🖤 Yet Another Presidential Candidate Endorsement - YC122 Presidential Elections

As much as I hate to pile on in hotbutton topics like the YC122 Election for President of the Gallente Federation, I have been watching silently since the candidates announced their bids for the great office of President of the Federation and I feel that I cannot in good conscience hold my peace any longer.

Shaileen Ramnev has never been more than a Mayor. While she was quite an accomplished Mayor, that experience does not qualify her to be President of the entire Gallente Federation. She would be far out of her depth, and the Federation needs and deserves experienced, competent leadership.

If Suvio Bellaron had been president, Anvent Eturrer would not have been executed. Frankly, the Federation needs more capital punishment, not less. Even so-called “Reborn” Intaki don’t like him, and that should tell you something. Letting his capital punishment bill pass was perhaps the greatest failure of the Roden presidency to date.

Nobody’s ever even heard of Celes Aguard or Wayaki Kayara, let’s be honest.

Julianus Soter is a simpleton of the highest order, as well as an egotistical narcissist. Every “accomplishment” he hangs his claim to fame on was in reality achieved by the brave and competent capsuleers he surrounded himself with. The only thing he has going for him is a small cult of personality, and the Federation definitely doesn’t need more of that.

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Clearly, the only real choice for President of the Gallente Federation in YC122 is Mentas Blaque.

Mentas Blaque is the only candidate to hold the high office of Senator in the Federation and give it up, sacrificing his own power and prestige in order to better serve the Federation as the head of the very important and competent Special Department of Internal Investigations and Federal Security. In fact, it’ is grossly presumptuous for certain capsuleer nobodies who are, obviously, entirely out-of-the-loop with regards to the inner workings of the Federal intelligence apparatus and its activities beyond what is openly reported on GalNet to accuse Blaque and his Black Eagles of “failing” to protect the Federation. In fact, those mouthy malcontents have no idea how much Blaque has done for the safety of the Federation and its wonderful people - even the Intaki, and I usually don’t include them in my thoughts if I’m honest. Unless they were born in Syndicate, got adopted into a Thukker Caravan at a young age and went on to become Chief of their Clan and Master of their Caravan after the previous Chief and Caravan Master was banished by the Tribe. And that’s rare. I digress.

Mentas Blaque, as head of the Black Eagles, knows more about the threats facing the Federation than anybody alive and in this very chaotic and tumultuous time, he is the only leader you should want at the helm of the fourth-most powerful navy in the known Galaxy (Behind Nation, Goons and the Caldari State, the Republic is #5, and who gives a crap about the Empire, they can’t even hold Floseswin).

This Election Day, you good people of the Federation know what you must do.

Vote for Mentas Blaque.


Enkil Akheteru


My autotranslator is on the fritz again. I thought the SCC had sorted this out.


Clearly, Shakor should be president.

Well this isn’t the worst quality bait at least.

I’d even encourage you to submit this to the writing contest.


I’m Dr. Valate, and this is the worst thread I’ve read on these boards.

And that includes the ones by Nauplius.

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