Federation Day Updated with Holos

A great time was had by all. Thanks to Mizhir Devara, Azazel Draconis, Catherine Gillot, Suynthetic Cultist, and Anataine Deva for coming out to shoot fireworks. I heard there were plenty of those on the surface who were able to see it and loved it.

The Four Freedoms Firework! I am going to have to buy all of these before next year.

And we also have a full out holo for you.

Who: Pretty much everyone that loves the Federation.
Where: Gallentia (Gallente Prime)
When: 2000 Sunday, June 30
What: Fireworks and a Party
Why: Federation Day Celebrations

You may have read in the news about Minmatar attacks on Gallente Sanists. This is something that has affected me personally; a friend of mine was murdered.

This year, Federation Day came and went without any capsuleer celebration. I think that is a shame. When times are rough, we have to come together, all of us, as individuals, as Gallente, to celebrate our differences, to celebrate our commonality, to celebrate our freedom. Our freedom to be who we want to be.

On Sunday, June 30th, at 2000 in the space above Gallentia, I will be shooting off fireworks to celebrate our Federation. I invite you all to join me. And later, around 2100, I hope to retire to the Gallente lounge for an after party, assuming Mr. Syagrius is willing to accommodate us.


This all sounds like a lovely idea. The Federation has become my home away from home and I would gladly partake in the celebration if I’m able


What’s called “Federation day” shouldn’t be limited only into the Gallente borders. We represent the human diversity of the nature. We represent the human species as more than the other empires; and no offence, this is not Gallente propaganda or arrogance; this is the reality recognized, indeed, by the other authorities, CONCORD included.
The federation day could also be called the “Human day” where every kind of human culture and thought can be witnessed (without violence methods, of course) to the entire New Eden. The Federation day shouldn’t have place, because we don’t need of a precise location to show New Eden the best that the human being can be and do, especially of this place is the Gallente capital planet. That sounds an arrogant message for the others.

In any case this being doesn’t know if he will be available to come there, especially at that time. He would prefer a bit earlier…

Yeah. Yeah, that is arrogance, sorry. It’s talk like this that make your friends want to shove a Hexa 2500mm rotary cannon up the Fed’s collective asses and just start it spinning. No ammo, of course… just spinning.


The humanity makes also mistakes. This confirms the affirmation of this being.

I guess I’ve been away from the Federation for too long. Back when I was still living there, we referred to Gallente Prime as Luminaire, not Gallentia. A GalNet search has revealed to me that some fictional universe, possibly drawing inspiration from real world entities, has something like a faction called the “Gallenti Freehold”, and one of its principle worlds is called Gallentia. I guess it’s trendy to refer GP with that name now?

Anyway, I’m not sure if I have much love left for the Federation, but I’m considering contributing some of my too large supply of fireworks to this event. Maybe I’ll discover I still have more love for it than I think.

The Federation does not represent human species, it represents subhuman behavior and lack of culture.

Gallente are known for lack of family values and perverting the institute of genders and marriage. They are known for indecent and disrespectful behavior on public. They commit genocide and torture POWs in such numbers that can’t match even crimes of Nauplius. They violate treaties, bully other nations and intervene in politics of people who don’t want to deal with them.

There shall be no place for this abomination in our cluster.

Humans will celebrate the Human Day - the day when the Federation will be finally destroyed.

Gallentia and Cephalin are the Garouni words for Gallente Prime and Caldari Prime respectively. Modern charts produced by the Federal Administration and CONCORD usually use the Luminaire designation for the worlds, but you can see other terms bracketed alongside their planetary designations.

Of course there are other identifiers for the worlds themselves, from the other nations on Gallentia and Cephalin. I put it down to personal preference on whichever term is used, most understand what they mean. And if not, well, they’re free to ask.

Talk like this can be found in every empire, one thing that is almost unanimous about it is the lack of substance such claims hold. Federation Day is a celebration not only of the Federal Union, but of the founding member civilisations, the member states and regions as well as all those that have come to the Federation to make it their home. This is especially apparent in my current home in the Nadire District of Sinq Laison which, like many other areas of the Federation, express considerable diversity in regards to the population and the culture that can be found there. Whilst this does make the Federation representative of most if not all civilisations within New Eden, it is not the single, sole representative. Something I think you can find agreement with across the Federation.

I’ll be sure to show up to the Federation Day celebrations in Luminaire. The celebrations on Assiettes Six were probably far more modest than in the Alpha cities, but none less enthusiastic all the same. The opportunity to lead a squadron of atmospheric craft as part of the displays was too good to pass up.

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No one is making anyone participate. Why does everything always have to descend into a debate?


You’re asking the least fun people in the cluster, who are nearly to the man engaged in the practice of combat starship piloting, why everything devolves into a competition?

We, in the words of my younger parishioners, have no chill.


I never said any of that. Nothing about a competition. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Just mentioning why everything descends into a debate, Lasairiona.

Indeed; there will be fireworks and drinks. It really should be that simple.


I look forward to it.


I certainly think so. I do not, for the life of me know why anyone would make it difficult.


This being knew that you could come here. Here we go again.

Ok… Where to start? Considerating that he’s going to talk to a guy who try to be a Caldari extremist soldier (failing miserably and even with her same ideals…)…
“Lack of family values”, and when have we been recognized for that, When we have the best education system of new Eden that EXALTS the family values and the friendship within and without the family?
“Marriage and gender institutes”… Are we everybody homo-, trans-, bi- sexual? Weird, we would have been extinct by dint to not reproducing since they everybody “marriages” with the same sex or different thing. Yet, we don’t have any kind of demographic decrease and increasing of those minorities. Explain me why if you can.
“Disrespect behaviour on public”, if your mean of “behaviour” is equivalent to “submitting at another human being that’s superior to you just because it’s written on a sheet of paper and not interacting with other human beings just because they’re part of another corporation and not helping the other people right because of that reason” you’re entirely right and we’re pride to be so “disrespectful”.
“Genocides, tortures, violations, bullying”: we stopped to do that from much time if you’re not noticed (wait, you can’t). The real question is: “did you stop to do that crimes too?”

Oh, Maker… probably should have started a separate thread for this, but since it’s related to Federation, because it’s its day, here it goes!!

Public support and open advertising including media, reels and even toons about:

  1. Abnormal relation types instead of traditional husband+wife marriage with properly assigned biological gender roles.
  2. Fornication
  3. Extramarital relations
  4. Open procreation preferences discussion.

The Federation has probably the second worst education system after Republic. Lack of discipline training, lack of scientific lectures - instead a lot of sociological nonsence and brainwashing. Why in Maker’s name kids would need to know how democracy operates? Why would then know about government structures, since less than one billionth part of them will actually be working in government structures?.. And they lack logical background, having replaced that with heavy brainwashing. Try to argue with federal kid that freedom is evil, instead of countering your arguments, they’ll start spilling insults left and right.

According to traditional Caldari education, there are only two genders, and that’s it. Every one who studied proper biology in the State will tell you that. Attempt to claim otherwise is a perversion of nature. It is indecency and if someone actually wishes in secret do things like that, they should never bring it to public.

No, I mean indecent exposure, discussion of taboo topics, discussion of disgusting things, too loud behavior on streets, disrespect to owners of venue they visit. Do you know we have a lot of “no foreigners allowed” venues in the State only because foreigners often behave “like gallentes”. These people don’t even bother to read rules of venues, don’t bother to ask nor even trying to follow other culture traditions, feeling that wherever they are, it’s like their own home.
I have no idea why you even bring “submitting” in here and with what side to attach it to that. I have no idea what’s going on in your head, could you explain my why in Maker’s name you brought ideas of “submitting” to question of “behavior”, and even dared to claim I could mean that… I’d like to know that.

Wait… what… WHAT?
Are you honestly aware of what ARE you talking about?
Do you aware about tortures that the Federal Navy commit over Caldari Prisoners of War? There are many other things that I’d like to blame Federals in, but this one is actually very easy to check for any capsuleer if it is going on or not.
Because according to my information, Federals are still torturing prisoners of war.

Go ahead, check it now (for example, in Ichoriya, I can give you direct instruction how to find them if you don’t know somehow yet yourself). If they ceased this activity, I’ll make a public announcement with apologies for being an utterly stubborn fool. If they do - you will bring apologies about your utter ignorance and for daring to object me. Deal?

Excuse me, are you insane? You dare to blame US in crimes that YOU commit?!!

Okay, same example. Go ahead and bring me evidence of Caldari torturing Gallente prisoners of war. After you do, I’ll bring you evidences of Gallente torturing Caldari prisoners of war. One who will fail in doing so - will have to write second topic with apologies in IGS.

Says the Caldari clown frothing over every single notion and concept that bothers her narrow mind.
Even the most irrational Amarrian Fanatics I met does not harbor the same degree of rabid hostilities as you do.
So fellow capsuleers, let us not feed this clown their daily need of attention shall we?

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Speaking about clowns, I allow myself hostilities in speech only against scum who dares to say any false information in public about me personally, would it be an incorrect assumption or calling me a name that doesn’t belong to me.

Don’t you think it’s quite hypocritical to call me a clown after in conversation with me you said “what I want”:

and things like that:

With that it turns out that currently you’re the most narrow-minded and irrational clown on the whole IGS. Enjoy your title, don’t blame others in what you do and please keep away from topics so we can discuss things without your childish remarks.

Thanks and bye.

Of course, of course.
After all, there is no need to have a logical conversation with a frothing beast.
Fare thee well, I shall see you at the sea of stars.