Returning Active Player looking for corp

Hi, I came back from AFK recently. Currently I have around fifty million skill points. I also got a friend wanna join. He is a new player to the global server. He just gave up the shitty Chinese server. So, none of us are new to eve. So, he might need sometime to grow up. But, I will take care of him. So, dont worry about him at this point.

What We Want,
We are looking for a corp that can give us at least a safe place to farm mods in 0.0. Also we hope you are the corp can build Capital Ships. Last but not the least, I hope majority of you are in or near the Chicago time zone.

What We can Do for Corp.
We are welling to join any pvp to fight for corp. We also able to do the mining job. I am not talking about basic mining. The real one, like T2 mining. I have Capital Industrial Ships. So, I also able to provide some buff(or whatever you wanna call it, you get the point) for mining team.

Lastly, I hope you are friendly and nice corp. Im not sure how this forum works. So, if you leave your corp name and a little description about you corp to help us understand your corp better, that would be wonderful.

hey mate, Cyntech Incorporated is looking for more pilots to join us in the null to mine moons and asteroid fields, as well as go on roams and kick ass when we feel like it. We are spread pretty evenly across the USTZ as well. give us a shout!

Hey there!

New Eden’s Best

We are a great place for you and your friends situation. We cater to experienced pilots due to having many veteran pilots in corp but we are also very helpfull for new players. We offer amazing space and some of the best infrastructure in eve at this time.

Stop by our public channel @ Best.-Public and ask for someone to help you with your questions.

looking for all pilots , both pvp and indy
we are mainly EUTZ but have a few murcans also :slight_smile:
checkout the vids

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