[LUMEN] Review of and Reflection on a Year of Conflict

As YC121 comes to an end, what I most remember about my alliance’s first full year is all of the conflict we’ve seen and how we’ve grown so much thanks to it all. The alliance has literally gone from its beginnings with just the Society and the Sha’ha’dem to where we stand now with groups such as the Bounding Bunny Brigade, Triquetra Combined Arms, The Blue Energy Consortium, and Cail Merevyn joining us. But more than in size, the alliance grew in ability, which is no surprise given how many trials we faced within the year.

We began the year already in the middle of a heated war in Thebeka. This was our alliance’s first big test, and although our performance was by no means perfect we still managed to step up and show we had skill, conviction, and numbers. February’s Sifilar campaign followed almost immediately after Thebeka, and showed how much we had improved in such a short time, as we once again formed the backbone of the Amarr fleets during the series of battles to defend an allied Astrahus culminating in a 600 person fight in Arzad that saw 45 billion ISK worth of Snuff capital ships destroyed directly because of our actions. The alliance’s humanitarian side also showed in our relief efforts in Anath during this time period.

March and April were more or less clear of formal conflicts other than a limited engagement in support of our ally ARC, who were being menaced by the ‘Exiled Kings.’ Our pilots however, continued to see active combat in the warzone alongside allies. May, however, was once again an eventful month. We began our investment in the Ammatar Mandate. Thanks to the generous funding from the Sakakibara family, we were able to anchor our flagship Fortizar, Tebu Amkhiman, over my home planet of Tanoo II. This is also the month where a lone corporation from a large alliance attacked one of our citadels in low security space. Being that they were a member of the largest independent capsuleer organization, we prepared for the worst and managed to field a defense of 240 people. The attacking corporation turned around, unwilling to fight us because of our numbers. However, we got a treat when Shoot First decided to try their luck at our structure. This led to what we call “The Great Rattlesnake Hunt of YC121.” After having prepared so well, we were eager to wield our full might, and as such, we unleashed some of our capital assets onto the hopeful pirates, chasing them down when they ran. We could only ride that high note for so long, however, because at the end of the month, the Triglavians invaded.

In July, when tipped off to the Blood Raiders forming to attack our Fortizar by valued allies we had made in the region. We would be the ones to face off against their capital fleet. It was handled, though, as we were able to flash form a sturdy fleet during our weakest hours of the day and destroy thirty dreadnoughts and the Blooders’ forward operating base without losing so much as a drone. September and October, while our slowest months of the year, we still saw a respectable amount of combat, including a deployment to Mishi to fight Blood Raiders and Triglavians and the escort of a convoy of supplies to Octanneve V through Syndicate. November saw myself deploy in Syndicate to help allies fight the bullies of the region as well as a spirited defense of our Anoikis system and the destruction of a heretical structure anchored by the notorious Nauplius over Gamdis III . December saw Khimi Harar assist in the defense and relief of Amarr civilians in the Bleak Lands and Devoid as well as the Khimi Harar board unanimously vote to go to war with the Alliance “Hell Dawn” in order to defend a smaller corporation they were picking on in Genesis. The pirates backed down. That small corporation’s structure now sits under our banner for its protection.

While others sometimes disagree with our choices as to when we and where we choose to deploy or not, but it’s hard to argue that we’re unwilling to fight. I often hear members of Ushra’Khan say that their alliance is a sword, not a shield. Khimi Harar however IS a shield. We are a shield of the Empire and its faithful. I know that some might not understand the value of a shield when they’re wielding two swords, but I assure you that if you make a mistake in regard to the proper usage of the two swords, you’ll be happy to still have the shield at your back. The fact that we remain a shield is not a rejection of the new era, but a necessity of it.

YC122 will likely not be a reprieve from the conflict of YC121, but an even more severe year. Khimi Harar is therefore ready to fight for God and Empire, and there are already plans in motion and preparations underway, but we will still not and never be the right tool for any and every conflict. There will still be differences between us and some of our other brothers and sisters in Faith, just as there are differences between Emperors, between Royal Heirs, and between Holders. Defense is not pacifism, caution is not cowardice, and care is not weakness. All three are tools as important as any other and need to be utilized. In the coming year, Khimi Harar will show the importance of the shield in the age of two swords.


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