No drama corp looking for friendly people

The Hermits Enclave is looking for members who want to play with other folks who do not want Drama and just want to enjoy the game. We are currently reorganizing in Hi-sec in Domain. However we have access to a C2 and c4 WH with our alliance for PI and mining. We have no mandatory operations or CTA. We are in the corp to work together when we can and want to and to work alone if we feel like it. As long as no one is stirring up trouble we are all happy. We have corp buyback programs. We also have members who enjoy PvE and PvE . Most of our current members are US TZ but we welcome all time zones. If you like scanning, anoms, mining , PI, research and other Indy we can help. We support members without requiring much in return. currently we have a 0% tax rate and the POCOs in the WH have a 1% rate so you can keep your stuff. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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we have cake!

and a nice C2 for PI, sites and mining,

They have a nice WH for PI mining and to do some pew pew in. check them out.

I¨m interested :slight_smile:

Will PM you.



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