[Federal Union] A Statement of Support – YC122 Presidential Elections

As we approach the start of the Federal Election of YC122, I am sure that many amongst us are wondering what candidate would be best suitable for the next five years of the Federated Union of Gallente Prime. Although I am still a foreigner resident in the Federation and in the process of gaining my citizenship in the Northern Colonial Commonwealth of the Nadire District, I would like to offer my support to the candidate I feel would be best for the Office of the President of the Federated Union of Gallente Prime.

That candidate would of course be the former Mayor of Arcurio, Shaileen Ramnev. I was thoroughly impressed with the steadfast commitment and dedication that she showed to her own people on Cephalin/Caldari Prime in the aftermath of Operation Highlander, even when it meant clashing with the State and Federal authorities over what was best for one of the most significant and historic of worlds in all the Federation. That she was able to channel her vast energy to challenge the veritable political titan that is President Roden and gain significant levels of support across the Federation in doing so, is a testament to her strength of character and determination that would be tremendously beneficial if she was to be elected to the highest office by consent of the people of the Federation.

Despite attempts by Director Blaque to slander her message of reconciliation, these messages only show the crass and shameless intent of fearmongering to try and present it as a foolish path to undertake, when in reality it is the way forward for the Federation. Mutual recognition, understanding and ultimately forgiveness of past mistakes is one of the core virtues of the Federation, and one that has historically been implemented through the Treaty of Tierijev and the foundation of CONCORD as well as making efforts at reconciling the differences held between the various member nations. It is my sincere desire that if elected President, Shaileen Ramnev undertakes efforts to bring about an end to the CEMWPA conflict that has plagued the Federal Border Zone for over a decade, most recently with the Intaki Crisis in YC121. The member states in the Defence Cordon are long overdue to have the shadow of war removed from the skies of their worlds, so that they too may enjoy peace and prosperity rather than continued uncertainty and fear.

However, one should not interpret this message as a sign of weakness. It does not mean that if elected President, Mayor Ramnev would automatically bow to pressure or accept the misdeeds of foreign or domestic entities should they commit detrimental acts that harm the welfare of the Federation, it’s member states and the people that reside within them. This can be supported through her past activities, as a leading member of the Joint Resistance Command and in the post-Operation Highlander political environment. Whilst an amenable relationship with the Caldari State should be sought, it should not be at the expense of the member states or the principles that the Federation was founded upon. It goes without question that the actions of the Empire and the Kingdom should not go without consequence either, as the current Roden Administration has implemented in response to recent affairs involving both entities.

Another equally welcome promise that is sorely needed throughout the Federation is the promise of Federal assistance without demands for political conformity in exchange. Communities throughout Placid and the Verge Vendor are in dire need of investment to see their potential realised as well as in the other three regions that comprise the Federation. Whether this is economic development assistance or funding for the preservation of a member state’s culture, any aid that can be given should be. However, this should not be at the expense of the binding nature of the Federal Charter, Constitution and Federal law as part of the contract between each member state and the Federation.

Providing the tools and aid that is required for the member states to prosper is not just limited to financial assistance alone. The Federation Armed Forces must continue to be supported and in turn their support given to the most vulnerable areas of the Federation, such as the border regions in Sinq Laison, Placid and Verge Vendor, not just the heartlands of Essence. This is most apparent in the areas blighted by the Collective menace such as my own Federal District of Nadire, as well as those other Districts imperilled by piratical and outlaw elements along the borders with lawless territories. The protection of human life is one of the paramount responsibilities of the Office of the President and should be given equal consideration when contending what form of assistance should be given.

I would personally encourage all Federation citizens of all to vote for Mayor Ramnev, so that she can follow on her commitment to deliver what the Federation’s promise to us all is: Peace, Prosperity, Happiness. However, as Federation citizens you have your own agency to decide for yourself whom you feel is best to lead your Federal Union into the next five years. As is your right under the Charter, I urge all to exercise your right to the franchise and let your voice be heard amongst the chorus of liberty and justice across the five.


Edward Adams
Nadire Security Consultants


I also wholeheartedly continue to endorse Shaileen Ramnev as I have done for years, during her previous campaign for presidency and the current one.

-Ché Biko

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