[42IN] infinite Improbable Industry Inc - 0.0, PVP, PVE and Industry

Infinite Improbable Industry Inc is looking for new members, no matter what you flavour is we have access to the best content in the game!

We Offer

  • Multi-TZ Active, dedicated corp-mates, who are new-bean friendly.
  • Access to incredibly active PVP content, big or small and everything in between.
  • Industry programs to help kickstart new industrialists
  • Alliance and Corp led Moon/Ore/Ice Mining fleets.
  • Organised access to Pochven for amazing ISK making opportunities
  • Nul-sec shenanigans of all types
  • Full Alliance SRP for all fleets in PVP and PVE
  • Fully upgraded Corp exclusive ratting and Moon/Ore/PI mining systems
  • Corp level buybacks for Moon/Ore/Ice and PI
  • Access to Horde Alliance infrastructure
  • Private Systems
  • No formal rules set forth for activity, find what you want to do and do it. We provide the tools of opportunity, you simply use them.
  • Inclusive and drama free environment.

What We Want

  • Minimum 6mil SP Characters - have to be Omega
  • 18 years old+
  • Somewhat frequent involvement in corp/alliance activity
  • Anyone who thinks the above sounds of interest
  • Industrialists. Pvpers. Super/Titan/Cap pilots. Frig Pilots. New beans. Veterans.
  • Active comms(discord/mumble) and English speaking

Discord Link: Discord

Casual bump, 42IN are recruiting all types, whatever you want to do in Eve we have access to it…

I like Pochven…

July bump, always looking for the next Marvins!

This is kind of interesting me not gunna lie. Where are you primarily located ?

Hey! Join on discord for more details!

Up we go, winter is coming, content is promised!

Bump, always room for more whatever your content habits are!

Happy new year bump!
Rats to kill, moons to mine, ships to build, goo to react, fleets to smush…what’s your 2023 resolution?

Recruitment bump, January blues are over!

Structure bashing in the south east, dropping in on runaway supers…or perhaps just chill mining and production is your thing, we have something for everyone!

Come say hi on our discord!

Hey, just saw your post. I’m looking for a corp to join because the one i’ve been in for a while is not active any more.

I tried joining your discord but the link says invalid or expired.

Astra made it our way and joined horde!

Come Join our discord and see what we can do for you!

Cleared a few long term afk members lately, looking to refill with anyone looking to make a living within 0.0!

You can also join the fight against the Imperium with us!

Come join our discord for more info!

Bumping for EUTZ recruits!

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