[42IN] infinite Improbable Industry Inc - 0.0, PVP, PVE and Industry

Infinite Improbable Industry Inc is looking for new members, no matter what your flavour is we have access to the best content in the game!

We Offer

  • Multi-TZ activity! Friendly corp-mates, who are new-bean friendly.
  • Access to incredibly active PVP content, big or small and everything in between. Sigs for everyone!
  • Industry structures to help kickstart new industrialists
  • Alliance and Corp led Moon/Ore/Ice Mining fleets.
  • Nul-sec shenanigans of all types
  • Full Alliance SRP for all fleets in PVP and PVE
  • Fully upgraded Corp exclusive ratting and Moon/Ore/PI mining systems
  • No formal rules set forth for activity, find what you want to do and do it. We provide the tools of opportunity, you simply use them.
  • Inclusive and drama free environment.

What We Want

  • Minimum 10mil SP Characters on your main - have to be Omega
  • Able to fly Interceptor, Bomber or Dictors.
  • Somewhat frequent involvement in corp/alliance activity
  • Industrialists. Pvpers. Super/Titan/Cap pilots. Frig Pilots. New beans. Veterans.
  • English speaking
  • 18 years old+
  • Anyone who thinks the above sounds of interest

Discord Link: https://discord.com/invite/ZjEQRt84UD

Up we go! Looking for Indy peeps with PVP habits!