Infinite Improbable Industry (42indy) is looking for miners and industrialists that like to pew more than just rocks!

Are you independently driven?
Want to be part of fleets?
Do you enjoy PVP with industry focus on the side?
Do you like nullsec?

42Indy is the place for you.

We are a corporation for everyone with a strong alignment for PVP while having an industrial focus in the background. We are currently recruiting pilots that have strong sense of being independent while also enjoying group activities. We must have a forefront presence of PVP to help support other channels of content on a stable platform. We want pilots that take care of each other, a family that you can log into and have fun with both in and out of EVE.

Nullsec life


  • Microphone- We ask that our pilots have working microphones. This allows communication while in fleets.
  • Discord- Discord is an essential tool that helps bring us all together. While online we ask that you be available to be reached through Discord.
  • 5 million Skillpoints

Please reach out to us here or through our in-game public channel: 42ind


enter bump here

how large of a group are you guys

W are fairly small group. 6-7 members right now obviously trying to change that and build.


Hello I would like to Talk, can you give me your discord?
Or you Will need to wait 5 hours, until I Connect.

I’ll reach out to you guys in game when I get a chance, I’m returning to the game after several years, 45mil so pilot

Let me know what you think

I send you a convo request ingame, but my discord is Rylen#4186 if that is quicker.

We would love to have a chat with you. I sent you a convo request. but feel free to drop into our pub channel. There is a list of all the recruiters there. Or hit me up in discordn mine Rylen#4186

Le bumb


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