Constant "OOC intrusions" to IGS?

In this new forum the function of the subforums is more clearer spelled out than it has ever been, yet for some reason I’ve seen more than ever before people posting very clearly as players, not characters. Why is that, and what can be done about it, besides flagging posts? And how should they be flagged, since there isn’t any flagging category for OOC in IC forum.

For clarification, people often refer to CCP, reddit, gaming, etc. outright, making it pretty clear they have no idea what the IGS is for. This occasionally happened in the older forums, but on these new ones it seems more and more common, or maybe I’m just more attentive about, it IDK.


It’s most likely due to how the new forum is structued. It happens when ppl browse the forums and see the title of the thread without seeing which section it’s in. Like the CVA thread and now also the ADCU thread. They are both relevant for non-RPers even though they are written IC


Think Mizhir has the gist of it. On the old forums, you had to click on IGS subforum to get there. Now you got the option of show ‘Latest’ & ‘New’, which can link some IGS threads & so you get additional non IC folks venturing in as the title/thread interests them.

Folks do get a warning for posting not IC’ly in the IGS subforum, but it is non-descriptive. Could be nice of the forum moderators to add some explanation to their warning, that it was given for not being In Character (as some folks don’t realize why they got the warning when they post unknowingly in IGS)


That’s probably why, yeah.


I think there should be “Intergalactic Summit” category, with lore discussion and player fiction being something separate in another category.

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Fiction portal is about right for most of igs.

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I don’t think the problem is the category, really, just mainly people not reading anything but the title or just in honest confusion thinking they’re opening something in the “communication center” group.

For example this topic can be pretty easily mistaken to be from another part of the forum; The new "Assault Damage Control" modules are performing better than expected


+1 people just don’t pay attention to what they say or do. Need something to flag them as OOC.


I find this all particularly hilarious as this OOC stuff is all okay but I’m the one getting slammed. Otto’s topics of absolute drivel all get a pass, but heavens forbid I pass up a joke!

Will the rascal who reported me please step up? Don’t be shy!


OMG, I see what happened, I kinow only that the one who reported that should have been banned. What a troll reports it? And ISD isnt helping either. :exploding_head:

@ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode Why? :scream: Who convinced you it was a good idea? (btw I had to report you to other ISDs because of that inapropriate conduct) Its crazy.


That’s bull, honestly. IMO there was nothing wrong with the thread and “closed as spam”, seriously? Caroline’s Star is what it’s called IC too, so making a play of that isn’t even skirting on the OOC/IC joking line.

Edit: Let’s please stay calm though, everyone. I’m sure Falcon will rectify this when he gets a whiff of it.


I already addressed a very stern and considered letter to the community team. When I’m not acting like a womanchild ICly I can be very polite and diplomatic.

Quite frankly I’m not even that upset. Sure my post was a shiptoast, but in IGS, what post isn’t? I just want to be held to the same standard as my fellow posters.

I mean, there are several “Closed” and “Deleted” posts in IGS right now and those are kept up.


(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)

This thread is not closed.

And Attempting to fake moderation action is generally frowned upon.



You know, there is nothing I could say right now that would make things right for me.

So… I’ll just sit here with my mean game face on. :pouting_cat:


And now some people are completely forgetting where they are, or maybe are even unavare where they are in the forums. Someone just mentioned You Tube in a thread about new modules. :speak_no_evil:


(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)

@ISD_Buldath then why isn’t anything being done about her doing it? This isn’t the first time!


Told you about the OOC bro, told you



This happened to me too I was replying to a thread about a new in-game chat channel (which I saw at the bottom of the page after reading another thread somewhere else as I recall) with some mild roleplay stuff posted in it, it seemed more as an out of fun thing back then than an actual roleplay thread. I did not pay attention where the thread was and just thought it is about an in-game channel and nothing else. To me it didn’t seem as a fully in-character thread so linked a youtube video in one of my replies. Then later got a warning for it. I didn’t realize it was an in-char only thread until that point. I have no issue with the warning but some alert sign when opening such a thread would help avoiding such mistakes like a pop-up or such and I think it would help in case of others as well like what is mentioned in the OP. Obviously it is not an intentional thing from those who make such a mistake and I think with an alert pop-up most of such could be avoided. Just an idea.