One Year On: The YC122 Federal Elections Terrorist Attacks

It has now been over a year since the vile attacks perpetrated against the Presidential candidates in YC122. It was an attack against one of the founding principles of our Federation: that of our rights as citizens to exercise our sacred rights to choose our leaders in free and fair elections without fear of intimidation or violence. An attack against those that stood for election to the highest office in the Federation, those that would seek to embrace the mantle of responsibility in service to us all. And not to mention the mass disruption and severing of the communications networks, leading to regions such as Solitude being ‘cut off’ from the rest of the Federation.

It was not only an assault on our democracy, but also on our interstellar society.

Combined with the Triglavian Invasion, YC122 has been nothing but a calamitous year for the Federation. It is only natural that the attacks would be overshadowed by the loss of multiple star systems to the Collective. It is more than understandable that demands for answers have given way to the plight of thousands of millions of our fellow Federal citizens held at the Collective’s mercy. Priorities shifted to ensure that the promises we make to one another are kept, chief amongst them the promise of collective security and the protection of life.

Nevertheless, that does not mean the citizens of the Federation have forgotten.

An official investigation has been underway into the attacks since the end of March, headed by none other than former-President Souro Foiritan, and yet we have not heard a fig of information as to the identities of the perpetrators or the motives behind their actions. All the information and resources that the investigation could possibly have access to, and still, nothing. For an individual that recognised the importance of engaging with the electorate and did so with great enthusiasm when he held the Presidential office, Monsieur Foiritan has been uncharacteristically mute, as have the others involved in the investigation. Neither the President, nor the Senate, has raised questions as to why there has been such a delay. It is nothing short of disgraceful and falls far short of what we should expect from our interstellar leadership.

Where are our answers? What assurances do we have that the FTL Communication Networks will be strengthened to mitigate the chances of a similar attack? And most importantly, when will justice be dispensed for those that were harmed and those that perished on that fateful day?


The absence of information in such situations is doubly troubling, for it must inevitably give rise to suspicions individuals with influence over the investigation are complicit in the crime being investigated.

I see we meet again, Sir. You and your ilk are my enemies, but engaging a weakened foe is poor sport. So I pray your issues come to an end, so that you mend and can fight at full force once again - your “Federation”.

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The Federation is not weakened like you might think it is. We may suffer at the hands of sneak attacks, endure setbacks, but we will eventually prevail over those that would seek to harm our citizens or deprive them of their way of life. Just as we win the peace… well, you get the idea.

So whilst I thank you for your prayers, they are ultimately unnecessary. The ‘sport’ you would seek to engage in would ultimately be your undoing - it would be unwise to provoke such a calamity into existence.

I strongly disagre with your feelings, Sir.
Would you allow a crippled criminal to get a full strength before apprehending him? Will you allow a chance to a serial murderer to recover and kill another victim so you can fight him at full force?

While the Federation exists, it will keep generating crime and atrocities in our cluster. That they use terror tactics and murders in their political agendas, despite on other hand claiming by their most blatant narrow-sighted propagandists that it’s “against their ideals”, only shows how much degradation they have descended into. And I expect they won’t mend and will get only worse, so if you want to fight them at “full force”, better do this now.

Democracy by itself is an unreliable and stagnating, inefficient mechanism. Just two hundred years ago we barely survived the Federation invasion that tried to destroy our newly born State, and now we practically surpass them in military strength and determination - just because they are degrading themselves with their democracy. And the further it will go - the weaker they will be in comparison with such competetive societies, like, for example, ours.

And yet, I don’t think that waiting for Federation to devour itself is a merited approach, because the more it will be dilapidating and falling apart, the more criminals and freedoms it will create, poisoning our cluster with their cadaver toxins. No, we must put an end to this.

The Federation must be destroyed.


They fester and poison New Eden due to their hedonostic indulgeances, and their pacified, spiritless and misguided populace. Let them attempt to gain any advantage they can. I have faith they will - as you suggested - be their own undoing.

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I’ve always wondered at the cognitive dissonance at play with detractors of the Federation who state it is an enemy that is both too weak and easily overcome, yet also a pressing threat too strong to be ignored.


They fear the locusts that you are. Alone, you are merely a bug to be squashed. However, in a swarm you can sow chaos and destruction. That is why God placed us Amarr as he did - preventing your expansion.

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Instead of worrying about us, you should address the problems created by a vacant throne and pirates running Providence.

Tangent: welcome to the Federation, Mlle. Zekaarin.

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I still strongly disagree with letting them even attempt to get any advantage. The more power they will get - the more deaths they will cause. On the other hand, with their undoing they will bring even more deaths, as their dying existence harms everyone around. Letting them recover means death to innocents, and letting them to be own undoing means death to innocents.

If we don’t act, people will die.

To break these cycles of evil, we must destroy the Federation, once and forever. Of course, that will bring deaths as well, but the longer we hesitate and let them exist, the more casualties we will face.

Well, we both certainly agree on that.

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The fact that individuals are relatively weak alone is usually why collective social associations are formed – like a nation, or a Federation of nations. Like the fact that you, alone, are relatively weak and have little power to stop the expansion of… well, anyone really, and any strength you may have is derived solely from your association to the Amarr Empire.

I’m also unsure how rapacious as locusts the Federation is really meant to be, there’s actually quite a lot of laws criminalizing rapine there. If anything rapine seems more the forte of the Amarr who built an entire system out of it looking at their penchant to inflict it upon their slaves in Holder breeding facilities. But then I can only surmise systemic rape of the vulnerable and the abuses of the holy is the reason God placed Amarr as they did – no one else with a sense dignity would undertake such devotion.

Amarr are God’s chosen, together we draw strength upon the same source that we would alone, God.

“Meant to be” and yes, laws which go broken daily.

Correct. You can only surmise - like one assumes and does not know.

She did show that on a number of occurences before. Surmising without bothering to collect facts first and representing herself as quite incompetent and ignorant speaker.

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Gallenteans will be Gallenteans, all fluff and no substance.

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If people will spend this long whinging, we must be doing something right.

On topic though, where is President Foiritan?


To underestimate a foe is a courtesy afforded by no sensible adversary, however we may (and I believe correctly so) view their vaunted freedom as little more than chaos presented in its best light; they are a threat best treated with due credulity.

For all its rulers lack patience, the Federation is resilient and insidiously opportunistic.

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It’s always wonderful to hear nothing from elected officials, except when it’s not.

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