[IKAME] Semiki investigative work

(Annisir Kaugan) #171

It is possible, the Datastreams contain headers and routing information embedded in them. Beyond our capabilities to analyse but Drifters might be able to glean info from them.

(Makoto Priano) #172

I feel I’d be remiss if I didn’t remind pilots that the consortium, its partners and associates have considerable experience engaging Drifters with a variety of doctrines under a variety of circumstances, including during the Throne Worlds campaign.

That said, as the matter is moving into the public view, it seems reasonable to discuss malware origins so long as it doesn’t compromise operational matters. Very simply, at this time we can’t rule out a variety of potential origins for the malware.

  1. Indeed, there is a non-zero chance the rogue drones being disassembled by Zainou Biotech aboard their facility may have either incorporated or been infected by some manner of Triglavian code. The intent and nature of such an action is of course unknown, but would indeed align with intercepts indicating that elements of the Collective wish to engage in a sort of religious unity-of-purpose with the rogue drones, as we’ve discussed at various points in the past. The Navka hives are indicative of this.
  2. Vailakkel may have himself been suborned by the Collective. As we know, CONCORD has repeatedly indicated that it is concerned about the risk of neuromemetic control over susceptible populations. How this occurs, and under what circumstances, is of course unknown. However, it may be with precedent, given the interference of the ‘Astromancer’ in a CONCORD experiment that we later learned was intended to verify abnormalities that resulted in the discovery of the Abyss and the Collective. Unfortunately, we did not have sufficient time with the ‘Astromancer’s’ cadaver to adequately study it. Likewise, the on-going interrogation of Vailakkel remains subject to operational security concerns.
  3. There is a non-zero chance that the recent Triglavian worm that unlocked additional filament functionality has been used as a code base, alongside elements of rogue drone code, by an unknown actor. In this assessment, Vailakkel is a willing agent for a third party targeting the facility. In this assessment, the rogue drone disassembly facility is more of an arbitrary target to cause further chaos than a target on its own merits.
  4. There is, of course, the chance that Zainou Biotech itself has been experimenting with rogue drone and Triglavian code. Naturally, researching defenses against a repeat of the Triglavian Galnet worm’s rapid spread would require testing novel information warfare constructs in a contained environment. It is therefore a possibility that sabotage caused an inadvertent failure of containment for a test environment.

There is a possibility that the answer is in fact some combination of these four possibilities. At this time, we hesitate to theorize, though I’ll admit to personally thinking the first two options the most likely.

That said, of more importance in this case is advancing the purge of compromised systems, both station and cybernetic, to limit the damage and injury that is resulting from this on-going crisis.

(Makoto Priano) #173


One of my assistants reminded me of this old piece.

(Teinyhr) #174

That’s speciest. What if they don’t need blood to live?

(Makoto Priano) #175

Then I suppose there’s egg on my face.

Isn’t that the line?

(Rinai Vero) #176

Since Aliastra has co-signed as an associated party in this Confidential Appeal to the Inner Circle, GMVA has decided to petition the Federation Senate directly to raise the issue of CONCORD’s lack of transparency on this matter.

(Annisir Kaugan) #177

I’ve been poking around near Semiki for over a week. Aliastra, Caldari Constructions, Core complexions Inc., Hyasyoda Corporation, Propel Dynamics, State and Region Bank, Wiyrkomi Corporation and Zainou Biotech all have operations in the area. There is a lot of traffic, personnel and good being shipped between stations on a constant basis. Guristas are very active, as are Rogue Drones. Caldari Constructions have had malfunctions in at least one of their plants, linked to Rogue Drones, but it might be associated with the current virus. I advised them to contact Wiyrkomi Peace Corps and get it checked out. Given the amount of traffic, and security isn’t exactly tight, Steine Vailakkel would have been able to slip in unnoticed.

Drifter activity is on the increase, as noted, [ARC] Drifter wormhole formation rates , Ossa and Korama both have Jovian Observatories and Autothysian Lancers appear to be increasing salvage operations. Given that the incidence of Unidentified Wormholes means that there are approaching 350 of them about at any one time, it’s not to be unexpected. I’ll keep digging.

(Makoto Priano) #178

Thank you for your continued work, Mr. Kaugan!

Also, for pilots wishing to discuss the likelihood that a mixed trinary and rogue drone code base indicates Triglavian/Rogue Drone cooperation, this linked post has the relevant intercepts, and some of the original discussion from the middle of last year. While highly suggestive, it’s important to recognize that the apparent Triglavian/Rogue Drone coordination does not eliminate the many possible initial vectors for the malware.

(Makoto Priano) #179

News, pilots! Looks like the State’s petition to the Inner Circle has been accepted, with the caveat that any materials and research that is developed is then provided to CONCORD officer Oveg Drust upon conclusion of the work.

While I will need to confer with the coordination group, this resolution is an eminently reasonable one, not least of which because it recognizes the critical disruption that Drust’s demand resulted in.

Focus should now turn to dealing with the malware.

(Makoto Priano) #180

Lancers have been confirmed in Semiki. ARC forces are responding. While Lancers themselves aren’t much threat, there may be escalation.

Edit; confirmed presence of Drifters, 2318 hrs.

(Mahazkei Vas'Hiigara) #181

Is the presence of an ARC fleet necessary at this time?

(Makoto Priano) #182


This will be a brief AAR. Clean-up and clearance is on-going following the primary engagement, and we’re now at a state of heightened alert.

Lancers were identified at 2312hrs by Annisir Kaugan.

Confirmation of multiple Lancer patrols and a Drifter battleship group soon followed.

Following attempts to pin down the Lancers, we decided to strike directly at the Drifters.

Engagement began at 2344hrs and was concluded by 2353, with the destruction of five Apollo/Artemis-class Drifters and no losses. Please note that only the first three Doomsday weapons fired, and were absorbed with no significant damage. The last two Drifters were destroyed with no Doomsday fire resulting.

Subsequent patrol of the system netted two Lancer patrols destroyed in full with no significant damage to the patrol group.

The fleet has stood down, with on-going patrols to deal with any Lancers that may have evaded our initial patrols.

edit; our thanks to Julianna Avala, diplomat of I-RED, for providing additional eyes and vectoring our patrols onto a third Lancer group.

Edit of edit; Mr. Vas’Hiigara, considering that Captain Drust himself seemed to think that allowing a Drifter presence to remain unchecked would be problematic, I think it’s fair to say we have no particular qualms about disrupting Vigilant Tyrannos activity. The last thing we need is a containment failure sparked by Drifter intervention.

(Mahazkei Vas'Hiigara) #183

On that we are agreed, and we especially do not need the Drifters to obtain the Trinary Streams for any reason, cause of contamination or no.

And if they aim to release them rather than claim them, then that is proof of being the cause, or at least complicit in it.

And neither of which will I allow.

(Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci) #184


Through peer research and discussion, the Astromancer Affair is now being called further into question in the context of unfolding events in Semiki.

The virus present in the system is based on Rogue Drone principles, but has an additional all-but-confirmed relation to the Triglavian Collective, given the significant events surrounding myriad Trinary Datastreams which are apparently relevant to ongoing efforts.

It has been known that the Astromancer was found to be in posession of a Trinary datastream relic on the day of his attack on the CONCORD timebase research convoy, which was itself prying into the secrets of the Abyss; following his attack, a Tyrannos vessel presented itself on the scene, but took no action against the convoy - simply electing to ominously observe as the experiment was successfully carried out.

The Astromancer took actions to prevent successful research into accessing the Abyss - the Drifters, however, did not discourage its completion.

The Astromancer’s body was forcibly claimed by the DED, and attempts were also made to collect his datastream. Myriad circles have put forward the hypothesis of Triglavian intervention in this event, citing the cryptic warnings of Triglavian suborning of those who “delve too deep” into the abyss and the memetic nature of Trinary relics, suggested by CONCORD far prior to any public insights into the Triglavian collective becoming public - “possible vectors of colonizing neuromemetic worms or other coercive infowar technologies”.

It has now been relevantly re-noted that the Astromancer and his accomplices were members of Algintal Core, “a military unit seconded to corporate interests studying the behavior of rogue drones in the Algintal constellation”.

The intrusion by Vailakkel at the inception of the Semiki event, given the rogue drone relation and trinary relevance of the situation, alongside the rogue drone relations of the Astromancer and his accociates, may then be compared; was Vailakkel himself in the same position as the Astromancer, possibly influenced or suborned by the Triglavian Collective?

Pertaining to the above connections, efforts are now underway to reach out to the Algintal Core and CeoDron corporations, with the goal of uncovering any possible relevant information in the field or Rogue Drone research.

(Echerie Saissore) #185

Through [SICH] research and efforts, and given the known translations of the data streams, it is my understanding that the rogue drone issues and Triglavian data interaction is not driven by the Triglavian, but rather suspect. If any interaction exists at all between the two code bases, it is too early to declare conspiracy.

The triglavian abyssal pockets contain rogue drones, but they were not installed by the Triglavians, according to my research.

If some interaction between rogue drone code and other data sets has occurred, it should be researched further.

(Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci) #186

In response to that, it’s very important to mention the Navka Overminds and Navka of the Triglavians - Vodya Subclade of Veles Clade specifically seems to utilize Deviant Automata, either suborned or willingly cooperating with them - and given the request for Trinary Datastreams here, it’s reasonable to hypothesize a connection between Triglavian rogue drone-related data and the rogue drone-based trinary involved infection causing the Semiki situation.

(Makoto Priano) #187

Likewise, there are very real questions that exist around the Astromancer, Vailakkel, and other potential cases of exposure to unknown adaptive or coercive infowar processes. I can safely say that while not common or well-understood, such processes certainly exist, though are most successful with heavily-augmented subjects.

As to the rest, I agree that we can only suspect, not prove, associations, especially in this case. The above list of possible vectors remains useful, I think.

I think we all absolutely agree that tinfoil hats are not exactly useful when conducting an investigation, or when responding to an on-going crisis. However, we would all be doing ourselves a disservice if we dismiss out-of-hand possibilities that are within the realm of reason.

(Julianus Soter) #188

Following discussions with Uriel and the other ARC staff, GMVA will begin coordinating with CreoDron immediately. We are drafting a letter to Roni Darieux, CEO, and begin transferring data when they accept our request for aid.

Clearly the situation at hand is far more grave than originally thought, and every specialist resource is needed now. If anyone knows something about rogue drones or how they may be manipulated, it’s Creodron.


Julianus Soter
Director, Villore Accords

(Makoto Priano) #189

Lancers and Drifters have again been located in Semiki, as first identified by Aradina Varren. The wreckage of ten Lancers and four Drifters have also been spotted, in addition to other forces. Ishukone Watch ships are currently standing guard over the Zainou station.

More as it develops.

(Aria Jenneth) #190

Well … it seems the Drifters are definitely taking an interest.

IKAME spotted a five-battleship Drifter fleet at Semiki X and requested aid. Due to the small number of available pilots we ended up fielding a tinker Rattlesnake fleet to counter. Drifters closed rapidly and commenced scanning our vessels-- I wonder a little whether they’d have engaged if we had trinary relics in cargo, if that’s what’s attracting them?

Anyway, they didn’t engage until engaged, but did so aggressively as usual, fighting until the last was destroyed. For some reason the last two Drifters withheld their doomsday active defense; maybe there were no targets present that suited their firing criteria. Still, it seemed strange. The previous three all hit rattlesnakes, one of them mine.

(So I now know what it feels like to be hit by one of those without losing my ship. I … realize this is hugely subjective but it was kind of like getting an abrupt, blinding headache? That kind of … pulsed back to nothing as the shield cross-rep did its work. Only as a sunburn instead of a headache.)

Anyway-- behavior: very odd. There was also a Lancer fleet at a stargate, engaged and destroyed ahead of the Drifter fleet. For some reason the Drifters didn’t move to assist.

Sticking around a bit in case some other oddness happens. I don’t really want to just jump back home only to have the next oddness be an undamaged “deathball” arriving two minutes later.