Federation Day YC124/FC239 – Unity, Community and Friendship across the Stars

To my fellow Citizens, friends, and dearest allies in the Federation and beyond,

This year marks the two hundred and thirty-ninth anniversary of the signing of the Federal Charter, the event that gave birth to the First Union of the Federated Union of Gallente Prime as we know it today. Privately, I have the honour of marking my first year as a Federation Citizen proper, and I continue to strive to improve myself as we expect our Federation to in due course.

I would therefore like to discuss what I personally feel to be two of the Union’s greatest strengths: Alliance through Consent and the Community of Nations. When I refer to Alliance through Consent, I am of course referring to that the Federation exists through the mutual and ongoing acceptance and approval of its people. The Federation does not expand through military conquest, subjugating others at the barrels of guns and the threat of annihilation. It is not an insidious force that corrupts and twists communities into becoming simulacrums. Rather, the Federation welcomes those that welcome the Federation, without fear of ulterior motives, agitation or subversion of what makes that culture unique and special in New Eden.

The Federation is the culmination of our desire to further our understanding and knowledge of one another, to protect and defend another as brother and sister nations in a cluster that we, whilst we always hope remains tranquil, can be anything but. Our intent to prospective and existing members is conveyed with honesty, sincerity and with a commitment to mutual prosperity. It welcomes others that commit to share our values expressed in the Charter and Constitution, and commits itself to the collective defence of all, their culture and way of life. Through our diversity, we have forged an interstellar community that exists to the envy and perplexity of the Cluster.

Further to this, our President has taken another step in advancing her agenda as part of their message of “Unity, Security and Diversity”. Whereas the Federal District of Vieres was selected to avoid the historic concentration of power in Luminaire that led to so much discontent centuries ago, Sinq Laison and Everyshore have been chosen to host the official primary residencies of the Office of the President and the Supreme Court of the Federated Union. Essence is a heartland of the Federation, where the great civilisations of Gallentia and Cephalin/Caldari and all our signatories outside of Luminaire arose to the stars. However, Essence is but one region of many that compose the realm of the Federation and all share equal standing, from Everyshore to Placid, Sinq Laison to Verge Vendor.

That brings me to the ongoing crisis that befalls our Federal Union – the State occupation of the Serthoulde Federal District in Placid, and their desire to control the system of Athounon for reasons not yet in the realm of public knowledge. It is an unfortunate and regrettable episode that our counterparts in the Caldari State and those that fight on their behalf elected to prosecute because of the ongoing engagement between Federal Marines and the Triglavian Collective in the Athounon system. Their actions represent a further violation of the Federation’s sovereignty, least of all that of the member states.

Our forces in the Federation Navy and the Defence Union have not forgotten their responsibilities to all the member states that have signed the Federal Charter. We will perform to our utmost our duties to ensure that all that have consented to the Federal Charter and Constitution enjoy the protections that they deserve. Anything less is a complete betrayal of the trust and faith of our fellow Citizens, and we must not fail them in their time of need no matter the opposition that would stand in our way. In our defence of their liberty, we will seek justice for those that have suffered.

I would also like to remind all that serve the Federation that we are just as accountable for our actions as we will endeavour to hold those that would see nothing more pleasurable than our demise in New Eden. As I stated last year, how we act in the name of the Federation, irrespective of our intentions, is our presentation to future generations of Federal citizens and foreigners alike. The Federation demands only the highest standards of itself and those in its service, and we must not dishonour or disgrace the reputation it has fought so hard to repair over the centuries. Just as we seek justice, justice will be delivered righteously unto those that would trifle with the gravity of our responsibilities.

I am Commander Edward Adams, of the line of Adams, Commander of the Nadire Security Consultants and I remain a humble citizen of the Federation that has accepted me and continues to accept me for the person that I am. I wish a happy, peaceful, and safe Federation Day to all my fellow citizens, and throughout the cluster.

For Liberty and Justice. Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit.


Do tell how this statement aligns with the incessant utilization of rogue pirates in Federal defense fleets or in some instances in leu of any Federal vessels at all.

It is, and has been, no secret that for months the Federation has generously bankrolled and manipulated pilots, corporations, and alliances that have no loyalty to the Federation nor represent any of the merits or values you speak of, into fighting against Caldari forces in Caldari territory.

I commend your own beliefs and purported ideals about the Federation but they do not match the reality the Federation has shown, and still once again ask when the Federation intends to even attempt to recover their missing diplomat which I must reiterate is the root cause of all that is happening right now.

Traitors have NONE. You don’t deserve even to speak this word. Honor is for us, not for ones like you.

Is that why you declare wars on those who wish to leave Federation? Or does only the consent of the President matter?

I see you’re not just a Traitor, but a rather obvious and self-evident Liar. No, I mean, really, how ANYONE of sane mind could say… this… It just contradicts all history books and common sense.

Well, for sure we don’t welcome Federation and tell all frogs to go home. Why are there still gallente on Caldari Prime? Go home, frogs!

Except Intaki, whose homeworld was tossed right into warzone by Federal command just to compensate their claims for our Black Rise… oh, and was left undefended to the degree where we were able to claim control over it with ease.

So far Intaki aren’t allowed to build their own colonies. So much for protecting their culture and way of life…

More like to the disdain and detestation of the Cluster. Federation doesn’t even have proper culture, just a mix of nonsense that allows what everywhere else in civilized world is prohibited.

Said a member of a rogue nation that still violates our Sovereignty in our own Homeworld!

So, what are Federal Navy members known for ever since the war started?

  • starving prisoners of war
  • torturing prisoners of war
  • raping prisoners of war
  • keeping prisoners of war in explosive cells

That’s a typical picture of a Federal Navy soldier’s behavior.

Is that why it falls as low as to hire a disgraced traitor?

Considering that treason is the most dishonorable and disgraceful act any human being can ever commit… let me just laugh out loud right in your face!

Again, o mighty justice seeker, what about those who torture, rape and starve prisoners of war? Have any of them been brought to a tribunal, or do you just not consider Caldari to be people, and therefore protected by the law? Or maybe you do that yourself together with them? These people wear Federal Navy uniforms, still work there, still serve the Federation. No, Federation knows no justice.

And finally…

Friendship implies trust, how can a traitor be trusted? Treason means already going against your former friends, teachers, peers and superiors, betraying those who have grown you up, gave you education, an upbringing, fed you and sheltered you while you were growing up. How can you even dare to speak about friendship after all that?!..

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It is a consistent issue with all auxiliary militias employing independent capsuleers that due to the recruitment standards (or lack thereof for that matter) being what they are, those that express piratical behaviour or other unsavoury allegiances are permitted to undertake a contract arrangement as a mercenary under the auspices of the respective national bodies. The oversight shown in the Big Four is almost comically absent, with funding and equipment being granted to anyone meeting cursory approval from a standings perspective. Support from neutral organisations and those categorised as outlaws is also not something that is solely restricted to the Federal Militia, as distasteful as it may be to accept.

I would much rather see the Federal Defence Union composed of capsuleers that believe in the ideals of the Federation and committed to it’s defence, rather than commit to deals with criminals interested in obtaining their next fix of violence. The Union that saw the complete domination of the theatre of hostilities for many years of the last ten was an organisation built on the premise that the Union itself must be able to support itself and all flying under it’s banner without relying on external assistance (I refer to outlaws, not of Federation-aligned entities that do not hold chartered status under the CEMWPA).

When I gave that statement, I refer to how we conduct ourselves on the field of battle and in it’s aftermath. Considering the history of the Federation and how it has been stained by those acting in violation of it’s essence of being only gives greater impetus for this to be respected. If my own personal actions should fall short of what the Federation should expect, then I will willingly submit myself to the authority of the relevant courts should they warrant my appearance to explain myself.

Make no mistake, our commitment to principle is matched by our courage in battle, and no doubt as you understand from your experiences serving in the State Protectorate, those that fight for more than mere ISK possess a dauntless spirit that is unyielding in the face of adversity.

Concerning the location of Mssr en Villari, I have confidence that the Federation is doing it’s utmost to locate them to ensure their wellbeing. Again, I would wish to reiterate that the allegations of wrongdoing remain as only allegations without substantiated evidence proving his involvement with the Guristas’ operation in the Caldari State. I cannot profess my belief in the ideals of the Federation without firmly supporting the principle of being innocent until proven guilty in a fair trial.


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