Anyanka Funk's Player: Thanks

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I was really delighted to see you roleplaying in Amarr and I enjoyed the quick RP yesterday before fleet, and when I read what you were saying in Amarr Prime to Alliance voice comms everyone thought it was very amusing. I know you have to put up with a lot (I think you know what I mean) trying to roleplay a Blood Raider or Sani Sabik or whatever she is right now, but I just wanted to say that if there were no Blood Raider rp’ers in the game, life as an Amarr loyalist would be really dull.

I would love to see Falcon’s team make anyone with positive Blood Raider standing for example, “blue” to the faction rats, to alleviate some of the challenges from snarky people.

I always like seeing you in IGS and hope you continue roleplaying.

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She can’t be loyal to Amarr or something because I saw here in Thrashers all the time. Not to mention that this individual shoots down Amarr citizens as if they were clay pigeon.

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Funk isn’t your average Blood Raider roleplayer. She is THE Blood Raider roleplayer. If there was a prize in excellence for capturing the depravity and degeneracy of a capsuleer, Funk would be on the top five contenders.

And I am keeping track of her ventures to Amarr with great interest!

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Surely she’s just bringing them closer to their God? They should be pleased, she may even be their Saviour (Gods do work in mysterious ways after all).

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Most Sani Sabik RPing quickly devolves - or used to devolve, when the RP community in EVE was bigger - into all-inclusive hugfest.

Funk is consistent in her commitment and consistent at being Chaotic Evil, in D&D terms. When someone unsuspecting tries to “hug” or otherwise “tame” Funk, she sooner or later goes Chaotic Evil on that person or corporation too, however benevolent they may be.

Being a pure CE is hard, one can respect that.

Comes with a reputation though.

(Teinyhr) #7

Don’t you mean cartoon villainy?

Anyway, though I don’t particularly like the character, gotta give them props for consistency from here too.

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