The Roleplayer's Lament

The man sighed, he held his head,
Raged, complained, bemoaned.
“I’ve done my time, I’ve done the grind,
Won’t I get what I am owed?”
“I’ve held the line, I’ve served them well,
The Golden Empire’s three.
Not one of them, in all this time,
Has ever noticed me.”

The woman, she is much the same.
"We’ve been abandoned, left bereft,
By politics and spite.
And now as I look around there are no actors left.
Those in the past they had it best,
It doesn’t seem fair to see.
When half the bastards in TS-F,
Can say “Nation welcomes me”.

Where is my Angel or blood-soaked love,
Where are my Snakes and Rabbits?
A binary adversity with whom,
To exchange uranium or sabot.
The biggest question of them all,
To which an answer we must see.
The driving force behind our fall,
“Will senpai notice me?”


This should be taken as somewhat tongue in cheek (I don’t actually think TS-F are bastards). It’s a semi-lyrical translation of a few of my thoughts on the seemingly increasingly separated playerbase and lore devs.


Mm. It seems that, unless you work in a RL space agency, best bet to get senpai to notice you would be to use group power; it has been the case since time immemorial, I believe. Roleplaying alliances used to get fairly regularly into ingame news, and as a more concurrent example, larger roleplaying oriented corporations or projects seem to manage it occasionally as well, like ARC for example.

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