Federation Day Returns!

AR stands for Age of Rouvenor, an era within the history of the Ethnic Gallente. From the article:

Doule dos Rouvenor III inherited his father’s crown in 21714AD, and started a new calendar based on his ascension, the Age of Rouvenor (AR). An AR year is 1.21 of its pre-Yoiul equivalent, and is still used in many places on Gallente Prime.

There’s also the Federal Calendar, or FC, which started when the Federated Union of Gallente Prime was signed into existence. It’s currently FC238 iirc.


I do agree with this sentiment regarding the SKINs…

It is because CCP does not at all understand a thing of what you want or say.

Shoot fireworks for SP ?! Did ccp go soft ? Is this for the anti-violence newbros ? What’s next, probably wild flower pressing. Gallente are softies.

i.o.w., the lamest themed event by a wide margin, and that’s even without the marketing shark behind the skin deals.

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It is because CCP does not at all understand a thing of what you want or say. I mean, look at this topic. It is about a celebration of freedom and Federation, but it is in Slow Mode to stifle too much talk and joy.

The lamest was the previous year where we did the same thing for no discernible reward other than the satisfaction of the celebration itself.

If you want to bring live ammo I’m sure some of us will accommodate your procession to a new you.


Too bad! Abyssal PVP is fun.

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The 18 Crusier FFA abyssal event was quite fun. Not too hard on the wallet. Really had a blast (hehehe pun) and got some PVP basics in.

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DO NOT mess with @Aiko_Danuja …she brought game.

It’s an event…like the fair or the circus. If you like the circus,
you go, if you don’t like, then you stay home. Not a critical
problem in Eve here.

Ahhh Federation Day.
Break out the patchouli and bongs.

Really the Intaki need to separate from this hippie commune in space.


Hitting a wrong button will easily result in a violent death or two, unless safety enabled.

These “events” are just more evidence that eve has entered into its maintenance era. No longer does ccp create big grand things that move the lore and the game forward. Now it’s tinker with some parameters and push a button and “bam” you get the same thing that you saw dozens of times before. Slap an “event” label on it and throw out some skins and away we go.

A little free sp and some skins (most likely recycled) and it’s the grand fed day yada yada event.

Do these things actually pull in people or are they just tedious rehashes of the same thing over and over? Empirically it seems that all folk do is cycle through their Alts to get the free skins and sp and then go about doing what they have always done. For instance if you were already playing in the arena, you keep playing in the arena. I doubt there is any evidence to suggest that these events have any impact on player numbers. It’s just become more background noise. Just some buttons that you have to press before you actually get to the game.

“playing the game or gaming the frame?” is that a fair summary of your complaint?

It has taken this long to get this far with development.
If I were CSM I’d recommend ditching any reward element for taking part in events because it is simply unappreciated by gamers or players for different reasons.

I doubt CCP will ever be to entirely please the fractious communities of EVE. Still they stubbornly try. I can respect that.

The point is - they don’t try anymore. They actually used to be involved in the game, participating in grand events. Now these “events” are designed to require minimal effort on their part. It’s the same thing over and over. This way they don’t have to engage with the players - it’s just reskin the last event.

Perhaps these events are designed to milk whales who have no self control and just have to pay $ for some skin or clothing or that will never be seen. But they do not increase player numbers. Maybe for a few days people are logging in Alts to get the daily log in rewards, but they clearly have no long term impact on new players entering the game or retention of old players.

I don’t think that is a true statement. Last year this celebration was functionally broken. and the devs manually interrogated the database post event to calculate the effort; similar to how CCP_Fozzie ran interrogations on the database to forum-post the gate building monument leader-board gubbins.
These arenot the actions of people who do not care about this game , its players and the actions we contribute to it.

Now it is a functional event it seems. Applause.
I wish the cloud client was out of beta so I could see for myself
and celebrate my affiliations as has become traditional.

There are some who think we’re the hippy commune.

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That’s because they took away our mullets.

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And she smells faintly of space potato.

They’ve been doing fireworks and snowball dailies for years now (vs players and/or vs NPCs). Every x-mas lately has been snowball time, fireworks have been for various holidays, not just Gallente’s. This is the third time it’s been fireworks for SP. One time in the past it was fireworks for a loot crate…

Oh, and sometimes it’s just warp to a monument/landmark and get SP once you’re on grid, no fireworks, snowballs, or shooting required.

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"## Federation Day Propaganda Contest

denigrate the the enemies of the Federation - i.e. the Caldari, Amarr, Serpentis or Triglavians"

I object on the basis this is not even remotely a Gallentian way… Tolerance and fairness, inclusion over segregation. This is a petty attempt to create conflict. As a Gallente citizen I request whoever came up with that idea be invited to more of our infamous sex parties!

Also, who over 20 uses this tweeter or facechook stuff? Why can’t we submit via the forums?

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