Imperium Evolution Inc 0.1 Looking For Pvpers/Industry Poilots

Imperium Evolution Inc 0.1 part of Intrepid Crossing wining Paragon Soul space

We’ve had a number of people respond to our recruitment posts here, and we want to encourage even more potential null soccer’s to join us!
Leave drama, assholes and sadness at the door - Come and be part of the most terrific group of people you’ll ever have the joy of flying with

■■■■ we do & Facts about us:

  • PVP (Small Gangs through to Big Blap Blap)
  • Strong Industry backbone :crab:
  • Ally with other groups in our coalition to blap more stuff!
  • Null Sec Based
  • Crab til your heart’s content with Mining, Exploration & Ratting adventures in (relative) safety of the area!

PM Me or visit ☜☆☞IEI0-Recruitment ☜☆☞ in game channel to learn more :heart:

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