The new "Assault Damage Control" modules are performing better than expected

I recently heard from my travels throughout the subspace transmissions that a new starship component was recently released into the interstellar markets across empire space. Unfortunate for the prerequisites on the component’s use, it’s meant for Assault Frigate and Heavy Assault Cruiser classes.

Since the test results were predicted to stagnate on first use or require a munitions charge, the developers responsible for this new component has received some surprising results. However, it will take a few moments to recharge after use. But the resistances to all four damage types has yielded impressive as in sustaining heavy combat.

What are your thoughts about this new component and if gained from all aspects of New Eden, what would you do with such capability?

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No thoughts as I haven’t flown a hac in years and an af in 8 years perhaps,I just ignore those 2 classes exist since faction hulls fill whatever need I have from frigs or cruiser hulls.

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Hac’s are bit to expensive atm will wait a bit, Af’s are fun to fly with the modules but its by no means overpowered as RLML burns you down so quick with or without the assault damage control on.

Narrowed it down to evaporite deposits and neodium being the main problems hmmm.

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They have their uses, and aren’t really too powerful, which means CCP did a good job balancing them. I’ve used them on AF’s and fought AF’s using them. I’ve found the ADC works best on something with a decent active tank like a jaguar, you use it as a tanky tackle. The ADC essentially lets it burn into any ship to get tackle without dying, which means natural frigate killers such as ONI’s and RLML caracals need to be alot more careful, which is nice in such a RLML anti support meta.

Haven’t tried them on HACs yet as I don’t really fly them outside of sniper cerbs, however with the new march changes I might give them a go with munnins etc.

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Quite useful on HACs, really. For let’s say a Muninn Artillery/Alpha fleet, timing it well will give your logistics plenty of time to catch and hold you. It’ll require decent reflexes from the pilot of course, but if that’s in place it’ll do nicely against the alpha of the baddies.

Only thing is, I can’t seem to get a single fight in the Jaguar anymore. Everything runs.


I think a module like this should be made for FCs rather than an “FC Ship” as suggested by CCP earlier. This makes the FC fly a ship that is compliant with the doctrine. But the module should have a negative polarization so that FCs dont give free DPS.

What does Caldari Corn Paste have to deal with ADC?


NERF!!! NERF!!! NEEEEEEEERRRRFFFFFFFffffffff!!! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: sure enough it will be coming.

Tried assault damage control on my enyo, it’s alright, might help in a pinch but otherwise I will stick with regular damage control mod, it cycles to fast to be in a sustained brawl and only good for gtfo.

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Is there some module that could shut down this defence while activated? Or maybe prohibit it from activation?

One could think there should be some kind of technological race going on somewhere in corporate headquarters. Maybe some countermeasures involving nanobots.


I dont know how this will meta change yet, seems much stronger but doesnt seem to have a place in standard doctrines.

Personally havnt seen one solo, that might be a sign, though the mod seems fleet based, and again, meta is slow to move unless a rant on youtube or the forums crop up.

See that part about 'cap for activation’
We already have a counter.

According to whom, exactly? No, they never were. And no, this module really doesn’t do much to make HACs more viable on its own—though CONCORD appears to have the Empires’ military contractors poised to issue refit specs. You’ll still only see HACs in niche roles or very small groups where they’re expecting to need tough ships that don’t really hit very hard. (And as much as I hate to say it, the Muninn’s still outperformed by the damned Ferox. Seriously, that’s just a crime. Someone needs to take Boundless Creation off the leash.)

Nor are Assault Frigates using this module in any way in a position to overtake Tactical Destroyers’ sheer ubiquity and versatility. In specialized support and anti-support roles in some fleet compositions, AFs will see more use, such as light tackle, but overall… the module’s just not impressive.

And let’s face it, Miz, your solo targets were already running away from you 9 times out of 10.

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And now it’s 49 out of 50, and not just the wartargets. I can’t even get a fight in the warzone.

Honestly though, it’s not. The Ferox is by far more cost effective, without a doubt, but the Muninn’s strength is in the alpha and a vastly better sig reducing the enemy application significantly, and combined with the ADC it is - barring pilot failure - pretty much guaranteed to get logi support in before being volleyed off the field. The Muninn now requires less ships to a fleet in order to alpha enemies off the grid, and has a higher survivability than the Feroxes.

They just require better pilots, cost at least five times as much and requires good fleet discipline. The Ferox is vastly more forgiving in comparison, both to fleets, FCs and individual fleetmembers.


The Munin’s got an amazing tank… for a few seconds. Then it’s crap again. Lock up target 1, 2, 3, fire target 1 with 1 gun, count 2, fire target 2 with the other 5, cycle red Watch target 1 get reps, target 2 use his ADC. Fire target 3 1 gun, fire target 1 with 5. Jump around like that 2, maybe 3 times, and then pick one to hammer.

You only out-range the Muninn by 20-40km and out-lock him by the same. Sure is some tremendous alpha out there where the Muninn can’t hit, huh?

Maybe once the new specs come out and CONCORD forces the refits, but for now? Nah.

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Doesn’t have to be good for more than those few seconds. By then the logis got him locked and the sig benefits take over. It’s still T2 resists versus the Ferox’ T1 resists and far larger sig. You’re not juggling more targets that way than the logis can lock without half your fleet (or all of it in the case of goons) having lost track of the primaries and spreading dps entirely anyway.

And if you manage to do range control versus the Muninns, you’re not in neither Feroxes nor other battleships.


Well, Feroxes ain’t battleships to begin with, they’re battlecruisers. And if the Muninn’s rucking an MWD, its tank is even shittier… or it doesn’t have T2 720s.

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Come now, that’s what you got? Of course the Ferox isn’t a battleship, but most other relevant ships in these engagements will be. As for the Muninn’s tank while rocking an MWD, it’s actually still tankier than the Ferox will be thanks to a lovely little series of things called T2 Resists and 50% reduced sig bloom on MWDs. With active MWDs the Ferox has over 2.1k sig and the Muninn sits at a comfy 438 at quite a bit more speed. While cap stable.

The paper tank is definitely lower, but unless you have a lot of application help or sit specifically geared for anti-cruiser, it’s going to be quite a bit more survivable than the Ferox will.

All that said, the isk to performance ratio still remains in the T1 BC’s favor and the SP requirements follow suit.


No, that’s me being pedantic about ‘neither Feroxes nor other battleships’. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Rail’s are not alpha weapon’s thou so a Hac does not need to activate their ADC (Assault damage control) right away they can gauge the incoming damage first, where as fighting against muninn’s you wouldn’t even risk not activating it once everyone yellow box’s you, the muninn’s wouldn’t even need to fire their guns they could just lock 1 person after the next and get people to use up their ADC’s. (That in itself makes the muninn really really strong against other hac’s).

Also look at your process and how long that takes just to take care of 5 target’s, time expended to counter modules is also counted as tank. Now you have to do that to every single ship in the fleet it will add up and during that time the Hac’s are doing constant damage.

It’s unfortunately thou that sig tanking at sniper range’s doesn’t really do much as tracking against them at that range will still be completely fine, fighter squadron’s will hit perfectly fine, tracking dreads as well. But they still have the option of coming in close thanks to their tracking bonus.

One of the problems thou is that at close range t2 Rail ammo increases tracking, RLML have great tracking, t2 beam ammo has better tracking, but t2 close range arty ammo has worse tracking :? So the munnin’s will be at a disadvantage coming into close range against ferox’s or other ship’s.

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