[Presidential Election] Soter For President: Closing Arguments

Orvolle, Placid Region - Astrahus Class Citadel - Soter for President HQ -

Ladies, gentlemen, all citizens of the Federation,

We now arrive at the critical moment, for all our peoples.

More than three months ago, our way of life, our constitution, and our democracy were viciously attacked by an unknown enemy. Former President Foiritan has investigated this incident and has still yet to come to any significant conclusions. We have to now go to vote without knowing what has caused the most significant disruption to our system of government since the Day of Reason and the original State-Federation war.

The Federal Intelligence Office, led by Mentas Blaque, having failed in preventing these coordinated acts of terrorism, has also failed in determining the cause.

This alone should disqualify Mssr. Blaque from ever holding the title of President in this Federation of ours.

As for rest of my fellow presidential candidates, I am heartened that so many shining examples of Federation values are still running even after the horrific acts that have occurred. We have competed and fought hard in this campaign, and soon the final decision is at hand.

That decision must be made with a single question in your minds. Who will keep the Federation, her constitution, and her people, safe. That is the central and most important role for any Federation President. Who will ensure that this peaceful transition of power, the only one like it in all of New Eden, leads our people to a brighter, safer future.

It is clear to all of us that we are on the precipice of a perilous, dangerous age. Not just for those of us that live amoungst the stars, but also our fellow citizens on hundreds of worlds throughout the Federation.

Caldari radicals and terrorists threaten our borders and continuously attempt to overthrow Federation worlds and systems. We have already witnessed an insidious infiltration campaign striking at the systems of Agoze and Ostingele, after the Federal Defense Union secured the warzone. We are fighting, every hour, every day, to distract, interdict, and destroy these hostile forces that would undermine Federation liberties. But our job is not yet done.

Triglavian Collective forces - who may yet be behind the assassination attempts on my fellow presidential candidates - accelerate their plans towards some unknown escalation of their conflict with the races of New Eden.

It is with regret that I must note that none of my fellow candidates have seriously acknowledged these issues as relevant. And yet, these two topics alone will decide the fates of billions of our citizens. And indeed, so many of our armed forces, militia, and our people have given the ultimate sacrifice against these threats.

We must not bury our heads in the sand. We must be steadfast in the defense of liberty, no matter what the cost. And we must select leadership that will take direct actions against these menaces.

To be more explicit with you, this is my final five point plan to foritify and safeguard the Federation:

  1. Reinforce and support the Federal Defense Union. I will enact a plan to distribute Federation Navy Comet class frigates to all FDU pilots that achieve certain rank within the Militia, equipping them to be more effective and fight more aggressively against our foes. Additionally, I will enact a measure to distribute a new Wings of Valor award to all members for the successful liberation of the warzone earlier this year, which enabled a much increased period of stability in our border systems.

  2. Create a Federal Stability Initiative, or FSI, that will help coordinate Federal Capsuleer efforts against the Triglavian and Caldari Militia threats to our people. This network will enable the recruitment, training, equipping, and deployment of a pro-Federation force of capsuleers, within and without Federation space, supporting the Federal Combined Armed Forces in specific missions and general security operations. The FSI will also enable those capsuleers not directly involved in the MIlitia to fight alongside them, increasing the firepower of our forces.

  3. Enact a ban on capital punishment, adopting Senator Bellaron’s proposals in whole. We have enough threats to our Federation to worry about at this time, much less executing our own people.

  4. Pass a new Federal Economic Stimulus and Protection Act (FESPA), focusing on our defense industry, fortifications, and infrastructure, to incentivize a distributed and resilient network of defenses, space elevators, listening posts, and other essential installations across the Federation. The FESPA will be geared towards enabling new Federation business to rise and compete in the market place for Federal contracts, bypassing long bureacratic purchasing efforts, and improve our economy by providing greater opportunity for all citizens that wish to support this effort.

  5. Issue a formal demand for reparations to the Caldari Executive Panel for damages to the Intaki system following the invasion of Intaki V by the LDPS 203rd Combined Asset Protection Regiment and affiliated groups. The time has come to return what was taken from the Intaki people, and ensure it does not happen again in the future.

I ask for your support this election to enact these measures.

Since I became a capsuleer, thirteen years ago, I have always acted to serve this unique, wonderous, and glorious Federation of ours. I ask for the chance to do so again, in the role as President. Thank you.

Julianus Soter
Candidate for the Presidency of the Federated Union of Gallente Prime


If I was a Federation Citizen-voter, I would give some thought to voting for Renowned War Hero Luminaire General Julianus Soter, to be President.

But, I’m not. So I didn’t.


When is the election?


2020-02-27 22:02 - = - | - = - By Lina Ambre

How long was Roden’s tenure? 10 years? Hopefully with the new leadeship the Federation will disband and go down the drain, where it’s place is.

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