Small older corp looking for an alliance to join

Looking to get back into the mix .
Currently at 14 members with alts
Gas miners
Ice miners
Ratters (is it still called that)
Great scanners
Pvp experience
Pve experience
Wh experience
Don’t mind cta’s or required fleets
Certainly willing to train up to capitals fly and or manufacture
NPSI no problem
Don’t really care for High sec

post here or send an in game mail

AARP are in flux at mo, living out of LS, perfect time to join us, we are building a WH home, testing FW, abysslas, incursions, pve all the good stuff… contact Choc Talar via mail, or jump into shied107 in game for a chat with me… cheers Edrik.

Hey - just wanted to see if you are still looking - also whether you would consider merging with a larger corp who are long standing members of INIT, would be happy to talk about working together.

Unleashed Fury - Looking for New and Experienced pilots who enjoy PVP and ISK making opportunities - check out our add and also Unleashed' Fury | Corporation | zKillboard.

We have done similar things before and it has always worked well.

You can reach me ingame or join our recruitment discord: UNL Recruitment.


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