New player looking for Corp

Hello everyone, as title says I’m a fairly new player, almost got 1Milion SP (:blush:). Currently flying a Catalyst and just finished the epic arc, now I’m thinking to switch to my first Cruiser ( I know this means nothing for everyone of you experienced player, but I’m excited to fit medium stuffs). I’m looking for a corp to get better and improve at the game, and I think playing alone is boring, social part is important! I can use discord, my English is not perfect tho. My time play is EU. See you in game, fly safe o7

We have the place for you, We will assist you in your growth and under experienced and diligent individuals. Please join our in game channel:

GriMM Public


Happy to take new.players under our wing for pvp.

Take a look at us.

Misits Alliance has several corporations looking for pilots. We may fit the bill. I, however, cannot DM in game for I am on the road until Monday. Try our public channel Misfits Public or our boosted Discord. There should be a bugger on to BS and chew the cud.

Hey Synbourne!

I think Celestial Precision could be a great fit for you!

We have members of all experience levels from all sides of Eve, and we are ready and willing to give you the guidance you want to achieve your goals. We have a very relaxed and laid back atmosphere, with activity across every timezone.
We also live in a system great for mining, with access to missions and sites for PVE, and a low sec pocket nearby!

If you think this sounds good, throw me a mail in game, and i can answer any questions you may have.


Conside ICON Libertas. We welcome newer players and will provide help to make you both rich and powerful. Find me ingame at Arrowspeeed Bounty or join ICON_Public.

Good community in both US and EU timezones, lots to do, lots of people to talk with. Multi-language. I would love to talk with you more.

Hi There,

You seem like a good fit for Krypted Gaming.
We have a training corp called Krypted Lite and are always accepting new players to teach you the ins and out of the game.

This is the Kilboard of someone who joined us and was very new to the game but now they win us fights all the time.

If you are interested come jump in our discord and we can have a chat.

Fly Dangerously,

Hello mate , have a look into us

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