The eriker debacle

This is an edit of the OP of this topic to weed out the nonsense and clean it up.

I wanted to a) do a story line cult b) justify why Radborne wanted to move into the Amarr empire and c) overlay the RP with my actual game play. And came up with this story to justify his desire to make something of himself -

Semantically I used the word tribe was a bad choice due to lore connotation. I did not know there could only be a limited number of tribes and in a technical sense it is about blood line but as someone said tribe is bloodline.

The word coup was also a poor choice. It did not properly identify Eriker’s relationship to the Amarr Succession. And subsequently into the Minmamar tradition.

I struggle to fit Eriker into the part of the lore I want to fit him into - once I figure out how to make that work and be consistent with lore the story should flow in a common sense way.

Radborne is sort of refugee set on a fool quest by his ancestors. He happens to have the psychological makeup which turns him into the coltish leader.

I should have worked out more of the details before I RP’d this. Below I explain a bit more of the back drop and where this crazy Eriker story came from.

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Honestly dont sweat it too much; you seem like a decent enough guy and I sort of understand what you were going for, and with your clarification and refinement ITT your story doesnt even sound too awful — I’ve seen and possibly myself written worse.

What riled up people I think was that it looked like you were committing a very bad and noobish RP blunder of proclaiming your character is Super Special.
Definetly proclaiming to be a Minmatar Tribe was a bad choice of terminology, as you clearly understood yourself.

Anyway, as said, don’t worry about it too much, I doubt anyones angry at you over this.


Agreed, and I hope you didn’t take my response as being angry in any way. I do think it would be super helpful and interesting to you to check out the lore. And like I said in my other post (which got bahleeted), I’m here to help as a fellow newbie if you’d like.


Sorry about my rather snarky response in your thread. I’ve just seen so many new capsuleers coming in and proclaiming themselves as ultra-rare specimens making totally fantastic claims in my 10 years in Eve that poking them with a sarcasm stick has become my first response.

Good luck on your RP and as others have said, don’t sweat it.


I wasn’t sweating it so much as trying to keep up. Sorry this is long. I commend anyone who takes a stab.

I like to study human behavior. Because of that I also got into eastern mysticism, shamanism and am drawn to some Native American and Celtic Shaman and other obscure ideas. I was in a book store and saw a book on cults but didn’t pick up the book because I found books on martial arts (one of my special interests), Bagha Vita, Transcendental Meditation and the Tao of Physics. Trying to complete my independent religious studies.

Because I’m interested in solving problems I’m interested in organizational psychology, leadership and obviously education. There was a book called Reality is Broken which talks about how people in video games accomplish amazing things so I’ve been studying video game behavior and also trying to utilize the complexity of EVE to overlay a learning prospectus including how to (in theory) build a successful cult. I wanted to explore the unique social interplay if possible.

So, Radborne. Radborne was Minmitar. I was mining one day and COIM approached me. They are in Tash-Murkon. So I moved.

When I was thinking about his back story I wanted to overlay why this Minmatar was in Amarr space and I didn’t want it to be another slave to freedom story. I was reading the lore on both minmatar and Amarr space because I wanted to find connections I could make between the two for Rad.

I knew I wanted Rad to be a cult leader. So, how do I get rad to be a cult leader. Give him a complex descendency and create a sort of crazy but powerful claim - you know - cult leaders are Charasmatic, Intellegent, a bit Sociopathic. They believe they know the way and the truth and they offer salvation of sorts to you directly or through a third party (usually a twisted god image).

Rad needed to act like he was the true heir. He needed to believe he was the true heir and it’s hard to do that in an RP setting if you can’t ‘wink’.

So, The story came to me when I was reading the Amarr Successsion. When the Emporor was chosen the Heir has to commit suicide. So, it gives the example of Khanid. I reread it and it doesn’t work. And the other one.

I thought if it happened once - it could happen again. But I now realize how sacred the lore is so it’s gotta fit into the second time the breach happened. I’ll have to work pretty hard to plausably fit Eriker in there somehow.

Or Eriker could just be someone who piggy backed off what was going on during that time and made up a whole story - found route on a bruttor? ship. Met the girl who was of the shamanic tribe. Fell in love and the story could tie in that way. Same thing. Girl gets pregnant her father wants to kill Eriker but she pleads for his life and the line begins.

I don’t know. It’s kind of a stretch but this is what I want to play the story out as and I’d like to see if I can figure out how to outline the genealogy the way genealogy is in the Bible or something.

For better or worse, that’s who Rad is and crazy cult leader is how I’ll RP him. I’ll just try better.

PS. I’ve read a lot of the Chronicles and Lore from Amarr and Minmatar - I just need to get a better handle on it all. It’s been fun reading.


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