Kindness in the IGS

Ok, so this is of course an OOC post.

I’m not very fond of doing such interactions but I feel the need to.

First: I know that both IC and OOC, the whole invasion has been cutting the cluster in two, strongly.

And that’s fine, that’s what RP is all about after all: creating stories with multiple characters and point of view.

And with the invasion, a lot of new players have tried to start RP-ing, and that’s absolutely amazing, for me it’s maybe one of the greatest achievement of the whole triglavian story.

What sadden me is that the IGS have not been able to be open to them.

I’m not pointing fingers, I’m the first to fall into the “heated argument” ^^ so believe me when I say I do not wish to be taken as a “oh, booo, XXX is mean”. It’s not the point of this post.

What I want to say is that the roleplay part of eve is still a part of eve: a game.

Made for having fun

even if “fun” sometimes use anger, arguments, tragedy, etc

If you feel like the post of someone could be improved, maybe ask them OOC-ly first, ask if they are new, if it was intended.

For example, in most of my works, Umbre write that the SOE are evil, dangerous or responsible of every bad thing happening in New eden ^^
Even if it need to stretch reality and facts, but because it’s the form that his paranoia take.

And if someone point that to me IC-ly, I’m gonna go full conspiracy theory and not make much sense, but because it’s part of my roleplay.

but if someone point it OOC-ly we can talk about it in a much more calm manner and very possible that it’s gonna help me improve my roleplay, because incoherence will be pointed, etc.

As usual I probably explain too badly and too much to get my point across, so just remember this:

be kind to newcomers on the RP community, help them get into this part of EvE, share your knowledge, ideas, tricks and methods.
And If it’s not something that your character would do (which I understand ^^ ), at least do it OOC-ly.

Remember that there is real people behind those characters, the IGS can only gain from having more ppl writing stuff, so don’t break their first work(s) just because they are not written well, we all start somewhere…


this can’t be said enough.


Don’t do the roleplay thing really (I just like to read), but I have to agree that it is not deeply different from gameplay. It just lasts longer (unless you do TiDi) and doesn’t give you the shakes (unless you do… something else).

The invasion gameplay content gave us a clear way to interact with the game world, gave players a group activity with a choice and a consequence. The roleplay content gave us a clear line to stand on one side or the other, or yawn from a distance. Now the characters must bear the moral weight of their decision. Like the spacelanes, lines that connect the characters will have to be redrawn as a result. One thing the affair didn’t leave us was a whole lot of room for nuance. Players and characters will have to adapt. So it goes.

This is all fiction. Some of us find it fun, or a chore, or pointless. If you enjoy fiction, it’s good to know your characters’ motivations, insecurities, perceptions. Good because it makes them plausible, and we can identify with the plausible. Invest a bit of our mind in the fantastic. Understanding others, even if we disagree, at least allows us for some level of comfort with the unknown. We tend to get frustrated when we can’t figure out the person across the table from us, be they ally or adversary. Still fiction, though, reflected in character.

Probably a crucial thing to remind oneself is that, while we want a plausible character, we are not writing our character’s story. We do that on our own time. Pushing Reply is not all that different from pushing Undock; the player consents to the character being judged on their actions or words. It’s a shared experience. At the best of times it is both collaborative and improvisational, and really, what would be a more satisfying outcome?

Logging in to play might mean mining, or building, or ganking, or hunting, or pressing F1 when FC says. By and large, social activities. Roleplay should be the same: players trying together (though not necessarily as friends) to tell the stories of the cluster through character. Characters who win some and lose some, are misunderstood, hurt, and hunger for something. We can find those things just by playing the game and talking to each other, like OP says. Ultimately, that is probably the best we could hope for in the mess that is the Triglavian invasion.

This turned into a ramble. Long story short - the monitor is a mirror.


yea, and as in game, I really don’t mind clashes, oppositions and arguments.
But as in the rest of new eden, if you start scamming and harassing rookies, it’s just bad for the game as a whole.

I am not advertising for a non violent game ^^


Just to be clear here; what part of what’s going on prompted this message, who do you think was being unkind to rookies?

Why would someone in character be kind to someone else in character from the opposing war party?

Why would someone playing said character not be kind to someone playing the opposed war party?


We are at war? In-Character kindness is not an option in a war when these someones taking your life, your home, your stars, your society.

This discussion is about treatment of player to player, and not character to character Zhalyd.



The point isn’t to be “kind” to the character.
The point was to be kind to the PLAYER.

At NO POINT I said to be kind to the IC avatar.

Again, it’s pretty much in the same logic that don’t allow code to operate in rookie systems…
Why protect rookies after all? isn’t the game a full pvp one? isn’t ganking part of the game?

The idea is NOT to have no confrontation. the idea is to be kind to the new players.

And if you don’t understand the difference, then it is my opinion that your RP style isn’t healthy, especially for you.


  1. I’m not here to point finger.
  2. There is no exact point of origin, it’s a feeling that I have for a few years and that the invasion and great number of rooky RP-ers being taken down on their writing abilities highlighted.

But IGS is in-character. The human behind the character is irrelevant. Specifically, I am only talking about this Trig war. I couldn’t care less if people stop writing about it in character if they chose the wrong side and feel discouraged by vicious opposition. Other things are of little interest to me as I have not involved myself into these things as much as I have involved myself with invasions.

Ganking is not a roleplay activity, it is simply chicken PVP. Ganking is not allowed in rookie systems to avoid senseless farming of people, not characters.

and in my opinion, that’s the saddest thing to read…

I guess we can’t agree on this subject.
Thanks for taking the time to explain your opinion.

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Nor did I want to! Just wondering, because not every new character involved in this is actually a new roleplayer and I was wondering if part of this is about harsh but consensual play with people that we OOC know to be in the ball already. :wink:

I totally agree with the idea that players should be nice even if (and especially when) characters are not.

It’s up to the ganker if they choose to roleplay their activities. You don’t get a say in it.


Whatever happens in the game (engine) happens in the game (world). If I gank someone in the game it totally happened to my character too (and you are by all means welcome to make RP with me about it, too). Ganking in school systems is illegal. :wink:

EDITed to add: In this sense EVE is a bit special and if you come from other games where RP is completely separate from gameplay it takes some getting used to. It’s totally worth it, though.


This here is one of the saddest things I seen in a long time, cause you are the puppeteer of your character, you are still very much reasonable for what you inflict on the other person behind the other character. And if you sling ■■■■ after ■■■■ at another you don’t know if that person suddenly gets / had enough.

To take a very real and very important thing in the BDSM or relationship world, “Aftercare”


I emphatically disagree. Consent in RP is one of the most awesome things you can do, especially in chat RP. I know it’s not always possible in space, however, respect goes a long way.


I’d like to add that in addition to the fact that it’s generally considered pretty decent to care about your fellow players, the humans behind the characters are very relevant to your gameplay even if you don’t care.

Here’s why: no one has the obligation to RP with you, and if the players think you’re boring and/or shitty, they’ll stop playing with you.


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