27th February YC122 Federation Terrorist Attacks

As of 23:30 New Eden Standard Time, multiple terrorist attacks have been reported throughout the Federation targeting several Presidential candidates.

An explosion outside the New Riennes Stadium killed Governor Celes Aguard and scores of others as the former was arriving to attend a political rally held there. It has since been confirmed that her backup clone was successfully activated and she is recovering in an undisclosed facility.

Former Mayor of Arcurio Shaileen Ramnev’s aircraft was reportedly struck by a missile whilst on final approach to Arcurio Central Airport, subsequently making a hard landing there. The cabin of the aircraft landed intact with an unknown number of casualties, although it is understood that Mayor Ramnev has been transported to Arcurio City General Hospital where she resides in a critical condition.

Senator Suvio Bellaron has been hospitalised following an exposure to an apparent chemical agent in an attack on the Intaki Assembly Chambers, with the Senator having been placed in a medical coma to limit neurological damage. Unconfirmed reports state that the agent in question is the infamous ‘Deathglow’ compound.

Councillor Wayaki Kayara has been ‘slightly injured’ at a terrorist assault on a Mannar Veterans Association on Mannar Seginde. All terrorists involved have been reported as neutralised with minimal civilian casualties, one veteran having been taking to hospital for serious injuries.

Senator Kelon Ontbad has been confirmed as safe and secured in the capsuleer quarter of the Parchanier V Egonics Inc. Development Studio by station security.

FIO Director Mentas Blaque has been seen in session with President Jacus Roden, with rumours of numerous attacks on FIO field offices in the Luminaire, Renyn and Villore systems.

Federal communication networks have been overloaded with concentrated assaults on their integrity, with Gallentia, Cephalin/Caldari Prime and Mannar Seginde amongst those planets experiencing blackouts. The Solitude region’s FTL comm network has ‘completely collapsed’ according to official reports, with the region cut off from the rest of the Federation. As the region is geographically separated from the rest of the Federation, the region is now truly isolated until the FTL networks can be stabilised and brought back online.

My own district of Nadire’s communication systems are still fairly spotty, with massive disruption reported across the constellation. Thankfully there have been no reports of terrorist activities within the constellation as of yet. Nadire Security Consultants stands ready to assist the District Parliament if need be as well as to offer aid to the rest of the Federation.

Our strength and resolve comes from our unity and indivisibleness in the face of such senseless violence. Together we shall overcome this dark day in our Federation’s history. I implore everyone to do their part, however minimal, to aid others affected by this calamity.


President Roden has authorised a full-scale mobilisation of the Federal Armed Forces, both regular and reserve contingents, on a level not seen since the end of the Interstellar War over a century ago. Federal Armed Forces are currently occupying strategic defensive positions around the Federation, complimented by SARO forces.

The Presidential Elections have been confirmed as postponed by the Federal Elections Commission until further notice.

On behalf of the Federation, I would like to thank the Republic authorities for offering their assistance without hesitation to the affected areas. Even with the current ongoing situation in the Metropolis combat zone, that the Republic is willing to offer whatever help they can as a priority to us is humbling.

Thank you.


This is indeed a dark day for the Federation, but we will not be conquered by fear. Whoever perpetrated this attack failed before they even began. We shall overcome.


This is so ■■■■■■ up.
I wonder who the FIO will blame for this (apart from themselves).

My condolences for those close to the deceased victims, and my best wishes for those who survived.

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On behalf of LUMEN, I would like to express our sincere condolences for those who were killed or injured in the recent violence in the Federation. Our prayers go out to those Federal citizens who have enjoined us in outreach and support in the past, and we hope for your security in these difficult times.

We encourage our counterparts to contact us with concerns or requests when desired, and we hope for a swift and civil resolution to these events.

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If there is something we in EM could be of help with, you know where to find us.


Shaileen Ramnev , the only one in a critical condition that’s lucky i guess .

Any information leaking out on who carried out the attacks ? Edward .

My opinions on the Empire are well known by now and our organisations have exchanged more than harsh words on several occasions in the spacelanes. However, I recognise that there are a significant number of individuals that exercise their freedom of worship and are adherents to the Imperial Rite in some form or the other, some of whom may have been caught up in the frightful events of the 27th. Undoubtedly they, if your superiors permit it, would require spiritual support if necessary from their comrades of the faith, whatever their nationality.

I appreciate the gesture, Captain Rhiannon. And if there is anything we in the Federation can do to assist you and yours, do not hesitate to call on us.


For my part I’ll simply ask that our neighbors be vigilant in the protection of their own internal security during this crisis. We must not forget the lessons of recent history, and the dire consequences that resulted from simultaneous unrest across the four great empires of New Eden. Be vigilant also for those among your ranks and your leadership who would seek to take advantage of this situation.

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