[42IN] Infinite Improbable Industry Inc, 0.0 PVP, PVE and Indy

Infinite Improbable Industry Inc is always looking for new cannon fodder. (Or industry folk, for some odd reason).

With new plans for 2021 starting to take shape, come join a corp you can literally do anything in Eve within.

We Offer

  • Multi-TZ Active, dedicated corp-mates, who are surprisingly new-bean friendly.
  • Access to incredibly active PVP content, big or small and everything in between.
  • Industry programs to help kickstart new industrialists
  • Alliance and Corp led Moon/Ore/Ice Mining fleets.
  • Nul-sec shenanigans of all types
  • Full Alliance SRP for all fleets in PVP
  • Fully upgraded Corp exclusive ratting and Moon/Ore mining systems
  • Corp level buybacks for Moon/Ore/Ice and PI
  • Access to Horde Alliance infrastructure
  • Private Systems away from the rift raft
  • Low activity requirements.
  • No formal rules set forth for activity, find what you want to do and do it. We provide the tools of opportunity, you simply use them.
  • Inclusive and drama free environment.

What We Want

  • Minimum 10mil SP Characters
  • 18 years old+
  • Somewhat frequent involvement in corp/alliance activity
  • Anyone who thinks the above sounds of interest
  • Industrialists. Pvpers. Super/Titan/Cap pilots. Frig Pilots. New beans. Veterans.
  • Active comms(discord/mumble) and English speaking

Join the ‘42IN’ channel in game and message any recruiter. (You will be directed to our discord, and how to add your character(s) to SeAT)

Discord Link: Infinite Improbable Industry


Hi, few rando questions. If they seem “wierd” note: I’ve been out of the loop for a long time.
What part of the galaxy/systems are you or alliance in? Looks like you’re welcoming cap pilots as well, are there docking spots for supers/titans in your area(s)? How’s the industry and mining out there? Not sure if you’re in a big war like most seem to be or, do you have all your systems constantly camped?

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We are part of Pandemic Horde, involved in the current war on the side of PAPI coalition against Goonswarm.
We are deployed in Delve but live in the Dronelands regions and are of course welcoming all pilots, big or small.
For more info join our in game channel then corp discord!

Bump, dishing out free fist bump emojis with every conversation started with us! :fist_right:

Bump, Recruitment open =)

Bump! Some great recruitment lately, looking for active pvpers, join for all of the content!

Bump. Still looking for new members. =)

bump. we are still looking to expand especially our pvp side! =)

another Bump. We are still very much looking for new members =)

Bump, Looking for more PVP interested people. (Indy welcom also Ofc)

The other day I was in a fight and got 76 goon kill mails, this made me happy
At the same time I was making ISK by ratting, reactions, moon mining and gas huffing…all because of 42IN!

Join today!

Fuel the war effort, we have Corp Moons popping every other day, Fully upgraded ratting/mining systems as well!

Why are you still in Empire? Dangerous there…Join today!

Up! Recruits needed, come shoot the bees!

bumpity bump bump

Always looking for the next best spaceship captains!

Recruitment still open?

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