[State] Secession Day

“We will not permit you to tell us how to be Caldari, and so you leave us with no choice.”
-Excerpt from the Caldari Proclamation of Secession. CE 23154.11.22

On this day, two hundred and one years ago, the State declared independence. A century of war followed as the State was forged strong enough to maintain that independence, strong enough to preserve the Caldari peoples.

Let us not rehash the age-old argument of who was responsible, of what misdeeds were committed. In various degrees, in various ways, we would all whitewash sins we ought not, and we would all reopen wounds that have in many ways healed.

Let us instead use today to admit those faults we share.

Admission of fault is not a weakness. It is not even a matter of humility, even though humility plays its part. The ability to admit fault is a strength. Through the clear-headed understanding of our actions, of our world, of what we seek to do and to become, and the willingness to admit where we have failed to reach toward our ideals, we provide ourselves an opportunity for growth.

With growth, with progress, we become stronger still.

So let us admit fault. Just as the Ultranationalists brought blockade and orbital bombardment, just as the Templis Dragonaur destroyed an underwater city, even today we harbor those extremists and xenophobes who would plunge entire civilizations into a total war for the sake of their own hatred of the other. Not ten months have passed since we witnessed New Eden’s powers rocked by the potential for death on a scale not seen in ages, an act perpetrated by those same xenophobes. Still, however, we carry on as if there is no fault of ours.

We are at fault.

Millions died because of hatred and xenophobia. Billions more may have died if Capsuleers had not pursued a cooperative venture to attempt to resolve the crisis.

In the name of pride, we have no word from Kaalakiota or Hyasyoda on the failings that allowed a small band of zealots to secure the most dangerous bioweapon known to humanity. In the name of secrecy and nationalism, we have no word from the Federal Intelligence Office about its findings, no information about the organizations that may have played a part in spreading the pathogen.

We are at fault.

With fault admitted, we should seek to grow stronger.

Let us grow. Let us not define ourselves by those whose lives are filled with hatred and xenophobia. Let us instead define ourselves independently of that. The State, after all, is not defined by its opposition to the Federation; it is defined by the strength of the Caldari people and culture.

It is this independence that our progenitors fought for.


It is disgusting to see how collaborationists and gallente bootlickers try to humiliate our great nation on this momentous day!

The Caldari State was formed when our nation has seceded from the Federation. Everyone knows that. We tried to live with them in peace, but they couldn’t. Everyone knows that. We protected ourselves from the Federal oppression and we have won the Independence in the following war by the great cost. Everyone knows that.

So let us celebrate, let us remember our ancestors who made our State possible, who separated us from Gallenteans, and those, who FOUGHT and DIED for our Independence. Let us revere their memory!

Always remember, that we are Caldari! We did what we should, and we MUST be proud with that!

And if any gallente-loving jerk will tell us that we are at fault, especially at THIS day - then just grip your fist and smash their dispespectful ugly nose back into their skull. That’s what Caldari shall do!


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Kim, Templis Dragonaur terrorists concocted a plot to use the Kyonoke pathogen as a bioweapon against the Federation. In so doing, their plan went horribly awry, and killed more State citizens than it did Federal ones.

Nevermind that attacks against civilian populations are morally bankrupt. Nevermind that we are not in a state of total war. Nevermind that it was a terrorist attack, and should have been thwarted before the Kyonoke pathogen was secured.

Kim, xenophobes and bigots who wanted to attack the Federation caused more death inside the State than against their target.

Consider this when you attempt to tell others how to be Caldari.


From the Newelle branch of the Sarum Family, and the Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris, we wish our allies in the State well as they celebrate their independence from the Gallente Federation. May God watch over your people and guide them to the best path, whether you acknowledge Him or not.


I make this correction with a kindness in my heart that I find hard to muster, given the sheer irony of your response, but the plural noun for ‘Gallente’ is simply ‘Gallente’, not ‘Gallenteans’. Much as one would not say ‘Caldarians’ or ‘Intakians’, although the two do sound sort of humorous when rolled off the tongue.

Do take a moment to reflect on the nature of your words, Madam Kim, because they not only justify Madam Priano’s point, but empower her words. Something I feel you would find somewhat detestable if you were aware of what you were doing.


They f**** up good. But they aren’t the only Caldari. They aren’t even legal ones.
The lest thing Caldari need now is gallente bootlicking bigots putting Dragonaur faults on the rest of us, ESPECIALLY ON THIS DAY.

Observance of dates of significance tend to have more solemnity and dignity when they are not used to advance a personal or political agenda.


Our fault is in allowing terrorists and xenophobes to walk among us uncontested. Even you harbored known Templis Dragonaur among your crew. Can you say categorically that none were aware of the Pakeras’ plot?

Would the millions of dead of Myrskaa have lived if we had followed even a marginally different path?


I detest pro-gallentean scum that insults Caldari and looks for our faults, would they be real or imaginary in their heads on this day.

And thus you perpetuate the fault, and fail to grow.


Interesting remark from someone who wriggles below my feet. I will leave you a notification if I will decide to take it into consideration.

And in an attempt to derail this rather pleasant thread into a total trainwreck, Kimmie appears to be developing the first stages of wit. Why, give it a century or two and stand up comedy scene will face a reckoning.

All things said, Makoto, lovely speech. Seems these days it takes more guts to be humble than grandiose.


Lord Consort, let me be the first to thank you for your kind words.


Everything for the State, Nothing outside the State, Nothing against the State.

Glory to the State.


I hope you all have a good Secession day.


“Slowly but surely we are betraying the legacy left to us, the children of the Raata. The light of the Caldari spirit grows ever darker under the encroaching shadow of our would-be masters. Our very identity as a people is being subsumed by the Federation and we must act to preserve it.”

– Excerpt from a National Address, delivered by Kalaakiota CEO Matias Sobaseki. FC33.6.26

And they did. 201 year ago the State was founded. And for next 94 years we have fought for our existence against the Gallente oppressors.

But 201 years ago nobody thought about the war. Our ancestors just stood and walked away. And made our own State.

That was our choice, and we weren’t at fault.
We stood for it and defended it with weapons in hands.
And now, when the Federation attacks us again, we shall remember, what exactly our ancestors fought for, and whom did they fight against.

Glory to the State!

Thankfully I now know the State to house better citizens than you, otherwise my opinions might have been set in stone.


Kivire and Deteas everywhere. Mathias Sobaseki. Yakiya Tovil-Toba. Visera Yanala.

You all served in your own ways and we keep the light of your endeavours burning still. The Caldari people should always be about the struggle - to endure, to excel and to better ourselves every year in every way. Struggle defines us - not a particular struggle, but the struggles of life and human will in the face of a universe that gives nothing for free.

Here’s to the things worth struggling for - and to all who labour after them.


pours some Caldari whiskey. Will you join me in a toast to the State , you are all welcome , “salute happy birthday” .


Although I’m not caldari, I appreciate the observance of such traditions for the sake of my children. I agree with all you’ve said and understand the need for all peoples to be independent from oppression.