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Pretty simple, returning player (6-7 months ago) lf a place to mine, join fleets and kill stuff. I have a 97 mil sp main, and 4 other accounts between 23 and 40 mil sp (all focused on their particular use)

I have:
Jump Freighter
Maxed Logi x2 (though I have only once dual boxed Guardians and it was HARD I still have the skills lol)
Maxed Rorq
Maxed Hulks x 4
Maxed Leshak x 4
Maxed shield.skirm, armor links (command dessie, t3c links)
Maxed Widow / Sin Pilot
Veteran of the Dronelands War, 1-2nd Delve wars, Siege vs Fort Knocks, and many many other smaller wars (mostly with Morsis Mihi, Northern Coalition, and those scrubs called goon, i dont deal well with Goon the rest are cool)
I am looking for:
Access to good 0.0 moons for iskmaking (i dont rat often if at all, I mine)
Access to BLOPs fleets
Access to Coalition Fleets for Strat Ops, roams and structure defense operations (screw bashing, Ill do it, but damn anyone who likes it is brainless)
Experienced FCs (I have 9+ years FCing for groups the like of Atlas, Bob, BL, PL, Noho, and Nomex, I dont deal well with idiot FCs)
Sov Holding, not interested in Pet groups, When I join you can expect me to be the most loyal, helpful and viciously defensive of corp person you have met. I take loyalty seriously and when I deem someone as worthy, then they got my as their bro for the duration.
Anyway if interested please reply here or with a mail in game. Thanks for your time,
dont fly safe, kill stuff duh…

Hey - Unleashed Fury are looking for new pilots - PVP and Industrial opportunities - we are members of INIT - corp killboard is Unleashed' Fury | Corporation | zKillboard.

Our recruitment discord is UNL Recruitment and will be good for 7 days - please feel free to DM me or join ingame channel Unleashed Fury Public.


Thanks for the offer, but i dont want to rely entirely on alliance for fights. I am mostly looking for corp based fleet small -med gang fights/roams etc… Not big on having to rely on external groups to maintain a good fleet presence. Your KB is like only 6 people which is a really tiny percentage of your corp, almost non-existant. So the link to your kb is more a link to the one guy that went on a fleet with alliance vs corp doing something on its own. No offense to you guys, I know you do your own thing, just not the type of thing Id like to be doing. So thanks again for the offer, but not my cup of tea.

No longer relevant, please delete.

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