NADSC Public Announcement – Operation Prevailing Liberty Update

My bad, your right on that. Though I’m only mastaken due to their kin touting it as being so.

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Have you ever considered that the agents are lying about slave raiding occuring? That they are actually contracting deniable operations against legal Imperial and State operations within Republic borders the Minmatar powers that be consider to be undesireable?

Have you ever considered that Empress Catiz I allowing the Agency the ability to comission hits against actual illegal slavers within Imperial borders as an attempt to remedy the legitimate portion of the problem? Or the crackdowns Emperor Heideran ordered in the past? Or our loyalist capsuleer attempt to bring Zashev to Amarrian justice as proof that we stand against it?


Because you need that excuse to justify your vehemence. We are irredeemable to you. The only way to be forgiven is by capitulating totally, which we shall never do. But the constant incursions and slights that Minmatar leaders do not even bother to hide or deny have grown old. Thus we act while you blovate.

And in the end, I suspect this move will do more for the cause of peace and cooperation than anything the Minmatar have attempted since Shakor came to power, merely by the fact it is forcing the writhing snakes that pass as the Republic’s current leaders to sit still at the negotiaton table.



I’m sure Duke Chakaid is giggling himself even sillier than I am at that idea, Meatpuppet.

Laugh all you like. We did what was right for the Empire. My only regret was dealing with the Thukker to do it.

The “nice Amarr” PR has been pretty effective the past years. Probably because they actually believe it themselves.


No kidding on that one, I almost fell for it a few times I’m afraid. Won’t be a mistake I make anytime soon that’s for sure.

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I really love the ability for people to keep threads on-topic, especially with riveting and engaging new discussions such as the ones here that I may or may not have seen already in 10 other threads with the same words. Super cool.

It’s being arranged. Slowly.


Let me join those that have already thanked you for the much needed supplies and reinforcements on the planet. I and my men will look forward to working with the brave men and women of our Federation Allies. I will have my second in command reach out to facilitate any coordination.

With that said, I must echo the sentimenet that what we truelly need are reinforcements in the system. So long as the Empire holds control of it, the only realistic thing we can do ground side is a fighting retreat. I understand that such deployment takes logistical time, however that makes it no less urgent.


Look likes everyone’s freakin’ going planetside.

As I’m bored in orbit, I think I’ll join the party and go looking to try to shoot Charles down in a second-hand prop bi-plane I’ve restored.


That’s cute! Sure! It’ll be date night. Bring a chute.


That argument falls apart in the face of generational slavery. To act as though we do not see through it is offends our intelligence. But then, from what I’ve seen of your words in the past… you haven’t offered that the respect it deserves in favor or this victim-story you’ve painted. Hard to talk of peace when you condescend and patronize your audience.

EDIT: Actually, while we’re on the subject of Aldrith’s bedtime stories of how the great loyalists capsuleers of the Empire worked so hard to hand over Orlon Zaschev over to Sarum (ironic, really, considering the current circumstances)… What has the Empire done to combat illegal slaving, short of welcome its primary benefactors with open arms, hmm…? To act as though the Empire was so beleaguered by following CONCORD treatises while simultaneously bringing the Kingdom back into the fold is an egregious display of just how supercilious your arguments truly are. You are not the victims. You are not being taken advantage of. If anything you babble on with gross misinterpretations and ignored facts to justify your creed.

A fool might fall for it though, so I commend you for trying.


Then the Republic and Federation should have never signed the Yulai treaty and CONCORD accords.

It is a simple concept. Agree to terms. Abide by them. Do not go back on those terms, citing some ‘irreconcilable’ philosphical difference at a later date.

If that is the true attitide of your nations, start your precious war and suffer what comes.

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Hmmph! You better bring a chute!


Then the Republic and Federation should never have agreed to a charter that established them as sovereign nations on par with their traditional enemies? That’s a rather broad charge to make, Newelle.

Or have you thrown out the dozens if not hundreds of other topics the CONCORD treaty covers other than generational slavery just to make a single, petty point?

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Don’t let the Meatpuppet get to you. He’s just chafing at the hand up his butt.


The Federation were the ones who proposed CONCORD accords in the first place and the Republic was on-board with the treaties before the Empire ever signed them. In fact, the Empire initially were against becoming a signatory solely on the basis that they didn’t recognize the Republic as sovereign.

If anyone should not have signed the treaties involved, it was the Empire, but they - you - did. Turning it around against the governments and people that expressly desired co-operation is a fundamental lack of historical understanding at best and gas-lighting at worst. I’m curious which it is.


Hiiiii. Me again. You know me. And Mantel, probably.

As most of you have heard, Flosewin has flipped. NADSC elements will continue to operate in space to assist at our leisure.

NADSC planetside forces are being tasked with contributing further manpower to Republic forces on the surface. However, NADSC units will no longer be on the front lines. They are being repurposed to attacking strategic targets, of which include retaliationary batteries, silos, and sabotaging operational equipment and infrastructure. We will not be targeting areas of operation that include active battles.

Though they’re piloted by people, NADSC is using unmanned equipment (drones, armored vehicles). As we are not risking our pilots or lives on the field, we are restraining our operations to non-lethal focus and thus, our intent is to cripple the war machine in surgical places without loss of life.

To emphasize, NADSC’s “Augen” squadron will not target any Empire equipment designed to facilitate Amarrian exodus from the planet or contested areas. We’d like to make it easy to step away from or surrender in this conflict.

Also, weapons of mass destruction on either side of this conflict won’t be tolerated. The reasons for that should be really obvious. Bioweps, chemweps, nukes, MIRVs, bringing down satellites: really not gonna have it.

Any questions, concerns, or scathing critiques can be left in this thread as well.


29th January YC122
Assiettes VI – Northern Colonial Commonwealth, City of Rhamnus, Port of Adrasteia Field Office
NADSC Office of Public Relations

Update for Immediate Release:

As of the 23rd of January with the liberation of Aldranette, all systems in the Federal Defence Cordon have been liberated from State Protectorate occupation. This fulfils the primary objective of Operation Prevailing Liberty as stated in our initial announcement last year in October. Thus, the new objective of the Operation will be to maintain the current situation that favours the Federal Defence Union in order to ensure that there is minimal interference in the Federal Election next month. In conjunction with this goal, the State Protectorate’s final strongholds will continue to be probed and assaulted when and where appropriate.

This could not have been achieved without the co-operation of our allies in Villore Accords and Aideron Robotics, as well as countless other Federal Defence chartered corporations and individuals that have collaborated in this effort. It is my sincerest hope that the recent disputes will be resolved amicably so that we may focus ourselves on the enemy, rather than train our weapons on each other.

NADSC forces intervening in the Floseswin situation have largely been withdrawn since the 3rd of January due to the stabilisation of the system by Tribal Liberation Force assets, with the Consultants destroying a total of 207 vessels of varying classifications within the Floseswin system in exchange for 49 losses. The Augen Squadron will, unless circumstances change, continue to operate in support of Republic ground forces on Floseswin Four. Unless specifically requested for assistance by our allies within the Republic, NADSC spaceborne assets will continue to operate within the Defence Cordon theatre of operations.

I would like to personally thank Captain ‘HC’ Androidson for his achievements and stalwart service to the Consultancy throughout the course of this campaign. Without his dogged persistence and professionalism I can but only admire and respect, we would not have made half the progress that we have. His standard is what all that wear the uniform of the Consultants should aspire to achieve.


Edward Adams
Nadire Security Consultants


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