The Federation Dares to be Great Again

We count it a privilege to live in an age when the Federation demands that great things shall be done, a privilege to be of this generation which learns to say, ‘What can we give?’, rather than, ‘What can we take?’ For thus our generation learns there are greater things than slothful ease, greater things than safety, and more terrible things than death.

This shall be the epic generation which scales again the the heights of time and history to see once more the immortal lights – the lights of sacrifice and high endeavour summoning through ordeal the soul of humanity to the sublime and the eternal. The alternatives of our age are heroism or oblivion. There are no lesser paths in the history of great nations. Can we, therefore, doubt which path to choose?

Let us give the answer. Hold high the head of the Gallente; lift strong the voice of Federation. Let us to the cluster proclaim that the heart of this great people is undaunted and invincible. This flag still challenges the winds of destiny. This flame still burns. This glory shall not die. The soul of Fderation is alive, and the Gallente again dare to be great.

My friends, it’s an immense responsibility. You’re living in an historic hour, Do remember that always.

Live in that sense, I beg of you, of history and of destiny.

When the period, this period, comes to be written and men look back it, if we did right, if we stood firm, if we stood greatly, it would be a matter of honour for generations and generations to come.

I could not ask to live in any other moment of history than this, because never has mankind, never has the human species been confronted with such possibilities, with such choices, of disaster or of greater heights and greater glories.

My friends, do live in that sense that you are Gallente, that you come from people who faced tremendous odds again and again. That much is against you, but you’ve got within you that will, that spirit and above of all that faith and that belief which will lead the generations to come to look back at you in the pages of history with the proud words: “To the Great Federation of Gallente Prime, they were true!”


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Were great… Were. Great. Not so much now. From my experiences, as from one of your allies, I’m not holding my breath on that happening anytime soon.


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Looks like while Gallente are trying to learn this thing, they simply can’t.
They try to take our Homeworld. They try to take our Black Rise. Occupants and oppressor, who are subjugating nations because they don’t have this “democracy”. They torture prisoners of war, they genocide colonists… taking what does not belong to them.

What they give? What possibly they can give? Just their useless “freedoms” and useless “democracy” to occupied colonies instead of jobs? Instead of food? Instead of commodities? People can’t eat democracy like bread.

Gallente Federation is an aggressive atavism of our cluster. Democracy is an archaic and inefficient governing system that should remain only on pages of history books. Freedom is the destructive and criminal force, that helps neither to give, nor to create something, it only allows people with power to TAKE what they want… because they will have freedom for that.

Unfortunately, however, the Gallente Federation has strong voice indeed, brainwashing naive people with their wicked ideals. But there is one force, that is stronger that gallente voice, however loud it could be. And this force has a name: Knowledge.

Don’t listen to Federation’s words, but look at their actions. Learn about their crimes. And fight to bring the Justice.


Still riding that Yoiul high, I see. Enjoy the afterglow champ.

It has been foretold that the Gallentean who anchors an Astrahus in Lirsautton for more than a year will in fact make the Federation great again.

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What the ■■■■ does “Great Again” mean?

What previous union would you have us return to, that we were great then and somehow lost our way? Were we great in the First Union, before the advent of FTL communications, scrambling after emergency after emergency, always arriving days too late to prevent the latest pirate raid, the next Mannar annex, the incoming ecological disaster? I’m sure, as a person who uses the rhetoric of a patriot, you don’t need me to explain our failure that led to the Aclan Agreement. No, surely you don’t mean the years before we invented drones, like the caretaker drones, who freed our peoples to choose lives of “slothful eases,” safer lives which I see you find distasteful, but these generations since have spent pursuing ever-higher education and inventing wonders which hold the admiration of the cluster. I will even overlook the fact that you likely indulge in the use of these technologies yourself for select applications of slothfulness - I’m sure you use such a drone to look after your elderly family members, as many others have before you, freeing you to make posts like this on the IGS, or allowing you to enter the capsuleer programme.

I will do you another favour and assume you don’t mean the Second Union, although one may be tempted to assume birthing FTL communications has been our chief achievement. I will assume “Great Again” does not refer to our greatest shame, to the rise of fascists and the fall of democracy. You may sound like an Ultra-Nationalist, but I choose to hope you are not one who would ruthlessly bombard civilian populations, not one who would send military forces to occupy the halls of governance in every member state with a dissenting voice, not one who would spit on the concept of interstellar cooperation. Not all readers on this forum will do you the same favour, especially not the Caldari who know the dangers of your rhetoric, so you may wish to consider that in your future posts.

I still fantasize that we successfully hunted each and every Ultra-Nationalist down and instructed them in the merits of the guillotine. That’s reason enough for me to hope for better from you.

If you were to say that we were great in President Yiona’s time, the Third Union- Oh, I’d be tempted. It’s hard not to look back and admire the strength and courage it would have taken to stage an invasion of Central Garoun, to slam fists against the palace walls of a dictator, not knowing if that dictator would then turn the warships to our skies and bombard. To do that through uncertainty and win? Oh, I’d be tempted. But it’s hard to admire Yiona’s reforms, the birth of the supreme court, the constellation territory limits and the creation of districts without the pressing reminder that the lack of them at our founding was a mistake, and to celebrate the too-late righting of a wrong, after so many had already suffered for it, is the kind of folly that allowed U-Nats to usurp power in the first place.

I’m sure you won’t consider the Third Union the time we were great for a different reason. I’m sure you care more about the beginning of the war, because we were losing. We were losing bad. We lost Sinq Laison, Verge Vendor, parts of Essence. We wouldn’t recover Sinq Laison for decades, and even then, we recovered land and bodies - not living souls. That might just be a distant insult to pride for you, but this is my home. It’s not a pain we’ve forgotten.

But maybe, maybe it’s the Fourth Union that was great. Kidding, that’s ridiculous. We were still bogged down in a forever war, the Caldari capsule tech was kicking our arses, and the Mannar lost their homeworld. Sure, we helped the Minmatar rebel (a fact, as you’re seeing, some of them wish wasn’t true) but we hardly handled the issue of the Empire. Because we were too busy with what? What were we ■■■■■■■ trying to accomplish in the Gallente-Caldari War? What were the win conditions supposed to be? At that point, even if we magically won and made every State Caldari a full-fledged citizen, they would have easily been the largest identity of voters in the Federation. They would have been in full democratic control, majority of senators and even able to elect a full State Caldari president. Was that what we wanted?

I believe the most likely candidate for whatever you must mean by “great” would be the Fifth Union. An odd sentiment, because it wasn’t a time illuminated by the “lights of sacrifice and high endeavour,” unless you mean the sacrifice of pride and the high endeavour of apologising. I doubt that, but given that no other Union seems more likely, it seems as though it’s the only viable option. I’ve heard time and time again the sad refrain that “If only Elabon were alive–!” as if President Elabon could have steered us through these innumerable and immeasurable challenges we’ve faced in our Sixth Union. I daresay Elabon would not have been able to talk sense into Heth, and that Seyllin would have still exploded. Perhaps he would have made us feel better about the tragedies we’ve endured, and maybe that would be enough.

I don’t believe, however, that one great man made us great, just as I don’t believe your “strong voice of the Federation” is one voice, or one “destiny,” or one “soul.” Whose voice would that be? The Intaki voice, if we all conveniently overlook President Villers and the breadth of her mistakes? The Mannar voice, which is still so angry about the loss of their home? The Jin-Mei voice? I know you don’t mean the ethnic Gallente voice, quiet though it is now that there are so much fewer of us. We tried that, that “standing firm.” It was a mistake we’re still struggling to make amends for. If anything makes us better - I would never claim great - it’s our ability to recognise our mistakes and learn from them, and that can only improve with the passage of time. We’re better now than we have been before. That’s enough.

If you want heroism, go to the warzone and leave the rest of us out of your rhetoric. It’s a good time to be on the Federation side of the warzone. I’m sure you’ll enjoy your stay.


A government only exists insofar as it considered legitimate by those it rules over. Legitimacy in this case would be defined by a mixture of history, culture, and traditions which together define a particular civilization and the values of its people in the governments they come to adopt and accept.

Caldari never accepted Gallentean notions of proper governance because the core cultural and civilizational precepts are so divergent. The State and corporate governance were adopted because they are legitimate and acceptable according to the cultural maxims of the Caldari people.

In rejecting the legitimacy of Gallentean democracy, the only option left to the Federation was to either accept Caldari self-determination, or use coercive methods to enforce its rule. The Federation chose the latter, which is not surprising, a fundamental tenet of Gallentean democratic legitimacy is that its notions are universal to all of humanity, and not in fact just particular to Gallentean civilization and culture.

If the Federation had to accept the legitimacy of Caldari style governance, it would by extension erode the legitimacy of the values which underpin Gallentean style democracy.


Wishful thinking. We know how the Federation acts - we learned it 200 years ago with bombardment of Caldari Prime and we see it now with genocide of colonists, torture of PoWs and gallende death squads in Black Rise colonies. They would simply launch an unprecedented genocide and series of mass murders to make sure we don’t have the majority of voices. Or they would simply change their laws against us again like they did before our seccession, demanding us to give away the colonies - they could simply vote to not allow Caldari citizenship.

But even with gallente pulling their genocide card again… winning with these conditions seems surreal. Every State Caldari has served three year obligatory military service, we all are trained soldiers, even regular workers who didn’t pick military career, they too can grab weapons to defend the State against Gallentean oppression should we fail. If the Federation will win that war, there will be very very little people left.

Caldari people value Honor more than life. It is corporations, and not any form of democratic government, that represents Caldari will. And you can’t take away people’s will without fighting. We are not tribals, succumbing to slavery. We are professionally trained soldiers, proud and honorable, ready to die to preserve our way of life.

And if we are destined to die, we will take with us as many Gallente occupants as possible, just like Admiral Tovil-Toba did.

To be fair, we didn’t roll over and succumb to slavery. We fought. Much like those people you call criminals are fighting and many will probably die taking as many with them, as you tout for your people as a strength.

Pot, meet kettle. I’m sure in Gallante eyes your as much a terrorist and a criminal as any of my kin. Ain’t it funny how that works out?

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Oh, well. It’s not the place for this discussion, but there are some mistakes.

First of all, I don’t say you didn’t fight at all, but I think you’ll agree there’s a significant difference between an enslaved nation that emerged after this fight, that got strength after several centuries to rebel and even WIN that rebellion, and a hypothetical nation where almost everyone died fighting - taking into account we were considering what would happen if the Federation will win that war.

Second, I do not consider initially enslaved minmatars as criminals, nor criminals were those minmatars who rebelled. I consider criminals modern slaves because of modern Imperial enslaving policies - just because slavery is another form of a penal punishment. That doesn make every slave a criminal, of course, but you can see the tendency and clearly should see the difference of slaves that are enslaved today and those who were enslaved 800 years ago when the Empire was the aggressor.

And third, I consider terrorists those, who attack the Empire in order to spread chaos and fear. Yes, that includes freeing slaves, since releasing criminals is a sure way to spread chaos and fear among lawful citizens.

But, of course, I don’t consider “criminal” and “terrorist” every Matari. I do, however, think that Republic has heavy criminal influence, mostly from their Angel Cartel who even managed to sieze a whole planet in Republic space.

As for Caldari and me in particular - I doubt that gallente would see us like that. We, Caldari, don’t like inefficient terror attacks. And you won’t see us using this warfare tactics. Nor we commit any crimes (well, I mean… there ARE gurista, and some people are just bad - but we don’t do any crap like that with our official corporations, like Federal Navy does, or their Black Eagles infamous for assasinations). We don’t even torture gallente PoWs like they torture ours.

What I call a terrorist - is a person, engaged in an attack of terror origing. And what I call a criminal - is a person who violated law. If you consider someone to be a terrorist without committing an act of terror, or a criminal without commiting a criminal act - you will look incredibly silly.

So, yes, please show me any gallente who would consider me a criminal or terrorist, so I could laugh at them.

Especially dumb in that regard will look those, who say I “root for terrorists”, considering how I regularly show with both words and actions that I despise inefficient warfare methods like terror.

It was a system actually.

We did give it back though.

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please excuse me while I am noping out from the Republic.

For ■■■■ sake, can you please limit your xenophobia to the topic at hand?


If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed. It is not truth that matters, but victory.

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Unfortunately, it’s the way how Gallente brainwashing works: they repeat day to day through their media that democracy is good, that freedom is good and people are falling for that crap.

We in the State, however, provide just information to our citizens. They can see all the evils and destruction freedom brings, all inefficiencies of archaic democratic regimes and attempts of other nations to degrade those who are better by enforcing them into democracy as well.

You can tell a big lie to Federal citizens who will suck it and fall for it. But once you have ability to analyse and compare, look at the things from different angles and points of view - it doesn’t matter how many times you will tell a lie, people will just laugh at you. Or frown with disgust.

Truth and knowledge are the best weapons against Gallente propaganda.


The Caldari know that by an able and persistent use of propaganda heaven itself can be presented to the people as if it were hell and, vice versa, the most miserable kind of life can be presented as if it were paradise.

The Caldari know this and act accordingly. But the Gallente, or rather his Government, did not have the slightest suspicion of it. During the War the heaviest of penalties had to be paid for that ignorance.

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Have you heard about modern Caldari practice of Kutuoto Miru? It implies that you shall be able to percieve impassionate reality without subjective interpretations. No, we don’t try to present miserable life as paradise and paradise as miserable life. The State provides possibly the worst and the best living conditions, and our people see them both. They see what you get when you’re bad and lazy incompetent worker or even dissociated, what you get if you will be fired from the mega and what you get if you’re highly competent and successful employee. That makes you strive to be better, so you can live better.

We don’t lie to people who live miserable life that they live in paradise. We provide them the ability to improve themselves so they could get better job and enhance their living conditions.


You mistake me, quite, Madame. I admire the Caldari and their cold-blooded ability to control the youth with propaganda and shape them into weapons. You yourself are the prime example of this - a perfect ideologue, complete with slogans and talking points. Tibus Heth, enemy of Gallente people that he was, knew this: He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.

I admire the State that your people have created. It is strong. The great strength of the totalitarian state is that it forces those who fear it to imitate it. You use propaganda to control the will of the masses. Your state is built upon competition, upon the strong dominating and weeding out the weak. This is wise. The stronger must dominate and not mate with the weaker, which would signify the sacrifice of its own higher nature. Only the born weakling can look upon this principle as cruel, and if he does so it is merely because he is of a feebler nature and narrower mind; for if such a law did not direct the process of evolution then the higher development of organic life would not be conceivable at all.

At least be honest and admit what you are. In space, all warriors are cold warriors.

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Greatest man in Gallentean history of course! Ceul Darieux! And the greatest period in Federation history?

The Foundation of CreoDron™ by that very same man!

I’m sure that’s what is being referred to here.

But, you might ask, how might we return to that time? How might we do honour to the name of Old Man Darieux?

Well, by buying as many CreoDron™ products as possible, of course. That is the only way for the Federation to be great again! All true patriots, regardless of race, buy only the best, top of the line CreoDron™ products.