Dear RolePlayers, what's going on in our fictional, player driven continuum?


I don’t know who else to ask! :smiley:

I don’t know if this thread breaks any rules,
but I’d say the information is useful for someone else as well.

There’s this fictional continuum out there and all most people ever get to see …
… assuming they actually care to check it out …
… is what’s going on in the IGS subforum.

Hell, I sure as ■■■■ can’t be the only one who doesn’t know what’s going on out there in space.

I’ve considered posting in IGS, but I can’t come up with anything good and I didn’t want to feel disruptive.
I don’t even know if that makes any sense from an IGS-point-of-view, but hey. vOv

I don’t even want to post in your meta subforum.
It feels wrong on pretty much every level, so I’m not going to make that mistake.

I’m not familiar with your scene or communities at all
… and I know that nothing good** ultimately results from me taking a step into your area of content …

… soooooo …

Who are the go-to groups to blue and have eyes/ears in?
Who are assholes I need to be careful with?
Who can/should I request mutual blue with?

Who is the most driving force for either side?
What the hell is Xenuria doing?
Who’s ass do I need to kick to make an impression?

There’s tons of people out there who have no idea about the fictional, player driven drama out there …
… and they’d not even touch the IGS with a stick to see if it’s dead.

They’re also boring the ■■■■■■■ hell out of me for constantly bickering about the uselessness of it all …
… while I’m having a ■■■■■■■ blast!

So …

… please …


As a token of appreciation and gratitude …
… I’m not going to send Solecist to the IGS!

Thanks a ton for your help! :smiley:

*(that’s a serious understatement. Last time someone said to me “What’s the worst that can happen?” it were the words of a former** friend of mine, who believed his daily backups would make everything I could do to his server trivial to revert. It took him three days to fix what took me five minutes to cause. It’s a serious talent! : - )

***(totally unrelated reasons. really… )


There’s been a few times that one of the fiction posts intrigued me enough that I almost asked if someone could explain what was going on in plain English. But ultimately I would always decide that I’d rather argue with strangers over real disagreements, than argue with strangers over fake disagreements.


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I don’t want to get into roleplay.
You don’t want that I get into roleplay. :blush:

This isn’t what I’m asking for.

Then I have no idea what you are asking. In EVE, there’s zero reason to care if someone’s a RPer or a lore-oriented player if you are not into RP or the storylines yourself. If you’re not, story-oriented players are just players, and you meet them or not just the same you do any player: because they are in your region of space, build or shoot things that are interesting to you, or otherwise create content you care about.

I think this is what Sol wants.

Why are you telling me what I’m interested in, or care about?

I think it’s pretty clear what I’m asking for.
It’d be like asking you about your (characters) current doings.
How the alliance is doing, how the minmatar are doing, your current relations and activities regarding triglavians, etc. etc.

Maybe there’s someone else I should ask?
I don’t know who else to ask. :slight_smile:

I simply want to know what’s going on …
… in regards to triglavians and what the people RPing around it are doing …
… and the more I get to learn, the better.

Yeah, it’s not actually rocket science … I think.

Those are big questions. “I don’t want to be involved but I want you to explain to me everything going on between tens of alliances and player-groups with complex histories and relationships.”

I’d love to help but I have no idea where to even start. I cannot explain “everything”.

This depends on what you want to achieve. Are you a protrig kybernaut? A Federation loyalist? A Sansha subversive? A Sani Sabik on a crusader to convince the cluster #notallsani? A nullsec warlord on a quest of revenge after a perceived betrayal?

I could make you a list, but then again multiple people would probably put me on their lists, so, I will just say, make up your own mind on that one. Play with people you enjoy playing with.

What’s “side” here? What’s “driving force”? There are tens of RP organizations, if we count everyone who does things for story-motivated reasons and is not ashamed to admit they enjoy pretending to be a pixelated spaceship pilot in the far future. (There was a list here but I edited it out because I am pretty sure I forgot someone who will murder me for it.)

A lot of RPers are not in an RP organization though. The main upside of EVE as an RP game is that almost anything that happens in the game happens in-universe. The nullsec war can be RPed about. Hisec gankers can be RPed about. That asshole who wardecced an indy corp just in the hopes of easy kills and got their war HQ dunked by the indy’s allies can be RPed about, and it does not matter if the people in question think they are RPers or not.

Who cares?

It’s not really who, it’s how.

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I’m a Princess. I come from Agil. I like spiced wine.

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I ran out of Likes …
… but I’ll give you one when they’re stocked up again.

We used to say “Everyone’s a roleplayer in EVE”. Good times. :slight_smile:

Aaaand you’ve removed the list before I copied it. -.-

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This post is just as confusing as all the IGS posts.

Thanks… I guess.

It’s hard getting any good information without really digging into it …
… and that’s rather time-consuming, because all the available information is spread out in hundreds of posts.

The only alternative is being a part of it …
… which is in no way or form any less time-consuming.

I don’t think you can be part of it. It seems like a private club to me.

I know. It’s quite odd.

In most of reality these people aren’t really much different to the rest of us.
They’re just taking their game even more seriously than we do.

They’re like … turbo nerds.

In the end, if you stick to “everyone’s a role player in EVE” then there’s not actually much difference to every-day playing.

Uh . . . maybe.

I always thought that you …
… with these big black glasses you’ve had on the portrait …
… could roleplay as a human/bee genetic freak or something …


If so, I will do so on the fiction subforum, not the IGS.

Welcome to EVE. :wink: 17 years of shared history on a single shard makes for a really complex, living-world game, which is great, and one of the main appeals of EVE. On the other hand, it makes some thing hard to get and get into. It’s not really an RP phenomeno tho, it’s just EVE, and RP in EVE not being really simpler than the game itself.

Like in EVE in general, there’s no “the story” on the IGS. There’s like ten or fifty stories going on at the same time and overlapping. Someone who was an ally last year can be an invader today and politics makes strange bedfellows.

Are there specific story things on the IGS or elsewhere you are curious about?

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I’ll have to dig into that first … :grin:

Things were much easier when Diana Kim was the highlight of the IGS …
… or maybe that never even happened and I was just a fanboy of her catchphrase.

Anyhow …

If you could tell me what’s going on in context of EDENCOM vs. Triglavians …
… if there’s a war going on, properly organized groups, propaganda, anything …

… that’d be great. :slight_smile:

When in doubt, blame “capsuleer dementia,” which is described in Eve Source.

Regarding the Caldari, there appears to be a tectonic shift occurring, spurred by recent World News articles and player collaborative fiction. While the Megas have realigned from the old paradigms (Patriot/Practical/Liberal) into their present marriages of convenience (PKN/TNR/JSL), it’s unclear as yet whose hand(s) pushed the lever that caused the miserable condition of the Navy’s performance during the invasion. Laying blame, then, has become the sport du jour, with a few player philosophies seeking to argue for major reforms in the State, though each according to their own vision. But… volatility is an opportunity for profit, is it not?

Hope you enjoy reading in the weeks to come.