Federation Day Returns!

Hello, everyone,

With the Gallente Federation’s national holiday right around the corner, a host of themed events, offers and other activities will be taking place across Gallente Space, running 11:00 UTC 15 June to 11:00 UTC 22 June.

Please use this thread to talk about the event, offers and anything related to the Federation Day with fellow Capsuleers.


What are you bitching about exactly?




Thank you very much for promoting the player event!.


“founding of the Federated Union of Gallente Prime- commonly known as the Federation – which took place in 1702AR (23121AD)” - what does AR stand for in 1702AR?


Ok, guys, I get that you’re doing this whole ‘celebrate the Federation’ thing, but these national holidays for the empires, highlighting them all, it’s all supposed to get people more hooked into the story, right?1

So, just out of curiosity, why the hell are the Triglavians celebrating the Federation? What the hell is this crap?

‘Hey, let’s do events all about the lore while we actively take a crap on the lore!!’

FFS, can you just do one of these without screwing ■■■■ up and insulting the people who actually do get involved in your setting? Please?

1. Yeah, I know the real reason is just to get people to login and buy crap, but you all talk up how ‘it’s about the story’ and ‘celebrating the empires’ and otherwise pandering your asses off to those of us who give a crap about that kind of thing. But this? This is insulting.


You might care too much?

I wish I could give more likes.

Not to mention that they could have done something akin to these crappy arenas in K-space with the old Frostline sites in planet athmosphere over Gallente planets. If only we had competent developers and not cheapskates ru(i)nning the show.


I clearly care more than they do.


chill m8 it doesnt go with the lore but we’re all here to have fun


After reboot?


Thank you CCP for the fun event :slight_smile:


Yeah, we are. But there’s no reason they can’t have reskinned the Abyssal Arenas and made up some kind of ‘CONCORD arena filaments’ for these national events. Which art elements don’t they have? k-space rocks? The skybox for Yulai or Luminaire?

In a quadrant about the empires, after 2 full years of ‘look! More TRIGLAVIAN focus!’, is it really so much to ask to not shoehorn the Trigs in here, too?


I ask myself that every time. The truth is that I do.

I can’t divorce my fantasy from the canon CCP presents else I might as well be playing with myself…

CSM representation might help, but I doubt it.

This is exactly the type of shill garbage that enables ccp to continue to be lazy. They need to be called out when they do this.


is really stupid of them to do that i have to admit might be a money grab or just lazyness

Well, it is a challenge to adapt to this presentation, but it can be done.
Perhaps our diplomatic efforts were not entirely in vain!
The real test will be to see what transpires on other celebratory events.

It’s time to celebrate the gallente, and the dominix.

Loving the dominix is like loving a woman with muscles, curves, a pretty face, who knows how to cook and is awesome in bed.

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Meanwhile, the New Eden Store will be offering a Federation Day SKIN sale from 15 - 22 June, giving pilots the chance to pick up all four Federation Day SKINS for 500 PLEX in the Federation Skin bundle.


Aye now i finally understand why Skins no longer go to the inventoy but are applied immediately.

How dare the emergent gameplay of “collecting and selling for good ISK one or two years later” interfere with CCP short term money grabing without puting in the labour of creating new skins!?