Announcement of Candidacy to be President of the Federated Union of Gallente Prime

Statement given earlier today in Vlillirier VII Roden Shipyards Factory Station:

Today, friends, colleagues, and citizens of the Federated Union of Gallente Prime, we prepare for a new presidential election. As strong as our Federation remains, whoever leads us forward will face challenges like no others in our history. We are confronted by new mysteries as the Triglavians rise. Our Federal government has kept us in the dark. CONCORD has perpetuated a Tyranny of Lies, releasing barely enough information to puppeteer New Eden into submission. We face crippling corruption in the ranks of the Federal Defense Union. To fight all of these dire threats to our freedom, I announce my candidacy for the Presidency of the Gallente Federation.

We must stand together, and retake the reins of our democracy. We must overcome the bloated bureaucracy of CONCORD who has forgotten its fundamental responsibility to defend and protect humanity.

We are on the edge of a vast precipice of unknown dangers as the Triglavian Collective rises from the depths of the Abyss. The response of the Jacus Roden administration has been to bury the facts and information at his disposal, so that the voting public has no clue what is going on. We are asked to go into a dark room, wearing a blindfold, and cast our ballots, not knowing what true outcome will result from our choices. Information is the lifeblood of our democracy… This perpetual state of misinformation and obfuscation is truly a deep constitutional crisis for the Federation. Mentas Blaque and Thoun Gaterau must be held to account, with Senate inquiry into their operations, dealings, and whether the classification of key tactical information has put Federation citizen’s lives at risk.

Armed with the proper information about the Triglavians, we may begin to finally act. We may be able to initiate the means to execute effective diplomacy with the Collective. We may find common ground. We may find a way to bridge the great divide of space and time that has separated this long lost cousin of Humanity from New Eden. If we were able to resolve this situation, we could protect our people and our society.

Until such a time, we shall stand strong. We must remain ever vigilant of the lurking menace of the Caldari State. Lai Dai’s desecration of Intaki Prime, reveals the price of appeasement with the Caldari State. Had it not been for the Federal Defense Union’s rapid liberation of the Viriette constellation, the occupation of that planet would still be underway. We will continue to hold back the tide of Caldari Militia activity across the border zone. Only today the Gallente Militia forces liberated the Old Man Star system, and a broad tidal wave is pushing back tyranny from Essence to Black Rise.

We have seen however the deep inadequacies of the Militia Emergency War Powers Act. We must revoke the certifications of corrupt and incompetent FDU mission agents everywhere, and reallocate those valuable resources to territorial control and defensive operations, rewarding those that take the risk in the fight for Freedom over those that are there simply to scrounge ISK from the Federation taxpayer.

Finally, as the Amarr Empire appears to wish to relive the Dark Ages with a neo-feudalistic rebirth, we may see an ever increasing tide of violence and turmoil within the Minmatar Tribal Republic. As President, I vow to stand firm with our Minamatar allies, as I have in the past. We must join the fight to preserve the peace against an escalated Reclaiming. Freedom must be defended on all fronts, together, or most assuredly, we will all be bound in shackles separately.

My fellow patriots, we have the opportunity to make this change real. We have a choice. That is the birthright of all Federation citizens. But we must seize it. We must decide that what has gone before is not good enough. We need to change course, now, before it is too late. The election shall determine who defends us for the next five years.

I do not promise that the road will be easy. There are challenging times ahead. But as our forefathers strove to build a revolutionary idea amongst the stars, so too, shall we fight to preserve it. Fight with me. Fight for Freedom. Fight for the Federation we all hold dear.

Thank you.

Julianus Soter


You’ve certainly got my vote.


General Soter,

Your service in the war zone has been meritorious and of long standing - though not without controversy. I do not doubt that you have made a considered analysis of the issues you raise.

However, your sort of warlord is not what the Federation needs to move forward. Our peoples have suffered quite enough from the military mindset during the present incumbency.

We see increasing inequalities across our Federation, and this falls disproportionately upon our citizens and refugees of Minmatar descent. The distant constellations receive little to no attention unless their planets host military production facilities. Secessionist movements abound and grow in conviction because of this neglect in favour of violent and populist ‘solutions’, invariably aiming to stoke the worst fears of the ethnic Gallente.

Whilst some capsuleers may offer great skills and knowledge for local parliaments and governments, I - and many citizens - am strongly opposed to having any such person run for the presidency. It is difficult to conceive of anyone less connected to the real challenges facing the ordinary people of our Federation than an unimaginably rich, near immortal - bred as we are for conflict and war.

I encourage you to re-consider your candidacy and lend your considerable reputation and resources to a more socially minded candidate respectful of our constitutional rights and economic justice for all citizens.


You have said that the Federation should join the fight against the Amarr should they invade Minmatar space but any such attack would increase the numbers of refugees from both sides. Where do you stand on the Minmatar immigration question and what should be the Federation’s responsibility regarding refugees from around the cluster?

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that is well written , you have my vote

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I actually wish Mr. Soter to win these elections.

With him becoming a president we could try finally to expel the Federation from CONCORD and demolish it altogether for the warcrimes and crimes against humanity. Mr. Soter himself was performing a terror operation against regular civilians in Okkamon some time ago - and though it wasn’t really successful a lot, his intention in piracy and threats were well documented.

Good luck, Federation!
I hope this will help you to be destroyed.

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I appreciate your input Mssr. Kinnison, your dedication to the Federation has also been longstanding. I hope you will continue to participate in the discourse as the campaign progresses. However, I respectfully disagree with your conclusion.

Personally, I have yet to see a candidate in recent years with more respect for “our constitutional rights and economic justice for all citizens” than Soter. Although most of the issues presented in his announcement related to foreign policy and security concerns, as Chairperson of the Soter for President campaign I can assure you that we will present a robust domestic policy agenda in due time.


His foreign policy seems to be to make peace with the Collective (which has actually invaded Luminaire and other Federal systems recently) so we can go to war with the Empire (which has not). Perhaps when you are working on the domestic policy you could revisit the foreign policy too.


Not quite.

Julianus Soter,

With all respect as member of a corporation who joined at yours Accords, but talking from a “Generic Gallente Capsuleer” point of view, this being appreciates your initiative to remove the political corruption of the Federation and to expose the covered informations to the public.

But for the rest of your political program, and this includes 2/3 of your discourse, saying in a way that everyone could really understand that… “this smells of nationalism”.
The last thing the great Federation should have during these crisis moments is a nationalistic movement, that starts to think that “the other nations, CONCORD included, are oppressing the Federation’s potential”, which is not only wrong, but against the nature of our empire.

If you’re trying to insult or blaming the CONCORD, for example, you’re undermining the Aidonis Elabon person, the greatest president of the Gallente Federation who created the CONCORD right to avoid other destabilizations of powers.

Another example is the Triglavian diplomatic management. First you speak like if they’re a big threat to extirpate immediately drastically; then you mention words like “diplomatic communication”. This is worrying because it seems a bit contradictory. The Triglavian have, in any case, “declared war in all New Eden” and we can’t react without the safety that the other empires will follow us. The Triglavian, a still-unknown people in almost all the point of views, will focus their operations on our territory and if your next answer is like “and we will extricate them” because you think we’re the strongest of all the empires, well, maybe we really are, but pay attention at the price we could desperately pay. We have a people to defend, every single person, child and woman matters, and we everyone know why.

Speaking for the proposed external politics, yes, we should ensure the Minmatar people and our allies’ safety seeing what’s happening at Amarr Empire. But fighting is not necessary as it wasn’t that while we helped them to gain independence from the Amarr. Don’t use terms like “join the fight”. An “we will help them to preserve their freedom” is more decent.
Speaking of Caldari, adding other hatred words is useless and inconclusive. These shadow wars have to finish once for all and extirpate them from that battlefield is not enough to ensure a peace. More we will show ourselves ruthless against our enemies, more the Federation will lose his reputation of “champion of liberty and equality”. Other diplomatic chances with the Caldari to obtain some compromises with them to ensure a real peace in those devastated territories (think at the Intaki) are possible and the creation of the CONCORD is an example.

In conclusion, we don’t need another iron fist anymore, many of the mentioned situations are solvable without firing any gun and the Federation should stop to have other nationalistic leaders and thoughts. Remember this ideology has caused the Caldari secession and years of years of useless wars and suffering. If there aren’t really other better choices, this being will vote for you… with a bit of reluctance.

Safe flights, boss.
Kalodote Lafisques.

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I do miss the old fourms…


I honestly cannot think of any capsuleer who exemplifies so many aspects of Federal culture more than General Soter.

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Can anyone become president?

If you vote for me, I’ll be the reason why the federation must be destroyed! :blush:

Those who stand with the Minmatar will fall with the Minmatar.

“Run and you shall be crushed.
Stand and you shall fall.
Kneel and you shall be saved.”

  • Emperor Arrach Sarum. CE 21423

Kneel, Gallenteans. Kneel.

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I kneel pretty often, actually. Some of my favorite positions involve me being on my knees.


Thank you all for your responses. In the coming weeks I will present the opportunity for a more structured Q and A session (something the New Eden galnet users refer to as an “ask me anything”). Please stand by as we get our campaign underway, there are exciting times ahead for all Federation citizens as we participate in the electoral process together!


Julianus Soter


Well, maybe you will be as “good” President as a pilot.
I am excited to see you in the chair!

P.S. Not sorry for you Nergal.
Glory to the State!

Very well

You often accuse others of being “trolls” so I will thank you to cease posting comments so clearly intended to distract and inflame in this topic. There are plenty of other places for you to insult us. By all means, feel free to do so wherever else you please.

As it happens, I have been taking note of the serious questions and concerns raised in the topic so far… so please continue to bring up whatever issues you feel are most important. In this early stage of the race one of our primary goals will be to listen to the voices of all Federation citizens so that we can carry their hopes and fears for the future with us on the campaign ahead.

Liberty marches on!

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Hmm, indeed, that wasn’t very nice. And I bring my apologies, I was almost sounding as one of you people. I’ll fix that.

For trespassing into Black Rise in the oppressed by gallente occupants solar system Martoh a Nergal class ship piloted by Julianus Soter has been successfully neutralized.

Please keep your presidents and presidential candidates inside your own borders and don’t let them crawl out, or they will be destroyed, like any other who will dare to invade and occupy Caldari space.

Thanks in advance.
D. Kim, Strike Cmdr., Caldari State