join our public channel (T.H.E. Public), send me an in game mail, or hop on our discord server and say hello. Here’s a link:

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Interested but would have to know more. I am thinking of how CODE will often just wardec a corps in order to attack it’s ships in HS (especially it’s miners and/or transports), and I must admit… (smiles) I have pissed them off plenty.

Would potentially consider it perhaps as a prospective member, and without leaving the safety of the current NPC corp I am with. I already mine in a nice quiet part of HS and would be reluctant to leave it. I already do my own transporting and know plenty of good ways and places to sell my ore at best price. I already have some PI going on. The Moon-Mining however does sound interesting as I have not yet had the opportunity to try that.

What is the main timezone for your current members? and how many do you have?

I’d like to address your corp’s long term goal of joining a null sec Alliance.

Our main activity period is about 17:00-22:00 Eve time. We have about 18 members, about 12 actual people.

Thank you for your consideration; we are not ready for null sec just yet. There is more work to do on infrastructure.

Daily bump, we are still recruiting. We are looking for all types of pilots.

Daily bump. We had a great mining op today. We are still recruiting.

2 more members have joined taking us up to 20 members. We are still recruiting.

I play with two friends (make your own jokes) one of them asked a Corp about requirements, to which the reply was some insanely expensive ship, nearly 4yrs worth of skills and around 40mil sp. Yeah, ive not even been play in a month yet, so, im looking for relaxed high sec, hopefully in gal systems

I’ll mail you in game

Bump to the top. Business is good. We are up to 32 members. Everyone helps each other, zero drama. We are still recruiting.

The daily bump; recruiting is still open. We are looking to establish a second base in a wormhole soon.

Scouted a really nice class 2 wormhole today. The PI is excellent and the statics are good for us. We may set up our second base soon. We are almost to 40 members now, recruiting is still open.

A couple of war decs from 1 man corps that camp Jita but nothing serious. Recruiting is still open.

Hello, i just now eve-mailed you with an offer. :grinning:

Thank you sir. I will look it over and get back to you.

Daily bump; we are almost to 40 members. Recruitment is still open.

Recruitment still open?

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