Sovereign Elite Empire Looking For Corps/Mmebers

Imperium Evolution Inc 0.1 part of Sovereign Elite Empire & Sovereign Sky Empire ( Across New Eden )

We’ve had a number of people respond to our recruitment posts here, and we want to encourage even more potential null soccer’s to join us!
Leave drama, assholes and sadness at the door - Come and be part of the most terrific group of people you’ll ever have the joy of flying with

■■■■ we do & Facts about us:

  • PVP (Small Gangs through to Big Blap Blap)

  • We cover NPC Null/Null

  • Ally with other groups in our coalition to blap more stuff!

  • NPC Null Sec Based with bigger plans within alliances…

  • Team Speak/Discord

  • 100-200 man fleets
    Discord: ping @Recruitment
    PM Me or visit ☜☆☞IEI0-Recruitment ☜☆☞ in game channel to learn more

Join up with these guys. We are currently at war with them and framing them daily. They need all the help they can get. Join up for great fights and content wars.

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